life with a 21mo toddler

Sooo Watermelon is now 21 months, and life is getting comfortable again. There’s less stress than the first 18 months or so when everything’s changing all of the time. Things are more stable, and I’m feeling more like my old self in some ways.

Of course there are some things that I haven’t gotten back, like computer privileges. Every time I try to use my PC, Watermelon wants to climb onto my lap, hit the caps lock button on my keyboard, move my mouse, ask to draw… ahhh I miss surfing aimlessly on my computer 😦

3 Things That I’m Currently Learning

1. To wake up at 5.00am for some me time. It’s hit and miss, some morning I snooze because I’m too tired. But I’ve learnt to squeeze in a short exercise before 6.00am. It makes me feel good (am still trying to lose weight – what’s new. Keyword: TRYING) and reminds me of my pregnancy days when I used to do short exercises. Life was good and sweet back then!

2. To adjust my communication style to be more respectful and gentle. For instance, learning to acknowledge Watermelon’s feelings. “You’re upset because you want to play some more!” Learning to state facts and without judgment. And without inadvertently dismissing feelings. “You fell down! Are you okay?” (Instead of “you’re okay!”) And learning to praise effort rather than results. Though so far I’ve only practised this on my sister’s kids, and on a mama who scored an Oscha Treasure Tote via FFF lulz.

3. To be kinder to myself. Telling myself that it’s okay to choose sleep over certain household tasks, because my rest is important too.

It’s such a joy watching Watermelon grow and learn new things. She’s adding new words to her vocabulary, teaching herself to jump (very slow but cute progression here) and being more confident – and even insisting – of going up and down staircases by herself. I feel like I can’t help but love her more as she develops more antics and reveals a little more of her personality over the weeks.

Tantrums abound, of course. She likes to throw herself back, kneel down in a dramatic plea, or throw the very thing we ask back from her onto the ground. The extra annoying part is when she pretends to not understand me when I ask her to pick them up 😒

3 Recent Memories

1. Went out for a zoo outing with 3 other mummies. It was fun! They’ve gone out together before, but it was my first time joining them. One of them came alone with her 14mo twins. You could tell it was pretty challenging for her to manage both. I thought it was most amazing when her mum came down to the zoo to join us and help her. After bringing food to her own mum. Like wow, she’s a super dedicated woman. First she attended to her own mum, then she rushed down to help her daughter and to serve her grandchildren. I was like whoa this is the every day sacrifice of a woman. Things we don’t shout about because we take them for granted. Our mums are so amazing, eh. N’s mum was super friendly and even helped another mama push her stroller. It was really touching to see their sweet group dynamics.

2. Cycling has been our latest family thing lately. My BIL started it. He got a bike, then my sister got a bike, then their two kids got bikes and had to learn how to cycle. Then NG got a bike, and then I got a bike. All this within a span of one month or so. Haha. So anyway last week we cycled to dinner. On the way back, my bike and Watermelon fell down when I lost my balance trying to cycle beside someone burning incense on the pavement. It was super scary kay. Watermelon whinged for a short while, eeps. And then we got caught in the rain! Lightning, thunder, heavy showers. Poor Watermelon was drenched to the skin. But she remained in fairly good spirit. One time I heard her shout “broom broom!” ahahaha. And she was quite nonchalant about the thunders that night. Yay, proud of her. It was quite fun, and I kinda wouldn’t mind cycling in the rain again as long as traffic is not heavy and I’m homebound!

3. We were at a cafe which provided a small play area and some Lego blocks for kids. There was a preschooler who was building something before her mum (?) summoned her to the table to eat. When we were about to leave, Watermelon sat down at the corner once more and touched that Lego structure that the girl had built. The girl started whining, and the mum came up to us, smiled apologetically and took the structure back to their table. Since we were about to leave the cafe, I shrugged it off. But as I thought about it, I realised that I felt very uneasy about what the mum did. At first I thought, “it’s a communal toy. It’s not very nice to think of it as her daughter’s.” I probed a little deeper. “Plus there was a notice requesting for the toys not to be brought out of the play area and into the dining tables.” I talked about it with NG and came to the realisation that what bothered me most was the fact that she took the toy out of Watermelon’s hands. I don’t think it was very nice or fair of her to do that. If she had waited for just a minute more, we would have been out of the door already. Meh.

