The Story

the wedding kraken + ninja groom

i first noticed him when I was 7. he was the Chinese looking boy in my Malay class. i still have this vague memory of him standing in front of class, beside the teacher who was seated at the end of the blackboard, reciting very softly a pantun he had memorised. he would go on to win third in the pantun reciting contest, using a basket and soft toy fish as props.

even though we were in the same Malay class again in p2, he knew of my existence only in p3. we ended up being classmates in p5 and p6. PSLE happened, and then secondary school happened. even though we didn’t actively keep in touch save for the occasional MSN chat or Friendster testimonial, we remained distant friends. i remember asking him for the handphone number of his senior, whom I had a crush on! so gatal eh.

fast forward to when we were 21. one night we bumped to each other on the bus. his conversation starter was the red plastic bag I had around my wrist. inside were the brownies given to me by my tutee’s mum. you’re looking so aunty, he said. not the best of comments, but that night we had our first face to face conversation in years. or was it our first real life conversation ever?

then when he first asked me out (konon nak catch up over dinner) I told him, “just so you know I don’t see us as being more than friends, but sure dinner sounds good.” oh boy how wrong i was. i remember feeling strangely nervous while waiting for him at the MRT station. we hit it off that evening but from there we became hot and cold for a few weeks and then we started hanging out more and slowly progressed to being mutually exclusive with each other.

we had to do a bit of long distance relationship a few times. this was a huge test of our commitment and resolve to hang in there when things were tough, a test that I sometimes failed. this phase saw angry texts; messy apologies; longing; forgiveness; redemption.

in January 2013 we applied for a BTO together near our houses (we live 5 mins away from each other)… and it was a success! although our queue number wasn’t great, it was within the flat supply which was good enough for me. i was very grateful given that we live in a mature estate where projects are typically 9x oversubscribed. about 2 weeks after we signed our downpayment in September 2013, we got engaged in a small gathering at my house. because of external circumstances, our engagement was sooner than we expected and we barely had two weeks to prepare but looking back, it worked out and i wouldn’t have changed a thing.

although we’re only getting married next year insyaAllah, 2014 is already becoming a turning point for us. we’re both working hard to do well in our careers (he’s a financial planner, and i’m your friendly public servant :p) as we save up for our wedding, honeymoon, and home reno. i’m also more responsible with my money now. we’re also trying to reconnect with Islam, a personal journey which i’m enjoying thus far. and we’re also trying to make exercise a weekly routine as we both complain about growing old and gaining weight.

between the two of us, ninja groom has always been the better partner. through our ups and downs, we’ve learnt a lot, changed a lot, grown a lot. he’s my Godsend, my best friend, my poor listening ear when I have a million nonsensical things to say. his heart is big, his kindness is deep, and his love — it lights up my sky ❤

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