wedding kraken x ninja groom: a photo story (part 2 of 3)

hello! bringing to you part 2 on the sanding; a continuation from part 1 on the nikah.

all photos by Fadly Salleh from An Analog Affair.

Saturday, 9 May 2015 (cont’d)


we start off this “chapter” with a nice photo of NG’s bunga manggar bearers. his mum made them, similar to what she made for NG’s sister. very nice right! 


meanwhile, i got changed in a classroom which we rented in addition to the MPH. we later turned it into a surau for guests. love love the thick beading on the songket. even if i managed to tailor my own songkets (i didn’t – you can read the story here) i wouldn’t have the budget to afford beading!


on the way back to my dais. but first, a selfie!


he’s heeere! i looove the look of anticipation mixed with fear on his face. from the start of wedding planning, he always tried to convince me to call off the hadang. no chance bruh! 


first up, my maternal relatives. the hulk hands and magnifying glass (which they used to check the envelopes lolol) are from my photobooth props. 


enter the most formidable barrier … the mother in law! this “gate” involved just the usual money exchange. NG’s tactic was to prepare lots of envelopes with $2. to his surprise, they didn’t ask him for more even after checking. they should have ketuk him more, man. ok just kidding.


next up is a gate by my paternal relatives. they made NG’s orang kuat play charades on my favourite things. to his credit, he guessed them right.


and then my chinese relatives gave him charades on martial arts stars. this is my uncle acting out Kungfu Panda. they were so impressed that NG guessed Wong Fei Hung correctly.

R+H389 copy

lastly, YES IT’S NOT OVER, my bridesmaids formed a barrier, where he had to sing a Malay love song. first his orang kuat helped to be back up singers for Belaian Jiwa. and then my very sharp bridesmaid asked him to sing alone.


so he did. i was very touched, because he would otherwise NEVER sing in public. 


here comes one of my favourite parts: silat pengantin by our close friend! mama kraken once commented that it would be so cool to get silat pengantin by a girl. so when K made it come true, i was super touched. i got strangely emotional watching her move — i almost teared. it was honestly a very lovely set :’) think she’s also trying to keep it in here.


a nice shot of the kompang guys singing at the end of the segment.


my bridesmaids also put up a ganda performance (i.e. choreographed sequence of them sparring) I floated this idea as a half joke but both were very sporting to take it on despite the short notice. so yes again I’m very touched by my friends. love love love!

this part of the programme got me stressed up, cos they were supposed to perform right after the kompang. but mama kraken wanted me to take photos with my Indonesian relatives who had to leave already. and once others saw them take the pelamin shot with us, they wanted to take theirs too. so i was worried (read: raging inside) that we were going to lose the audience. alhamdulillah everything was okay in the end. and thank you NG for reminding me to just relax and go with the flow. not cool for me to be frowning while on the pelamin yah.


after that it was group shots after group shots. it was really nice seeing friends and relatives!

R+H510us with our multi-tiered pulut cake, contributed by mama kraken’s friend. this was also one of the later additions in our wedding planning.


then we had a quick meal at our lovely meja pengantin. by this time, we kinda lost appetite though. so glad i squeezed in a meal after our nikah.


lastly, my speech. i wrote and memorised it the day before, with the help of my bridesmaid. i’m not very bilingual, so i’m proud that i managed a speech that was in both english and malay. in the months leading to the wedding, i always wondered what funny/touching story of NG and me to share in my speech. in the end i couldn’t think of anything, so the speech was just about giving thanks, 1-2 mushy lines to NG, tribute to my mum since it was Mothers Day weekend, and a public service announcement that we had prepared carnations for guests to give to their mums. this one was mama kraken’s idea less than 3 days before the wedding. i’m glad we chiong-ed to make it happen though!


i looove this photo of my niece looking up at us. the moment mama kraken saw it, she said “your number one fan”. i was depending on her for the cue to give my speech. when she ran to the stage to say the carnations were ready (and therefore you can speak now), i doubted her for a second. “she’s only 8 years old, can i trust her?” then i realised i was being silly and that of course i could. anyway girl was super super excited for me for my wedding… she was counting down in the weeks leading up to it. sigh. such a sweet soul that i’m so glad to have been added to my family ❤


before we left, we went around to salam everyone. a joke that continues to run today is how i kept leaving him behind. sorry lah, i forgot that i had a husband. haha. anyway, i’m really glad i went around all the tables to salam and greet guests. most of the makciks whom i frankly didn’t recognise looked touched/appreciative that i approached them regardless. they gave me well wishes, which made me feel warm inside. so i would recommend brides to squeeze this into your programmes if you can spare the time.