Ok lah, good or bad, sweet or painful, alhamdulillah for motherhood ❤️


no shopping goal 2018: Q3 update

uh oh, end September means it’s time to do another round of confessions. my wrap buying ban is not going well AT ALL, so i think i will remove it for the last quarter 😳

i did quite well for like 3-4 weeks in Aug-Sep and then faltered again and bought 3 wraps within a weekend.

wraps and carriers i bought

• oscha matrix malibu 6 (returned!)

they released a pretty pink-orange grad and i was like, ooh how nice if you made it in the matrix pattern! and make in the matrix pattern they did, so i got it (felt a bit obliged.) but then i returned it about 2 weeks later coz i felt the blend wouldn’t be suitable for us despite it being so pretty.

• oscha roses candyfloss toddler cairis

they were running a sale for their carriers and i got one coz i’m curious and feel the need to try them all. and oh, the most famous babywearing youtube influencer (@wrapyouinlove) has one of these so i was like, i want to copy her too! but to be honest i’ve not used it much coz i still prefer wraps, but i don’t want to give up just yet.

• handwoven melodies bliss 5

this one came up in the local deal or no deal swap. i went to make an offer (ikr…WHY) and … it got accepted. omg, i panicked. apparently my price was just right. dang! should have gone lower 😝 but anyway i holidayed this piece sometime early this year and really liked it, and was also aiming for a piece from this weaver. speaking of which, THE right piece that i was lusting for became available for sale recently but i had to stop myself, aurgh. oh wells!

• woven wings droplets summer sorbet 5

i’d been resisting some of WW’s releases, telling myself to save it for their famous quad blend. but when this cotton/linen piece came up — in pocket weave which is the rage these days — i was like omo i WANT it. so i entered the draw, had a strangely good feeling about it, and true enough found out that i won an invoice.

• oscha roses michael 6

i bought this to replace my okinami nydie 4 which was same grad, same blend, just different pattern and size. used my 20% discount code that i’d been hoarding, so i feel less bad about it. it’s a wetspun linen piece and is serving us very well. currently one of my favourites!

• oscha matrix bifrost 3

i’m not really a rainbow wrap kinda person but when a preorder opened up i was like … maybe i can get this in a 3 🙈 so that’s what i did. it becomes ready in end October, so i’m really excited!

this quarter i sold 3 wraps. NG also suggested that i sell everything and keep only 2, to which i replied no waaaay. but i did list a bunch of wraps as a result of his comments lah, seeing which would sell. i still have some for sale and hope someone will buy them soon, so that i can return the money to my bank account.

have i ever mentioned how conflicted i am about wraps? on one hand i’m annoyed how i can’t keep to a buying ban. after each wrap purchase i’d tell myself “ok no more..!” and then. i have talked myself out of buying 2 wraps that i would otherwise love to own, but i should be talking myself out of more.

on the other hand i’m justifying to myself how this will only last a while, if i enjoy it i shouldn’t have to feel so bad about it… etc. i recently told myself to take a break from participating in the ootd version of woven wraps. a week’s break did wonders to change my mindset — it helped me feel more okay with wearing the same 2 wraps, and it made me appreciate my stash more.

then i also started feeling a little tired of holidaying wraps, so i told myself to take a break too. it was very liberating, though i eventually faltered when two people texted me to offer me their wraps. how to say no when people were thinking of you, right 😌

i also got an exciting opportunity to test a prototype wrap from Oscha. this was after whining that nobody in Singapore seemed to be selected during the couple of prototype casting calls, so i was really happy and excited and grateful for the opportunity! my friends teased me about being so excited but it really was a biiiig thing for me ☺️


hmmm, i think i was pretty good! i don’t recall buying any new pieces 🤔


i impulsively bought one of those trendy textured shawls from @nusheenurra tho now i wish i’d picked a different colour.

also a curved satin silk tudung (Inaya) and a chiffon piece (Muna) from @tudungpeoplesg.

and omg ya i caved in and bought a snood from @theduckgroup. it’s my first snood ever and i struggled with it coz it seems much bigger than the ones in youtube tutorials. but the drapes are really quite 🤤 and i get to feeling feeling vivy for the day.

