just married!

hello assalamualaikum! alhamdulilah, really happy to share that our wedding went smoothly last weekend 🙂 🙂 I was really happy with the vendors I engaged — super love my mak andams (ishQ) and photographer (an analog affair), and was very happy that my decor (elly weddings) sought my feedback on fri night during the set up and worked to address the areas I wasn’t too keen on. my photobooth company (hello forever) — don’t say lah. they have one of the best pre-event customer service. on the wedding itself, I left them in the good hands of my brother and bridesmaids and sadly I couldn’t mingle with them much. 

our kadi (uztaz Ismail) put us at ease and was fast and breezy. I found out that my dad had actually wanted the kadi to represent him, but the kadi insisted for my dad to do it himself. since my kadi was 20 mins early, they took the chance to practise together. alhamdulilah, our marriage was sealed within the first lafaz … our friend even caught it on a 15s Instagram video! I was also so very impressed with my dad for his clear delivery despite the last minute preps + being on stage in front of so many people :’)

it’s taking a few days to sink in that I have a husband, to be honest. the wedding day passed by in a blur; I was just following the motions per my admin programme without it really registering that hey, I haz a husband now and that today my life has changed. at the end of the night when we dropped by ninja groom’s house, I remember thinking to myself that this isn’t NG’s house anymore, this is my in laws’ house. scary! I mean not scary scary but like… wow. we have new roles and responsibilities now.

oh yeah and NG’s reception was so gorgeous! for a groom who was all like, can we get married without a wedding, his decor was so pretty and splendid. in the months leading to the wedding, he tried to keep his concept a secret to me but I think he was also too excited and kinda revealed that he had put together a MOODBOARD with lots of PINK and WHITE. emphasis for all the parts that (pleasantly) surprised me back then hahahah. thought it was pretty brave of him to pick pink (but hey! it was LKY’s favourite colour) but yeaaah together with all the light bulbs and paper lanterns and rustic touches like typewriters and flowers in glass bottles, it was really so lovely lah. sampai my relatives asked my mum how come I didn’t pick those colours instead. thanks eh. 

ok so photos! here are some of my favourites that I stole from relatives, orang kuat and vendors. wanted to upload more but I don’t wanna kill my data plan heh. can’t wait for the official ones 🙂

us in our nikah outfits, with four out of five bridesmaids. love them all!

at the photo booth with our sanding outfit. super love my make up. ilah gave me a bronze-y look … never seen my skin and face structure look so good!

the groom’s pelamin as uploaded by his decor vendor, @kassimbabawedding. this photo don’t do justice cos it looks sweeter in the night, together with the lanterns and light bulbs and gorgeous cake table which was set up by his friends.

one of my favourite moments of the entire day: marching in together as husband and wife at NG’s reception. his guests/friends had crowded around and cheered. ’twas so nice cos can step celebrity for a second hahah.

and finally, a product of our late night outdoor shoot at the place where NG and I used to have teh tarik dates (until we went on that horrible pantang). it was not easy because everyone was so tired by then but again major love to NG’s orang kuat who really are kawan setia :’)

alhamdulilah for we are really blessed to have lovely family and friends help us for our wedding. till next update!

the temporarily difficult days (part 2 of 2)

this is a continuation to the temporarily difficult days (part 1 of 2).

arrival of bed

our queen-sized mattress and bed frame arrived separately on Fri. the night before, I asked my dad to help dismantle my old bed frame and then I slept on my old mattress on the floor. then on Fri morning, I left my old mattress outside our door and mama kraken got the town council peeps to help us move it and my bed frame downstairs.

getting the queen bed was a novel experience because I’ve had the same single bed frame since I was 7. so macam very bangga lah gitu dapat katil besar baru.

back to Fri night. my mum took out the luxe bedsheet set that she bought for me and together we fixed it onto the mattress. then, she asked me to take a photo of the bed and send it to NG. which I did, though inside my heart I was like “but huaaaat, huaaaai??” lepas tu! she made me keep the bedsheet and she lent me her king sized bedsheet to use in the meantime. chey! all that hard effort for a photo opportunity only.

the dark patch isn’t your eyes playing a trick on you, but the sealant booboo that i briefly mentioned in my post about the room makeover.

that night I slept with my tissue box on my bed… just cos I could. haha! cheap thrill. ok but anyway more on the tissue box later.

bilik pengantin

so then over the weekend, my dad helped to drill the new curtain rods onto the wall. sampai badan berpeluh semua :/ I felt really touched when I saw him so hard at work heh.

