onward, october!

Omigosh November’s here, which means we’re about 3 months away from my life changing forever. But first, a recap on October …

pregnancy updates — weeks 23-26

Nothing too exciting to report (lol is this second child syndrome?!) other than the usual pregnancy afflictions — not being able to fit into clothes; lower sleep quality; and some girlie bodily problems *cough … oops there goes*

Also had the humbling experience of having the seams of my pants rip slightly from trying to contain my ever expanding hips, sigh.

This month I started thinking about the baby things that we needed to buy. For my first pregnancy, I was quite onz about settling most of the purchases in second trimester so that I could take it easy during third trimester. I totally forgot about this concept until recently.

We definitely don’t need as many things for baby no 2: I’m looking for a preloved Combi rocker, new baby bottles, preloved newborn clothes, baby gym, breast pump (sold my old ones), Haakaa (threw my old one away), and new Medela storage bottles which can probably wait until I get a better idea of what Chickpea’s childcare arrangements will be like. And oh, a newborn buckled carrier for NG — our 4 carriers are either in standard or toddler sizes, which totally warrants a new one 😇

Or two. 😈

InsyaAllah we’ll be reusing the cot, diaper changing station, hankerchiefs, steriliser, stroller, bibs, playmat, nursing cover, some toys, baby books, etc.

For newborn clothes, I’m thinking of a capsule wardrobe for Chickpea. Firstly because I have to somehow fit her clothes into existing furniture, unlike for Watermelon where we had the option to buy an additional cupboard since the spare room had space — no longer so. Secondly, I’m quite sold on the idea of capsule wardrobes for kids. Watermelon’s clothes have been so much easier to manage since I pared down. Only booboo is that I happily got rid of her long sleeve shirts and one day when we were off to arwah nyayi’s tahlil, I discovered to my horror it was either she wear her tudung with her tshirt, or she doesn’t wear it at all which was a pity because she’d been looking forward to it. Oops. Thirdly, I’m trying to be a bit more mindful about consuming fast fashion and minimising waste. Hence I’ve been on the look out for secondhand clothes on Carousell that fit my taste (it doesn’t help that I’m choosy … urgh) or considering buying only from ethical brands but these tend to be pricey.

And if I’m honest, I much prefer the slim cutting of Carter’s rompers to the broader ones that tend to be found almost everywhere else. Anyway, we’ll see! I might still succumb to new clothes from Carter’s and Uniqlo and maaaybe Janie and Jack for a fancy dress for Chickpea to wear to weddings and whatever occasions.

I dropped by Mummy’s Market earlier in the month to accompany a friend. Ogled at many things including super pretty swaddles which weren’t available 3 years ago and the new Packit rage … but couldn’t bring myself to buy them just yet. All I got was a medium sized waterproof mat in anticipation of Watermelon’s toilet training days, which I plan to start only after Chickpea’s arrived and we’ve settled down to our new life as family of 4.

another kakak transition: moving Watermelon to sleep on the floor

Other than weaning Watermelon off the boob, we made another kakak transition with her recently — moving her sleeping area from cot to a mattress on the floor! I’ve been super worried about this since before I was pregnant, but alhamdulillah the transition was smooth. Phew!!

The trick that NG figured out was to temporarily move the cot mattress to the floor, instead of buying a new mattress. Reason is that if we set up a new mattress on the floor but Watermelon sees that the cot is still an option, she might resist the mattress. But if we move the cot mattress to the floor, leaving the cot frame bare, she doesn’t have a choice (other than insisting to sleep with us in our bed lah.)

Our first night went smoothly, after I bumped into my niece at Our Tampines Hub one evening. It was two glorious days after her PSLE had ended, and she had gone shopping at the malls. She happened to buy 2 small night lights, and decided to give Watermelon one. Awww! So we used the cute star-shaped night light to get Watermelon excited about the new sleeping arrangement, and it worked like magic. Though I later realised that Watermelon naps on the floor in school, which probably helped to ease the transition at home.

Of course there are some nights where she wants to fall asleep in the bed with me. I’d tell her “ok fine, but middle of night we’ll move you down to your mattress” and she’d oblige. For most parts she’s proud of her mattress, randomly talking about it to other family members or my friends, which is pretty adorable because I love the way she says “mattress”. Lol.

other highlights

Shawn Mendes concert – Shawn Mendes is one of the few celebrity crushes that I have, and so when his concert was announced way back in April or May, I made plans to go with a friend and my niece. Shawn got us squealing every time he ran his hand through his hair … he’s just so handsome and charming like that lolol. I wish I knew more of his songs — the girls behind us had every song memorised, seriously — but overall it was still a great night especially for a mak buyung-cougar like me. He’s still so young, good lord. His concert made me realise how badly I needed a new phone though. Felt like all my shots of the stage were terrible compared to the people around me who had newer phones! (I did order a new iPhone in the weeks after, but as procrastination goes, it sits unboxed on my dining table.)

Jurong Lake Gardens playdate – Finally!! I made spontaneous plans to go with a school friend and her daughter who’s abt 1.5 months older than Watermelon. It was soooo hot that morning and then started pouring heavily by lunchtime. Watermelon tried the flying fox (no queue because weekday!) but got scared when she half-fell off due to the bumpy ending. She also enjoyed the mini-trampolines, which was nice to see. I love following this particular friend’s motherhood journey on Facebook and Instagram, and was really happy to get to hang out with them IRL 🙂

Treetop walk – I also made it back to the treetop walk after a 6 month break! It was pretty tough this time round. Luckily my two mummy companions struggled together with me, so I didn’t feel so lame. Haha. I’ve never thought much about the steps — I mean yalah there are a lot, but usually we manage fine — this time I was totes dying. Nonetheless it was a great workout and I was happy to be back. The next time I go I’m not sure I’ll still babywear Watermelon though. See how gungho I am first.

next month i want to …

  1. Start listening to more Quran. I know I should be reciting or at least listening to more Surah Maryam, but haven’t really been making time for it :/
  2. Bring Watermelon to Changi Jewel and wander around on a weekday afternoon.
  3. Clock 10,000 steps/day as frequently as I can and score points for the National Steps Challenge, so that I can claim NTUC vouchers #makciklastwarning



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