i didn’t get rid of any shawl this quarter, tho i should, because my shawl basket is getting full 😬

baby clothes

picked up a unicorn dress from the market near my place. i also had a small carter’s/skiphop order because we needed a bigger school bag for Watermelon to keep up with her bigger packing list since transferring to the playgroup, so i added some clothes. still within acceptable limits, if i may say so myself :p


i caved and bought the WW Be Light after deciding that i needed a good tote bag. i’ve been loving it so far! nice pattern, nice pocket, quite light … i’m happy. other than this i don’t think i bought any other bags… 🤔

knick knacks

i did a lot better this quarter, yay. glad my “home improvement” shopping spree phase ended. i did buy a couple of seemingly random things but these were mostly from Daiso and therefore inexpensive? hee.

i went a little crazy splurging on baby’s toys recently, though. there are more that i wanna buy but i think Watermelon is still underaged, so i’m forcing myself to wait wait wait. it’s so hard! 😩

i must say tho, that i’m liking how our toy collection is shaping up. my intention is to keep it to a small number of mostly open ended toys. bonus if they’re wooden, coz i’m crunchy/hippie like that 😬


i feel most guilty about the wrap purchases, especially after thinking about how much higher my bank account balance would be if i hadn’t bought so many 🙊 being less active in the community, sending out less travellers and reducing the number of wraps i was hosting seemed to help curb my desires. i’m starting to become more immune to seeing sales posts and photos of other people’s wraps, which is good!

Watermelon had a short clingy phase where she was more receptive to wraps, but at time of writing, she is avoiding them with a 5 ft pole. life…

september wasn’t a great month for my cash flow. i ended up feeling very broke, and a little scared for myself on how my spending habits were panning out. it’s only been a week since my october pay day, so far i feel a little more secure. i hope it’s not a short-lived phase, espesh as my future remains uncertain. i’m still undecided whether to take a break from work next year or to chiong in a new job.

i’ve started my SAHM fund as discussed earlier 🙂 have been consistently putting in funds every month. it’s only been 3 months so the fund is small, but i hope to slowly build it up.

i want to blog more but a) i don’t know what content to put out, short of talking about Watermelon 95% of the time and b) it seems so quiet around my WordPress app these days.

one more quarterly report for the year, insyaAllah! time flies by so quickly.

switching to menstrual cup!

alright alright alright, today i would like to discuss a topic that is recently dear to my heart: MENSTRUAL CUPS!

menstrual cups are a silicone medical-grade cup that you insert during your period so that it will collect the blood. it’s different from tampons in that the cup collects, while the tampon absorbs. the cup is reusable while the tampon is disposed after every use. a menstrual cup contains no bleaches (that make pads and pantiliners artificially white!), absorbency gels and other “nasties”, and won’t cause skin sensitivities.

it took me about 5 occasions before i warmed up to it.

first time, with a mummy friend: what is this menstrual cup? i am only about to explore cloth pantiliners.

second time, in an international babywearing group: k y’all menstrual cup users are in a different league. i am only at level cloth pantiliners, not even cloth pads!

third time, in a local babywearing group: cloth pantiliners, cloth pantiliners, cloth pantiliners.

fourth time, reading local newspaper about school friend’s menstrual cup social enterprise: good on ya!

fifth time in same local group above: hmmm, 2 mummies that i know relatively well have said that menstrual cups changed their lives forever and that they would never go back to pads or tampons. ok let me order from said school friend’s enterprise.

so i ordered me one menstrual cup from Freedom Cups. they come in two sizes so i naturally went for the smaller one.

and so far the user journey has been very enriching. it’s like learning and mastering new skills (i.e. insertion and removal, espesh if you are not a tampon user to begin with) you learn to be comfy with your woman parts (don’t say eee!)

youtube videos helped me a lot, especially one vlogger who created a video diary of her first cycle on it. thought it was very useful and insightful of the new experiences that i was about to sign up for. then there are also videos discussing specifically insertion or removal, which also helped. it was from these videos that i learnt to use my pelvic muscles, which makes removal a looot easier and less erm, geli.

i’d say the biggest downside of menstrual cups is when you have to change in a public toilet. the trick is to use a handicapped toilet which has its own sink.

