Meet the Kraken v2

kraken illustration 2

this blog started out as a wedding blog, but i now share little snippets of my life, mostly because i enjoy writing and blogging, something i’ve done since i was 13 on livejournal (u da bomb).

the kraken is 28, public relations exec, married to NG (which stands for “ninja groom” — back in those days, he didn’t want to seem like an overly enthusiastic groom though i gotta say his wedding reception turned out pretty nice for a bo-chap guy) who’s also 28 and a life/financial planner.

we married on 9 May 2015. here are my posts on our nikah, my reception, and his reception. although our wedding is basi, i’m still a minah kahwin2 at heart.

we’re expecting our first baby in late January 2017, insyaAllah. the first trimester was a relatively dramatic, curious and exciting phase. i documented the days in what i call my vomit diaries in part 1, part 2, and part 3.

i think that’s good enough an intro, for now. the adventure goes on!