I also enlisted the help of my engineer brother to help assemble my Kallax with me because I didn’t trust myself to understand the instructions lolol. it turns out that you probably do need 2 people anyway.

we also got a Taiwanese neighbour-friend to help sew the kain which my mum had bought from Arab St into curtains for the backdrop. this neighbour was off for a flight that night so she gave us same day express service! alhamdulilah. though my mum realised one of them was done wrongly and she had to unpick and resew. ow! but all settled now.

mama kraken and her two friends then transformed my room on Mon. when I got back from work and entered my room I was kinda speechless. like wahhhhhhhh. wahhhhhhhh. wahhh is this for meeeee?? they had even hung my new window curtains and put on the pengantin bedsheet set! the bedsheet was so bling and regal :’)

in mama kraken’s usual style, I had to remove the bedsheet and change back to the king sized one that night. lol. but ok, not complaining!

here’s a sneak peek:

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ROMM interview + KL trip

yesss, I mean, alhamdulilah we settled our ROMM interview earlier on Tuesday. I was going to take leave anyway so I could enjoy a longer break from work this New Year week, and my dad agreed to take afternoon leave too so that we could get the interview out of the way.

the night before our interview, ninja groom asked me a question that left me a little stumped: he asked if my mama kraken was coming. I was like, ah? it didn’t cross my mind to bring her along haha. to me this ROMM interview is just an admin/statutory process so no need ah. choosing and booking our kadi was way bigger a milestone for me.

in the end, my kpo 7 year old niece came along though.

I knew much earlier that I wouldn’t be the kind to be at the ROMM doorstep at 8.30am sharp. I’m not that much of a morning person, I guess.

the plan was to reach ROMM at 2pm ish but we ended up reaching at 2.50pm, hee! to prepare myself, I read ex-BTB posts so I would know what to do and expect. based on dellaire’s advice to go straight to the counter instead of ticketing machine, I rushed into the office the moment the glass doors parted. I was like doing an emergency scan – TICKETING MACHINE! NO! COUNTER! YES TO THE COUNTER! – and rushed (actually it’s a few short steps away only la hahah) there. but all that for naught. the counter lady was attending to another man so I still had to wait and there was no other Muslim couple who arrived same time as us, so really, I was only competing with my inner kraken at most. tetiaow.

there were two couples ahead of us but alhamdulilah, our timing was swee cos the first couple was already at the interview room stage and the second couple was already at the data verification stage. anyway not much comments on the entire process, it’s everything as others have described it to be. the kadi who interviewed us was Uztaz Karim Ahmad, a kind and gentle man.

i found the process not scary at all. We Nak Kahwin was totally right in saying the queue number bell in the waiting was really loud and startling though! haha.

later ninja groom and I teased my niece by telling her that the counter lady had asked us who the little girl was and what happened to her (missing) front teeth. lol.

after we were done with the interviews, we took a quick pic at the two hearts, with halal distance no less. in front of daddykins and my 7 year old niece mah! must reflect well you know :p

two bits of info which I think might be useful to note:

1. a $100 fee is payable to the kadi on the actual day, for his transport and services.

2. changes to the booking details can be made at $15 per transaction, and can be made online up to two weeks before your wedding date. any changes later than that (e.g. witnesses cannot attend due to unforeseen circumstances) have to be made manually i.e. we gotta go down to ROMM again.

actually no 1 contradicts a bit with our friend’s account of how he had to help fetch the kadi for his brother’s or was it his cousin’s nikah. so all along ninja groom and I have had the impression that there should be a designated driver to help fetch our kadi from his prior appointment. I double checked with the counter lady who said no need, the kadi will make his own way, that is what the $100 is for. so we were like ooh, okay!

we were in and out of ROMM within half an hour. wasted our carpark coupon only cos we had put for 1h!

quick update on KL trip – vendeur festival

ok jump topic sikit.

remember how I vowed about staying away from fuzana mokhtaza’s IG? well I totally lied because I checked it again (and again) and found out that she was participating in the vendeur festival at the KL matrade (our singapore expo, senang kata) over the 27-28 Dec weekend.

I was planning to go anyway, after seeing that TudungPeople and ShawlbyVSnow were also participating. cuma sayang that this year CalaQisya wasn’t there. if my memory serves me right, they had participated in last year’s festival which was held at a different location. there was a massive human jam, and the CQ owners were bingit/worried about safety, so they decided to sit out of this year’s. a waste, because this year’s looked like it was better organised! they had 3 halls, with the typical booth frames that we see at expos. the crowd size was not too big, too.

so anyway, FM posted that some of her RTW engagement/bridal pieces would be on sale! me being gatal, wanted to check it out to see if I still stood some chance lah.


@fuzanamokhtaza: We’re pleased to announce that we will bring out our #FuzanaMokhtazaBridal collection at Vendeur Festival 3.0 this 27 & 28th December 2014! **Limited pieces available (suitable for engagement, aqad nikah & wedding reception) with a very good discounts! 