menstrual cups can theoretically be worn for 10-12h. but on heavy days, it probably gets full by 4-5h. and unfortch the time away from home on a work day is longer than 12h, so that means having to remove and empty it in the office 😐

but but but, the pros outweigh the cons by a mile. you know how pad advertisements love to say their pads are “barely there”? there’ll be a visual of a girl feeling oh so cheery climbing into bed supposedly while wearing one of their advertised night pads.

i tell you, menstrual cups ARE the definition of barely there. heh. other than a bubbling sensation that you might feel, you pretty much don’t feel anything.

menstrual cups need to be sterilised in boiling water just once, between period cycles. during each change, it needs to be washed in non-scented hand soap, or sometimes i just rinse it clean with water.

not done with pads

i still wear pads, though. as back up protection. i’ve been stocking up a lot on more cloth pantiliners and cloth pads. my collection is super cute and i would love to share a photo of the fabrics i picked, if only it wasn’t such a personal thing. haha.

i so wanted my most recent period cycle to be completely #zerowaste but unfortunately i learned, the hard way, that my longest cloth pad was still not quite long enough (on average i need it to be like, 100cm long because i’m always so prone to staining, urgh! 🙄) so i had to revert to disposable night pads.

sooo i’ll be hunting for long long long cloth pads soon, and hopefully i will be on my way to zero waste period cycles insyaAllah. idk it’s like, after using menstrual cups, the idea of going back to disposable pads is just meh. especially the plasticky ones which i grew an aversion to, postpartum.

this switch to menstrual cups and cloth pads have made me look forward to my periods (lulz) tho i still hate the terribly uncomfy period cramps.

if you’re bored of life and want something new to learn and explore, or are looking to minimise waste yourself, i reaaaally recommend giving menstrual cups a chance. i wish i’d discovered them sooner!

menstrual cup companies say the learning curve takes around 1 period cycle, but i’d realistically put it at 2 or 3, depending on how enthusiastically you start off. for me, my first 2 cycles was a mix of cups and pads. it was only my third cycle that i used the cup all the time. strangely my cycle was shorter too. not sure if it’s a coincidence — some people say no!

thanks and high five if you made it to the end! ❤ ❤

18 months update

Watermelon turns 18 months this week, I can’t believe it! My baby is not a baby anymore, but legally a toddler who qualifies for the much-more-affordable childcare fees compared to the relatively exorbitant infantcare rates.

I was reading back my old milestone-ish updates and hardly remembered any of it. That’s very telling of motherhood I think, things move so fast, so hard to keep up, gotta purge old memories to make space for new things to remember, or you’ll burst at the seams. Not enough RAM!

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4 Aug Play Date – It’s ONZ!

Salam all! The play date that Mrs F and I are planning on 4 Aug, 2.00pm to 4.00pm is still onzzz insyaAllah.

We would love for mummies to get together with us and let our LOs play while we ladies chat 🙂 It’ll be hosted at either one of our houses in the north (Yishun or Woodlands) — we’re planning to see the turnout before deciding where. We’re not professional play date organisers so this sesh is free! (In case anyone is wondering)

Here’s the sign up link if you’re interested! Hope to see you there 🤗

Pic of my silly milkmaid for attention!

“no” shopping goal 2018: Q2 update

oh noooooooo, end of june means it’s time for my second report card on my no shopping goal, which means you will see how fantastically i am failing.

but fret not! i came up with a simple system to manage my obsession.

nevermind that it is only 5 days old at time of writing, we shall be optimistic that it will help me.

wraps and carriers i bought

• solnce phases rainbow pop 6

i love solnce’s phases pattern, and i love confetti. so when they released this i went amg. i missed the launch date but one day i noticed they had one in stock, so i grabbed it. it turned out to not be compleeetely love, and just so happens my friend wanted to buy it, so i said ok please.

• solnce phases noir 6

i was holidaying another mama’s noir and i really enjoyed it. it’s cushy, has this lovely stretch that makes it easy to wrap quickly and securely, supportive, and really forgiving towards messy wrap jobs. so… the mama sold it to me. hurhur. it’s also got confetti though it doesn’t photograph as well.

