Advice to Daughter-in-laws

At times we may feel that we know exactly what we are doing and most importantly we think that we are the best at it. That usually is not that case and as anything thing in life, we need to learn and improve ourselves. This is from the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (may Allah be pleased with him). Followed is some amazing advice for our sister who are getting married are already married by Moulana Abdul Hameed Ishaq.

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article: 8 things I wish I’d known as a newlywed

I’m usually quite skeptical of the lists and articles that sorta go viral on FB, but I must say that I loved this list of “8 things I wish I’d known as a newlywed”. it’s got lots of beautiful reminders of the reality of marriage. the only thing missing for me is making Islam the centre of our marriage. insyaAllah.

ninja groom and I discussed the article briefly and we both agreed to try make each other our priority (point 6: marriage is designed to be priority no 1). if I find myself forgetting this principle, I hope to remind myself by coming back to the article.

I try to balance my wedding kraken what-colours-should-the-feathers-in-my-corsages-be obsessions with some reflection of how to prepare for marriage. alhamdulilah so far the wedding planning process has been fun, though I sometimes hear a wet blanket-ish voice in my head telling me not to get too carried away with this one weekend. sigh.