Chickpea’s gender reveal

So Chickpea’s gender reveal cake (finally) got baked and it’s a … it’s a …


Which means Watermelon was wrong!!!

She lied!!!!!!

Ok she didn’t lie.


And I was so heavily invested in her being right.


I think more than anything, I wanted a cool story to tell. About how Watermelon had an accurate sixth sense and was able to tell the gender. I’d heard similar stories from friends about nieces and nephews and sons and daughters who predicted the gender correctly, and wanted my own version of the story to tell.

Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

As you can imagine, I did not take the news too easily during the ultrasound scan. When the second sonographer (in case you’re wondering why we had two sonographers) revealed the gender, I was in total shock.


Silent shock, of course. Kraken totally kept her cool. Or maybe my face betrayed me, but the room was dark, and her back was facing me, so it’s fine.

As I looked at Chickpea’s lady parts on the screen, I thought to myself, “She (the sonographer) could still be wrong right???” Like maybe at the next 32-week scan, there’d be a plot twist and I’d be told, Oh no madam, we were earlier mistaken: your baby is a boy after all.

Just like your daughter said.

And then — snapped back to reality — the sonographer explained, “If it’s a boy, we’d be able to see a scrotum.”

Ok fine. Chickpea has no scrotum. He’s a she.


When I first found out I was pregnant, I thought to myself, for baby no. 2, it really doesn’t matter whether it’s a girl or a boy. If it’s a girl, it’d be easy on us because we wouldn’t have to relearn how to take care of a baby boy, and hopefully the two girls can be close sisters for life. Plus I recently kept some of Watermelon’s clothes, so we can easily hand those down. If it’s a boy, it’d be nice to have someone to help me do some heavy lifting when he’s big, and I’d always, at least in theory, be his priority as his mother.

Although I got myself too invested in Watermelon saying it’s a boy or that she wanted a baby boy, deep down, I’m okay with a girl lah. She is a blessing, regardless. Since the two weeks that we’ve found out, I’ve come to terms with it. I wonder what kind of personality she’ll have. Will she be very different from Watermelon, and be feisty? Fierce instead of gentle? Shy instead of outgoing? A less picky eater? Oh yes please!!

It’ll be really interesting to meet her 😍


I can’t really appreciate the “well-meaning” advice when people say, “try for a third!” We learnt in statistics class that the probability of a baby’s gender is always 50/50, even if you’ve had 2,3, or 4 kids of the same gender. I know families with 3 girls, 4 girls, 5 girls, 5 boys … so it’s not very helpful or ACCURATE to suggest my third baby would be a boy. If there’s even a third baby in our rezeki. I much prefer the response where people say things along the lines of “awww 2 girls! so lovely! so fun! easier for you!”


Recently NG finally scored the luck of feeling Chickpea kick in my tummy. I thought he was quite perceptive when he said “I think that was her hand! It was so small!”

Coz his hand was on the right hand side of my tummy, and before that I was feeling kicks on the left hand side. So perhaps he was right –I’d felt her legs while he’d felt her hand(s).

It reminded me of the highlight of our ultrasound scan — seeing her tiny fingers on her tiny hand. It looked like she was doing ✊🏻 and it was such a MasyaAllah moment in the middle of a reaaally long scan session.

Also, when Mama Kraken recently asked Watermelon whether she wanted a baby sister or brother, Watermelon suddenly said she wanted a baby sister *raises eyebrow*

Anyway, a little babywearing + bump shot to end this entry. I should start taking more bump shots for memories.



  1. settingupsundays · October 10

    ah congrats! and so amazing that you still babywear while preggers. may the remaining months be smooth for you!

    • Kraken Ummu Watermelon · October 10

      thank you!! hehe yeah i still enjoy wrapping, though it takes some modifications like avoiding waist belts coz it’s so uncomfy on the tummy/bump, even in the super early days.

  2. doublefs · October 10

    Ah gd thing I didn’t reply with “nvm can try a third!” Lol

    Actually, it’s fun to have all girls. Coming from an all girls family. I think it works well when the age gap is close! Hope ur girls will be very close in future! I really love and am proud of the fact that my parents had 4 girls! Cos we are like how bffs are, n our “go to” in times of difficulties.

    • Kraken Ummu Watermelon · October 10

      Lolol. Yeah I love seeing how close you are to all your sisters! Hopefully my girls will have that bonding too 🥰

  3. nourspeaks · October 12

    Congratulations on another daughter! ❤ This is wonderful, mashaaAllah! Praying for smooth weeks ahead for you even until the time comes! Take care! 🌻

  4. Dyan · October 13

    Aaaawww your bump too cute!! Congrats on another girl! Girls are such darlings.

    Also now that your household is girl dominated, your husband cannot win an argument.
    Your girls will back u up!

    Not that my husband ever wins an argument with me but having Nadya arguing on my behalf definitely helps to rub salt to his wound. LOL

    • Kraken Ummu Watermelon · October 13

      LOL! unfortch my husband does win a lot of arguments around here but perhaps my win rate shall improve over time. i only warned him that he’ll have to spend even longer waiting for us three to get ready to go out 💅🏻

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