• shearwater weaving odyssey 4.2m

i put out an ISO (in search of) and a mama offered to sell me hers. i’m pretty sure there were other interested mamas, so i’m touched she offered it to me. which is not justifying the wrap purchase lah, i’m just saying only…

• didymos prima ziegelrot 6

ok this was an impulsive buy. the only consolation is that it’s fairly cheap so hopefully i won’t have trouble selling it away if i need to??

• blue hibou conversion slot

i started to feel really gatal to try different types of carriers, especially wrap conversion ones, and i also started lusting hard over mad hatter duchess (fyi the toddler tula is going for usd 2,000) so i decided to dream up my own custom. gonna try make a dupe. just like how the beauty community finds dupes/very similar shades to cult hits, i’m doing the same for my carrier hurhur. it’s slated for second half of the year and is not going to be cheap.

• spellbound weaving semi custom

i scored a conversion slot, but then i need a wrap right? so i signed up for a semi custom with spellbound weaving, which is based in australia. she charges same ish prices as the american weavers BUT in aud, which works out much, much better for me. it’s sunset inspired (purple to orange, again! i can’t help myself) i tried saving costs a teeny bit by choosing an off the rack weft instead of having the weaver hand dye it for me 🤷🏻‍♀️

• woven wings tom kitten droplets pocket weave pre-order

i am a big fan of Oscha but lately i’ve been feeling like it’s time to cut down on my Oschas and explore other brands. so i started looking for my first ww quad blend. but in my search, i stumbled upon this low woolie pocket weave piece and went to sign up 🤦🏻‍♀️ i am pocket weave curious, after all. anyway, i hope this piece turns out EPIC because the price tag is pretty epic.

i sold 2 other wraps, traded 1 and received a small cash top up yay, and have received interest in one of my ring slings so hope that goes thru!

but overall, i know the list above is too long since it’s ideally supposed to be zero. Watermelon refusing ups is a double edged sword: one side has me going like “no point buying wraps!” the other side has me like “faster buy all the wraps!”

i’d just be kidding myself if i say i won’t buy any wraps in the next quarter. maybe it’d be a bit more realistic to aim to buy *less* wraps? i also fell back into travellers, both hosting and sending out. it makes me busy but i guess the good part of hosting is that i get to try more wraps without having to buy them.


i was less good with clothes compared to last quarter. especially during my holiday to europe. i bought two tops there, one of which i’ve not worn, which kinda goes to show i could have done without it eeps. i also bought two sets of PJs from Primark which i also didn’t need but couldn’t resist. and silly me, one of them was in the wrong size. idk why i didn’t double check. so now i’m torn between selling it, wearing it anyway, or hoarding it till my next pregnancy. oh and i also bought a black maxi skirt from Primark to replace my old one.

then came raya … i allowed myself to get another baju kurung, but i ended up not getting any. yay me. partly coz my closet is getting really crowded with kurungs and partly coz nothing appealed to me this year.

i did try to get the baju kurung kedah that Vivy wore, but i ordered a size too big from the FV sale and now it’s completely sold out.

(credit: @vivyyusof) the baju that i wanted


i threw out 3-4 and bought 2. ok lah kan … no? alright.

baby clothes

i did not have any carter’s order this quarter! i almost can’t believe it haha. i did however grab 3 dresses from janie and jack coz i realised she’s outgrowing her fancy dresses for jemputans dan sebagainya. hopefully these will tide us through until she’s much bigger.


ok i was bad. not expensive bag-bad, just tote bag-bad, like i alr have a lot-bad, why do you need more-bad. i sinned in cath kidston in london, when i got a foldable ice cream print tote bag that sumpah is the cutest. i thought over it for the entire trip and caved in towards the end. sigh.

i also got me a cath kidson london print foldable shopping bag because … you guessed it, it’s super cute lah. has the palace guards and london eye and urgh, geram. if it makes things better, i have been more environmentally conscious these days so i do try to use it when i can.

lastly, i finally caved in and ordered a box from Sonder Social because i couldn’t get the nasi lemak batik print tote bag out of my head 😭 it is so up my alley, you guys. and since you’re here, let me share a bit more about Sonder Social: it’s a subscription box service of socially conscious goods. admittedly the price is a tad steep, but the girls do amazing work in curating beautiful collections and promoting social enterprises from all over SE asia. follow them on instagram even if you don’t plan to buy yet!

