no way, november!

gosh, is november over already? time flies! can’t believe it’s been 11 months of journaling this way + coming to end of 2019 + getting closer to my EDD!

pregnancy updates — weeks 27-31

Starting to get concerned about my weight gain – I’m already at 12kg, ack! With two more months to go in the third trimester where they say a weekly weight gain should be expected, I’m easily going to exceed my final weight for my first pregnancy and I might even hover around 20kg weight gain?! Hope noooot.

(Though I *have* been eating a lot)

My doulas got me to start a food diary, so hopefully that helps me confront how much food I’ve been eating so I can regulate my diet better.

I think part of my worry stems from a post by Doula Fadillah about how 12kg weight gain is “max” for a healthy pregnancy. With Chickpea, I set out with intentions to have a healthy and fit pregnancy, even if my actions don’t really reflect so oops, so this is kind of a blow. I’d really better clean up my act for the remaining 8 weeks or so.

At least I’ve been a bit more consistent with exercising. I aim to do a 30-min work out plus some prenatal yoga every other day, and it’s been going well so far. Being able to score MVPA health points and extra lucky draw chances in the Healthy 365 challenge helps :p

Oh yes and my doulas finally contacted me for our first birth walk at Botanic Gardens. We walked a bit then rolled out our mats in a quiet corner of the park, where they taught me a prenatal yoga sequence. They also came over the following week for our first prenatal sesh where we discussed my birth plan. Seems like NUH’s policies have changed quite a bit since I last gave birth in early 2017 :/ Praying for the best..!

trying out meditation for the first (and second!) time

I tried something new this month – meditation! I met a meditation instructor, Li Xuan from Xuan Healing Cove, and decided to give her sessions a try. It was a good experience learning the breathing techniques and mindfulness exercises, and I hope/trust these will come in useful during labour espesh since I intend to do hypnobirthing, insyaAllah.

3 weekends in Malaysia

November saw us spending 2 weekends in JB and 1 weekend in KL!

The first JB weekend was coz NG’s friend’s wedding was held in JB. We thought since we were going in, we might as well do a 1 night staycation. We stayed at Capri by Fraser, a new hotel near CIQ. Our room was huuuge! It had a living room, a kitchenette, 1 bedroom and a gigantic toilet the size of our bedroom at home, no kidding. It was very nice and new, and Watermelon really enjoyed herself here. It’s kinda nice to see how she’s starting to be aware of the concept of a home away from home, and I loved the look of glee she had when she nestled in the middle of the king bed and turned her head left and right, contented to get to co-sleep with us.

I loved that Capri still feels new. Unfortch I think it’s better for families who drive, because even though it’s near CIQ, it’s probably some walking distance away from the City Square area. We heard the breakfast buffet was not fab, so we opted out and NG went to buy us prata and nasi lemak for breakfast from a popular warung nearby instead.

Drinking flavoured milk from Family Mart at our new favourite JB mall, Midvalley South Key

The second weekend we stayed over in JB was kinda unplanned. What happened was that NG had accidentally booked the wrong dates for the previous wedding weekend, and was not allowed to change the booking dates. Not wanting to waste it, we went in again and this time stayed at Amari.

Amari’s location is fab — just opposite Komtar and City Square. Quite a pleasant walk over. Their breakfast buffet had a generous selection too. Only thing is that their pool was probably a tad too cold. Poor Watermelon’s teeth chattered while we were there 😅 So much for her being super excited about playing in the pool. Then we checked out the newly opened Toppen mall. Although it has free indoor playgrounds for kids and a water play area and is connected to Ikea, I don’t think we’ll return.

The third weekend was a trip to KL we had planned about 2 months back, together with another couple and their 4yo. We tried taking Starex for the first time. This trip we checked out Aquaria KLCC, and tried eating at a famous warung satay and also Carnaval Churrascaria. Somehow food wasn’t really the highlight of this trip, though I thought it would be.

Macam faham browsing through the brochure of the aquarium

Overall it was a good trip. Watermelon had a blast playing with our friends AND their kid, so it was good hehe. Always a treat when our friends are enthusiastic about playing with her 😀 The journey back was quite tiring though — long drive plus coming home to face the laundry and unpacking, ughhh!

I had a big-ish project come in this month which was nice, but that also meant I was rushing to meet deadlines and didn’t really manage to take Watermelon out to spend time with her, eeps. Hopefully the staycations, holiday, and a pleasant playdate with my friend and her 2 girls during the first weekend made up for it.

this month i want to …

  1. Commit to listening to hypnobirthing meditation tracks every day
  2. Put together a photo book of Watermelon’s baby and toddler pictures
  3. Clear drawer space for Chickpea’s clothes
  4. Practice feeling more grateful for this season of life

I don’t know if you can sense it in my writing, but I think third trimester fatigue is starting to set in. Am feeling easily lethargic. Just 2 more months until we meet our little one, insyaAllah! ❤

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