september, set, go!

September’s my second month of working from home + 5th month of pregnancy!

working from home updates

At the end of last month, I got my first client project, hurrah! And spent the first three weeks of September working on it. It was fun, took more time than expected, and overall a good learning experience. Then I got my second, third, and fourth projects — alhamdulillah 🙂 Hopefully October will see more projects come in, insyaAllah.

I feel like I still have a lot of mental work to do with regard to adjusting to a one-ish household income and running a business. A huge part of me REALLY wants to make this sustainable for the long run, but a small part of me does wonder occasionally if I made a mistake. Eeps. Then I think about how we hope to go on another big trip next year and how I would ideally like to start Chickpea in infantcare early, as opposed to enrolling him/her when slightly older, and then kind of panic about how I have to start scoring more and bigger projects to be able to afford them all. Or I could keep Chickpea at home with me until 18mo, but then I’m not confident of being able to get much work done. Unless I’m on a super, Tim Ferriss 4h work week type of thing, except I don’t think my productivity level is up there yet.

other highlights

Entrepreneurship course — I enrolled for an entrepreneurship course months ago, before I’d even decided to quit my job furreals. It involved 2 whole Saturdays, which was quite strenuous for us because we’re both generally around on weekends and not used to solo parenting. Anyhoos, I expected a liiittle more from the course to be honest. But what to do, the money’s spent, and the only way to redeem it is to go out and start something. I have a vague idea but am not sure yet if I want to start it before Chickpea arrives.

Haze — Oh the haze. On the first weekend of bad haze, I was supposed to go to the treetop walk. We took a raincheck (hazecheck?) but haven’t gone back since. Glad it’s been raining lately so I think/hope our haze woes are over?? I’ve been falling behind my exercises (yikes) and hope to start going on walks soon.

My birthday — I officially turned a year older! Somehow turning 31 feels “meh” compared to turning 30, so this year’s birthday felt a lot more low key for me. NG treated me to a lunch at Halia — I told him about Chope’s awesome 45% off dining vouchers! — and a haircut + colour ehehehe. Anyway, what we learnt about Halia: their starters are a hell lot more impressive than their mains. I shouldn’t have spent so much on my main and instead got more starters. My family also went to Wakuwaku Yakiniku for a combined birthday celebration for me and my brother. It was a great experience but also so pricey omg! I think once is enough for me. Thankful to my family for treating me there 😉

Zoo trip — I brought Watermelon to the zoo last week for a mother-daughter outing and it was great! Minus the part where we were running late in the morning and missed the first animal show, boo. Watermelon had such a good time and still asks to revisit the zoo. Awww. Hopefully we can go at least once more before Chickpea arrives.

she requested to see elephants, just in time for the elephant show

picked this dress and let her bring her zebra soft toy so i could take this photo

pregnancy updates – weeks 19-22

Alhamdulillah, pregnancy continues to be relatively smooth and comfortable. I started being able to feel Chickpea’s movements around the start of the month. Each time I try to alert NG, he can’t feel them. We’ve had so many of such anticlimactic moments.

Then we had the gender scan!!! It didn’t go too well, actually. We spent AN HOUR inside. You know how too much of a good thing is a bad thing? I’m usually really excited about ultrasound scans and seeing the foetus develop, but when you’re talking about lying down for 1h with the sonographer poking at your tummy, it’s no longer fun.

We had two sonographers. The first one got me to turn here, turn there, so she could get the readings she needed. She clicked her tongue a bit and said that as she asked me to turn, Chickpea also turned away. Haha. Is Chickpea going to be a shy baby??? Then halfway her colleague (more senior I suppose?) took over, and started from the beginning. Ya Allah. But at least she got the job done. And gave us this hilarious print out.

aper ni??!!

She also confirmed the gender. Which I won’t share yet because I’m supposed to bake a gender reveal cake for my niece, who’s been asking since July if I know the gender. But I will soon insyaAllah!