then we had an outdoor photoshoot before splitting up again to change into outfit 3.
M is for married! 

let me end this part with three fun facts…

fun fact 1: i topped up $300 and $200 for my Nurita Harith and Mimpikita outfits respectively. but in the end the songket, which cost no extras, was both our favourite. hee. i hope that bridal songkets never go out of trend. it’s really so lovely, and everyone looks great in it!

fun fact 2: i actually didn’t want any forfeits for the hadang. when planning the programme, i told my family to tell my relatives to just ask for money, no embarrassing forfeits for NG please! but i guess the message got lost. haha. one of my cousins assured me that the Top Secret Idea they had (charades) wouldn’t embarrass NG. oh yes, even my own bridesmaids rebelled against my wishes. though i must say hearing NG sing in public for me (me!) almost made me tear behind the fan. but heng i never.

fun fact 3: i was preeetty disappointed that our kompang guys did not do silat. we’re still not sure why. is it cos none of them knew how to? or they thought the one performance by K was enough? feel so shortchanged lor. probably the only vendor i didn’t quite like. (sorry NG!)

the photo story will be continued in part 3 on NG’s reception…


  1. Hanapurp · August 13, 2015

    I totally understand how u felt for funfact3. 😒 but nehmind.. da over and most importantly e wedding was a success. ☺ cant wait for part 3! 😆

    • the wedding kraken · August 13, 2015

      yeah alhamdulillah! it’s a tiny sore point but got so many other things to be thankful for. ok coming soon insyaAllah!

  2. undercoverbride · August 13, 2015

    Wee loving the entries!

  3. nrms_x · August 13, 2015

    Beautiful pictures!

  4. aimi · August 13, 2015

    so interesting.. keep it coming!

    • the wedding kraken · August 13, 2015

      hee glad you think so. insyaAllah will share on the last part! 😀 hope your wedding preps are going well

  5. msmagiclikethis · August 13, 2015

    hehe love your mum’s pose in the picture for hadang! and i love how you have a lady to silat for you. maybe the guys paiseh tak nak silat after your friend? macam gentleman gitu hahaha ok i make no sense. love your pictures la really! waiting for the next one hee

    • the wedding kraken · August 13, 2015

      haha ya quite cute eh! i had noooo idea what was going on. some more the mic had this awful echo so we couldn’t make out what my relatives and NG’s orang kuat were exchanging. and thaaanks… can’t wait to see yours when they’re ready! 😀

  6. myflairaffair · August 14, 2015

    Wooooo babe! Lovin the photos and loving your recommendation of going around to say thanks and greet the guests. I will consider putting that into my itinerary, for sho cause I think org org tua sukaa bende2 mcm ni….

    Thanks for th reminder!!

    • the wedding kraken · August 14, 2015

      hehe thank you thank you. yes I hope you will get to! my mum was happy I went around — she only found out thru pictures. ’twas really a warm and fuzzy feeling to get so many wishes from guests 🙂

  7. Farah · September 8, 2015


    Couldn’t find your email add, but could you drop me an email detailing ur experience/timeline with the bridal that you took? I am taking the same but I noticed the outfit selection is quite late. Wanted to ask her qns, but didn’t want to be overbearing. Thank you!

    • the wedding kraken · September 22, 2015

      hello babe! sorry late reply, I hadn’t been checking in a while. if I recall correctly, I selected my outfits less than 2 mths to my wedding. then I went back the Tuesday night before my wedding to try them on for the first time, because we cannot try the outfits during the selection.

      when you’re a BTB, 2 mths before the wedding does sound late espesh when we compare with other bridals. but actually it’s ok la. janji dapat choose before the wedding. the real bummer is not being able to try the baju during selection. I remember I had to scurry after the outfit fitting (3 days left to wedding!) to get a better body shaper so I can fit into my chosen dress better.

      have you gone for your selection apmt already? hope all will go smoothly for ya 🙂

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