(credit: @sondersocial) nasi lemak batik bag by @thebatikboutique)

oh and funny story: my last quarter report was a few days shy of jujube’s super hot rose gold collection launch. i scored 4 things from the US website: two for me, and two for friends. guess what … i got refunded for my items because OOS, but received the two items for my friends. the universe was trying to tell me something..!


ooh … my biggest area of weakness this quarter. it was the raya spring cleaning / sprucing up period that made me look into home improvement, and i started scouring the web for storage solutions (e.g. containers for drawers, little baskets to put toys in, clear containers for overhead storage compartments etc).

and kitchen accessories ooooooh this was a bad, bad, baaad one. i bought all sorts of things: ice cube trays, Pyrex measuring cups, cake pan, spatula, wooden spoons, new set of long tongs, egg yolk separator, rolling mat etc. all with some reason (or so i told myself), but it was a LOT of money going out VERY easily. eeks. also i learnt that one of the things i bought from Robinsons was 55% cheaper on Amazon Prime. OUCH?!?! so lesson learnt, please check Amazon Prime first in case it’s cheaper. heh. with same day delivery, it sure gives department stores a run for their money…

separately, i also got me a menstrual cup and some uber cute cloth pads from an aussie home business. there’s a learning curve to the cup and some people say it takes about 2-3 cycles to get used to it. i’ve only done 1. it’s been good so far and insyaAllah i plan to blog about it when i’m a real pro. now, not so much.


not a good quarter, resolutions wise. i guess i got carried away, many times. ironically (or not) i’m doing an e-course on minimalism called Uncluttered. i need to spend more time on it but i hope that it’ll help me get to where i want to go.

especially since i feel like i’m at a crossroads in my career. i don’t know whether to chiong until my next baby, or cut back and spend more time with Watermelon instead. if i could break away my attachment for things and shopping and spending money, i think i would feel more free to choose either choices. now it’s like “but if you cut back on your career, you’ll have to give up so and so. can you handle it??”

otherwise, alhamdulillah for a good past few months. trying out the menstrual cup felt like an exciting time of learning some new life skills. i also bought my first house plant, a succulent, from Aida’s (she used to be a BTB blogger too!) new business Sprout and Spruce at the Laloolalang bazaar in Ramadhan. i then got myself monsteras, money plant and fittonia. there was a time when i was really kemaruk watching people’s house plants videos lol. again i felt very happy about learning something new and also developing newfound respect for plants. i’ve never cared much about them coz i’ve black thumbs, but hopefully these black thumbs are turning green! (nevermind that my succulent thrived for 2-3 weeks then quickly died in 1 day 💔) the plants breathe life into my house, and i’m happy to be a new plant mummy 💚

my monsteras 😍

i also joined a make up class by nora zee, and it was great for a noob like me! at least now i know what to look out for when buying make up 😬

oh yes, the new system i mentioned earlier: i’ve started a WTB (want to buy) list where i note down the date of my want, the item, the price, and the reason for wanting it. i tell myself that i have to wait at least a week before proceeding to buy. i’ve failed on certain items (kitchen accessories that i told myself was “urgent” and that i should order before the $20 discount code is fully redeemed) but for most items i’m adhering to it! hopefully this is a smaller step in helping me to keep to my resolution.

if you finished reading this entry till the end, thank you for joining me on my journey! i am not doing the best, but i think it’s good for me to log down my thought processes. till the next quarterly update, insyaAllah!

mums & babies qiyam + aug playdate?

alhamdulillah, over the weekend i attended the mums & babies qiyam session organised by the breastfeeding muslim mothers support group at masjid muhajirin.

it was my first qiyam ever. i was a little lost on the logistics, and had all sorts of questions like:

• do people sleep in their jubahs or PJs (jubah)
• do we pray all night (no, there’s scheduled lights off and then we wake up at 4.00am for tahajjud prayers)
• is it ok to bring my bed pillow (it’s not common but HENCEFORTH IT SHOULD BE!)

