March 2020: Covid-19 escalates

The days in March felt short, yet the whole month seemed so slow…

Covid-19 travel advisories and the #stayhome campaign

We had a big family trip to New York City (!) planned for early April, which sadly had to be cancelled due to Covid-19. It was going to be scary flying with 2 kids, yet exciting because we were going in a huge group with all of NG’s family members. It was also supposed to be a sweet 5 year return since our honeymoon kinda thing, but oh well. Read More

Chickpea’s birth story

22 Jan, 9.00 pm (38 weeks, 7 days)

During my shower, I feel some water escape. At first I doubt myself and then I become sure, omg my waterbag is leaking … again. (This was also how my labour with Watermelon started.)

I put on a maternity pad, and lie down beside Watermelon to coax her to sleep. I feel a little sentimental thinking about how life is about to change in a huge way, and that this could be the last night of Watermelon being my only child.

23 Jan

I woke up at 6.30am in a panic, thinking I had wet the bed. Seems like a little more water continued to release.

I really want to eat nasi lemak, so I make NG bring me to Changi Village, after we drop off Watermelon at school. The plan is to eat, then walk along the beach, but the late morning becomes too hot to walk in the sun. Instead we eat chendol and then head home. Read More

Watermelon is three!

Awww Watermelon, you’re already 3. It’s amazing how much you’ve grown in the last 12 months. You learning to string sentences together was probably the biggest game changer, because now you’re such a chatterbox! And sometimes so bossy. But still cute.

The biggest highlights from between your 24th month to your 36th month include:

  • The long holiday we had It was an ambitious itinerary involving almost 4 weeks of travel and 8 different hotels. I was worried it was going to be too many changes for you to adapt to, but you were such a great travel companion. You were so happy to be around your paternal relatives, and I think it was during the trip that you started to closely bond with your cousins. Then we travelled with Abah’s colleagues and you gladly basked in their attention too. Finally we hung out with my friend and her husband, and you loved it when they brought you to feed ducks and swans at the local park. Throughout the trip you were pleasant, generally cooperative, and didn’t whine much — it was truly a special time for our little family :’)
  • Being a big sister We found out you were going to be a big sister sometime in June. We didn’t make a big deal out of it until much later in the pregnancy. At first you told us the baby was a boy, only to be corrected by the sonographer that your adik is a girl! Haha. When you did seem to figure out that we were expecting a baby, you’d say sweet things like how adik can share your toys and your books, and how you wanted adik to come out. We’ll soon discover for ourselves what kind of big sister you’ll really be — hopefully a really sweet and awesome one!
  • Our JB & KL staycations It wasn’t until we travelled again in November that you started to appreciate hotels. It was fun seeing you get excited about your “new house”, running in and out of the huge toilet we had in Capri, beaming at us in the king size bed as the three of us snuggled together, or getting soooo excited about swimming only to feel scared to do anything in the water LOL. Now you like to say “I want new house, I don’t like old house” and we have to tell you that please eh, it’s not like we can easily go to “new houses” every week.
  • Toilet training We also got to see you figure out toilet training fairly easily. It amazes me how quickly you figure out things, and how teachable you are. I hope you never lose your curiosity. We’ll have to work on weaning you off night diapers soon, and I hope it’ll go just as smoothly!

And then there are the everyday delights … like seeing your love for books, your eagerness to help us “cook” and “wash the dishes”, and hearing endearing stories about you from your infantcare/playgroup teachers. The way you giggle playfully, sing your made up songs, and be all drama queen or mimic us when we least expect it.

And to keep things real, the everyday struggles … like you being selective with food and not wanting to fall asleep early. Areas we still have to work on in our relationship with you.

Thank you for being so patient and forgiving with us as we learn how to be parents and better humans in general. Thank you for simply being you and for coming into our lives ❤

toilet training Watermelon @ 35 months

Toilet training Watermelon has been quite an exciting development/accomplishment for me, espesh since I was initially planning to do it next year after baby no. 2 arrives. It wasn’t until I read Jamie Glowacki’s “Oh Crap! Potty Training: Everything Modern Parents Need to Know to Do It Once and Do It Right” book (affiliate link) that I was convinced to start ASAP. According to her, the best window to potty train a kid is between 20-30 months. After 3, it gets “harder”. So counterintuitive to me because I thought the older the kid is, the easier she can understand. But Jamie explained that after 3, toddlers develop a stronger sense of self and may want to assert their individuality and thus resist your attempts to potty train them.

oh crap potty training cover

Read More

different december

When November ended, my energy levels were so low that even scrolling through Instagram tired me out. Lol. Not so much the physical act of scrolling of course, but the reading of emotionally charged posts that sapped out whatever little energy I had.

Thankfully I got better in December. At least I can still savour the last precious weeks of this pregnancy! Read More