onward, october!

Omigosh November’s here, which means we’re about 3 months away from my life changing forever. But first, a recap on October … Continue reading

how we found out about Chickpea

Yeppp, Watermelon is due to be a kakak, insyaAllah! Here’s a post I drafted in late June …

The week we found out was a confusing one, because it seemed like my pregnancy symptoms could be explained another way.

For instance, lethargy ā€” Iā€™d stayed up late baking macarons two nights before raya, so I thought the lack of sleep was the reason why I felt so so tired and crashed into bed at 9pm on malam raya. Continue reading

watermelon’s capsule wardrobe

Yikes, I realised I forgot to mention Watermelon’s capsule wardrobe in my last journal update! Which is ironic because I made sure to complete it before July ended, for accountability’s sake after mentioning it in my June entry. So here goes!

In a nutshell: For this particular clothes purge, I came up with some ideal numbers for Watermelon’s capsule wardrobe. Then I took out alllll her clothes (minus the ones in the laundry), sorted them into categories, and then decided which ones to keep, sell, donate, or recycle. My idea was to have a really small wardrobe for Watermelon so that laundering and organising her wardrobe becomes easier.

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this month i discovered … cooking/baking

After talking about it for months now, this month I decided to really buckle down and commit to learning and practising to cook. This time I thought about how Iā€™d like to grow as a person this year, and how I want to shape my identity towards someone who can and loves to cook šŸ˜Œ Thinking this way helped me get down into action instead of daydreaming about it only. Continue reading