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the end of an era

soooo i gave up pumping two weeks ago and i won’t lie, it feels gooood! earlier in my pregnancy, i told myself i didn’t want to pump at work. later on i was like, k let’s try for two years. and then downgraded a bit to 18mo. reality is that i stopped at 16mo~

and no regrets, well, not much. i battled with low/“just enough” supply when pumping. alhamdulillah somehow Watermelon didn’t seem to have issues when latching, so my stresses was only when pumping.

when Watermelon turned one, we introduced fresh milk to her as a supplement. she didn’t finish her bottles whenever we served it at home, but she seemed to be doing fine in school, at least that’s what the teacher assured. i’m guessing peer pressure and a feeding schedule both have a part to play 🤷🏻‍♀️

at first i dropped from 3 to 2 pumping sessions and felt so free. then i noticed that my yield was getting reaaaally poor so i dropped further to 1 session per day. i discussed with NG who agreed that the low yield didn’t seem to be worth the effort (he was in charge of washing my bottles and flanges every night, hehe) and so i planned to stop in Ramadhan.

then work got really busy in the week before, and one day i ran into problems with the pump’s suction and felt so lazy and unmotivated to troubleshoot. that was when i knew it was my unplanned, last sesh ever. i took a good look at the nursing room and thanked it before leaving. lol dramatic eh? but really, i’m blessed that my small office set aside a decent nursing room for us mummies. in its hey days it even had an exclusive fridge, but it’s since broken down and been removed, and we are waiting for the new one to be purchased.

anyhoos, i found a pumping set up that worked for me. before i forget — and i’m sure i will — thought i’d record them down here for future reference. coz i wish for another squish in the distant future, and would want to also breastfeed and pump at work. but this time i think i’ll try pumping even when on maternity leave to build up a stash and help increase milk supply.

lastly, i’m ever so grateful for my two friends who generously passed me their frozen milk supplies and effectively become Watermelon’s ibu susuan-s. having their stash took off a lot of pressure from me to increase my production. i’ll always be indebted to them. may Allah swt reward them with abundance and grant them the highest of Jannah, aamiin!

pump stuff

– pump in office: spectra s2+
– pump at home: spectra s9
– flanges: maymom 21mm
– storage bottles: medela, because the maymom flanges are narrow neck
– storage bags: philips avent, but next time consider lansinoh’s for better design

bag stuff

– pump bag: jujube fuel cell (yay for “thinsulation”)
– ice pack: bought a thin plastic pack from qoo10 that i filled with water and froze overnight
– work bag: a small backpack from pierre cardin that fits the fuel cell nicely
– inside the fuel cell: 2 flanges, ice pack, 4 bottles for 3 pump sessions, and a spare storage bag for emergencies.


– hands free bra: from simple wishes. two sets used in rotation. kept in a pouch, together with a permanent marker for writing on storage bags, and brought home every friday.
– small towel to lay on the table

milk management

– LIFO (last in, first out): on weekdays, that day’s yield would be served the next day. friday’s yield gets frozen in bags and then thawed on sunday night for monday’s feed.

a modest room which i sometimes looked forward to so that i could be left alone 😅 at its peak, there were 7 of us sharing it and all of us had to be on time. thank you for the memories, even if i’m so happy to graduate 💕

lessons from travelling with baby and parents

alhamdulillah i’m back from travelling with parents and baby to london, paris, and amsterdam. learnt A LOT from this trip because we made so many mistakes. gonna log them here to help me remember for future trips insyaAllah:

1. don’t be too ambitious

we had the classic mentality of wanting to squeeze the most out of our europe flight. after all, if you’re going to spend 11-13h to fly somewhere, you might as well spend at least 2 weeks right? Continue reading

no shopping goal 2018: Q1 update

hello! hard to believe March has ended which means … time to do a quarterly update on my No Shopping Goal.

oh … i’ve been bad. and good. but mostly bad 🙈

wraps/carriers i bought

⁃ Carry Om Phoenix Fire: i’ve been admiring this purple to orange colourway for a long time. so when the weaver opened a draw for a right to buy this wrap, i entered my name. why? i don’t know. i didn’t think i would win but … i did. omg, panic. ha ha. the consolation is that i looove the wrap: the colours, the weave, and the wrap qualities. and i have been wanting to try her tencel so ok lah, happy jugak.

Continue reading