Other than that, my doulas have been silent … I should remind them about the birth walks that they promised. And the birth class that we’re supposed to re-take (feeling quite sian about it actually.) I was halfway through a hypnobirthing book but haven’t touched my Kindle in ages. Need to resume reading too. And I keep planning to make a green juice but still haven’t. Aiyoh.

parenting highlights

Aaand Watermelon has officially weaned!!! Since sometime in August actually, but I wanted to be sure we were done furreals before sharing here.

It’s bittersweet, of course. Towards the end of our nursing journey I was starting to feel a little touched out, and I was developing sensitivities (from being pregnant?) that was making nursing not as comfortable as before.

Alhamdulillah it was a gentle weaning process. It ended abruptly but we didn’t have to go through tears or negotiations. I almost feel like I could have perhaps gone on a little longer, but I suppose it’s better to part amicably than have a painful separation.

What a marvellous journey it has been ❤️ Super thankful for the positive influences I came across before and during my first pregnancy that told me breastfeeding is worthwhile and enjoyable. Before that I’d come across mums who told me they gave up on breastfeeding within weeks because it was taxing and demanding and it made me feel like when it’s my turn to have a baby, that I too should just give up early. Breastfeeding IS hard of course, but I wish it would get less of a bad rap, especially among first time mothers.

two week old Watermelon, drunk on milk

next month I want to …

  1. Bake a gender reveal cake
  2. Visit the treetop walk, and in general walk and exercise more
  3. Start green juicing
  4. Earn more projects!





  1. Atikah · October 7

    Salam! I have been a silent reader all these while. I was called to comment when you mentioned that Watermelon is finally weaned off.. and a gentle wean at that! I am still nursing my girl at 2.4 years now. It feels like forever and I have yet to see the finishing line so to read that you have successfully wean her off gives me hope somehow (i know it may sound silly.. hahah!). Do share more on your gentle weaning process if you don’t mind.

    Oh.. and congrats on little Chickpea ma shaa Allah! May you go through everything with ease in shaa Allah.

    • Kraken Ummu Watermelon · October 7

      Salam Atikah, it’s always nice to hear from silent readers heheh. Hmm, I think my weaning process started with me emphasising to her that we’ll nurse “for a short while only” (with the hand signal for short while) for our bedtime nursing. Towards the end I would end the nursing sesh even though she was still awake, and get her to fall asleep by herself. Or sometimes give her a milk bottle to help her sleep, if desperate. Iirc we had stopped nursing in the daytime since months earlier, unless it was for weekend naps. I think her learning to fall asleep by herself at night helped with the transition a lot. For the first 1-2 nights of weaning, my husband put her to bed while I purposely stayed out of the bedroom. Then there were nights where I was around at bedtime but she didn’t ask to nurse. And for the odd times that she did ask, I’d tell her “no more nana, nana finish already” and she somehow accepted it, phew.

      Hope there were some useful ideas here. All the best for weaning!! And thank you for your well wishes re: Chickpea, alhamdulillah ❤

      • Atikah · October 8

        Ahhh.. thank you so much for the inputs! On the night I left the previous comment here, my girl actually slept on her own without nursing (but needs to hug my husband… zzzz) ahahaha! I take that as a huge step albeit slow. Glad to know I am on the right track and doing all those things you mentioned like informing her to nurse for short while only and reminding her that milk is finishing soon as she is a big girl now.

        Again.. Thanks for giving me hope that this gentle weaning will work and she will weaned off fully just like Watermelon did, happily. Always nice to hear from real mummies instead of just reading it through google. hehehe

        Oh.. and pray for me that I will have a second baby soon too.. hehehe. 🙂

      • Kraken Ummu Watermelon · October 10

        Alhamdulillah! Happy for you hehe. Hope the weaning process will be comfy for both you and toddler. And sending you some baby dust and dua for a number two, aamiin! ✨🤲🏻

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