Chickpea’s birth story

22 Jan, 9.00 pm (38 weeks, 7 days)

During my shower, I feel some water escape. At first I doubt myself and then I become sure, omg my waterbag is leaking … again. (This was also how my labour with Watermelon started.)

I put on a maternity pad, and lie down beside Watermelon to coax her to sleep. I feel a little sentimental thinking about how life is about to change in a huge way, and that this could be the last night of Watermelon being my only child.

23 Jan

I woke up at 6.30am in a panic, thinking I had wet the bed. Seems like a little more water continued to release.

I really want to eat nasi lemak, so I make NG bring me to Changi Village, after we drop off Watermelon at school. The plan is to eat, then walk along the beach, but the late morning becomes too hot to walk in the sun. Instead we eat chendol and then head home. Read More

different december

When November ended, my energy levels were so low that even scrolling through Instagram tired me out. Lol. Not so much the physical act of scrolling of course, but the reading of emotionally charged posts that sapped out whatever little energy I had.

Thankfully I got better in December. At least I can still savour the last precious weeks of this pregnancy! Read More