I went on Sunday (ie second day), and unfortch only 2-3 pieces were left. nothing that caught my fancy. plus one of them was going for RM1,500 so I was like *gulp* there were also Hari Raya-ish outfits for sale. there was a gorgeous turquoise songket, like really really gorgeous, buuuut so sad that it wasn’t my size!

it felt like I went crazy shopping but actually my haul was ok ok aje lah. among the things I bought was a jubah with the embellished sleeves — which is all the rage among Malaysian blog shops these days — and also another jubah with a heavily sequinned panel. would have bought more dresses but I tried to hold myself back and ask if I could reaaally see myself wear these pieces. a change from my usual careless beli, beli, beli aje shopping style.

funny thing was that my mum told me to better buy lots of nice clothes because “once you dah kahwin, you pergi kerja kena ada seri sikit” and how “bila you dah bersuami, you kena tunggu untuk dia sebelum you boleh jalan2 gi KL”. I was like oof, reality. technically ninja groom doesn’t work office hours because he’s a financial planner so his schedule is more flexible, but ok lah can’t say. if business is flourishing then his weekends and public holidays could be busier too. insyaAllah.

then my friend and I had some trouble getting out of the place. i thought we could maybe take a bus to LRT (what the website said!) or hail a cab, but the info counter staff told us that it would be a far walk to the bus stop and main road. so we asked if they could help us call a cab but they said they didn’t know the taxi booking number. then I asked if they could help google for it, but they said inside the building got poor internet connection. kaoz! not very helpful yah. one girl even asked me to call a friend to help google for the taxi booking number. I was like kita takde kawan kat sini. she said ah, awak dari mana? dari singapore. ohhh dari singapore… (silence). another girl tried to help check online on her phone but gave up after she couldn’t connect. they also recommended that we use MyTeksi (their versh of GrabTaxi) but we didn’t want to spend on data plans just for this yo. finally someone suggested that we call the operator and ask to be transferred to a taxi booking line.

later on one of the guys turned out to be quite sweet though. he was having a smoke outside and jumped up when he saw us leaving to ask if we had figured it out already. he had downloaded the MyTeksi app for us but he didn’t know how to use it. neither did we. we looked up and saw a cab within the carpark and said we would try our luck there instead. lucky indeedy we were, because we totally hijacked a cab which already had two girls inside. haha!

so we saw the cab approaching and flagged it desperately. the taxi driver rolled down his window to say I dunno what – wasn’t really paying attention. immediately I blurted “bang boleh tumpang??? kita nak pergi masjid India.” he said ok and wahhh me and my friend, like lightning speed, jumped into the cab sia hahah. thankful for Malaysian culture that makes it somewhat okay to do this :p when ninja groom heard my story he was like “bagus eh korang?” eh, mesti ah, desperate bro!

so that’s the KL story lah. apart from tailoring the tanjak, I didn’t get any wedding-related stuff done. my mum had initially wanted to buy the silver/gold terima kasih kind of stickers but I wasn’t too keen. I also didn’t send any raya clothes for tailoring this time cos insyaAllah I plan to get Upik to sew one and then buy a matchy2 RTW one with ninja groom next year. next time if I’m in KL and there’s another major blogshop fest, I would love to go again because the selection was pretty good! we easily spent our whole afternoon there. but next time will have a taxi driver’s number in hand ah.

bridal briefs and visiting the zen garden

I hereby ban myself from @fuzanamokhtaza‘s Instagram. cos there’s only so much eye candy I can take… all those pics of pretty lace and beads makes me geram!

now that we are less than 5 months away, the wedding interest is coming back. you know it’s like in the beginning you’re really semangat because you’re researching and comparing and booking vendors and talking about weddings 24/7 etc, and then the interest wanes in the middle because there’s nothing much to do once the major vendors are secured… and now that it’s time to slowly firm up details, the interest is starting up again. in other words, the kraken is slowly awakening. also coming back is my wedding nafs… and by that I mean the daydreaming about wedding details and subsequently feeling the desire to splurge! hee.

so back to Fuzana Mokhtaza, I contacted her team to ask for customisation rates. an evening dress is out of the question because I’m already tailoring my songket and I’m getting a 2-outfit package from my bridal, so the bills will be too high if I add on a designer dress. a custom baju kurung starts from RM 550 which is not too bad I thought… but at a time when I’m digging for money to pump into my more-expensive-than-expected honeymoon, I have decided to forego it. I also asked mama kraken for her opinion, and she affirmed that yah no need to get another tailor made baju lah. a sensible decision but I’m feeling sad nonetheless 😦 I super love FM’s finishing but ok ok there’s still honeymoon and reno and home furnishing. big picture, big picture. (don’t mind my inner pep talk)

importance of having a bridal brief

I was thinking about two bride-friends who were made up by the same MUA. bride A is of Indian descent. unsure whether the usual “Melayu” make up would suit her, she went out to find sample pics of looks that she liked and showed them to the mak andam. the results: bride A looked great! her make up accentuated her deep set eyes and strong features, and the choice of colours complimented her skin tone, just like in the pics that she had shown.

bride B is a chillax bride who was easy going on her vendors, including her mak andam. she left it all up to her mak andam to make her look pretty and decide what look would go best with all of her chosen outfits. the results: bride B looked good but I felt that the mak andam could have been pushed to do something more wowzers. cos she is definitely talented.

I thought about it and wondered whether it’s better to give vendors a bit more direction. maybe when clients don’t give enough directions, vendors are left to second guess on what they think the clients want. like in this case I wondered whether bride A’s sample pics had given the mak andam something to work towards, whereas for bride B she didn’t really have a clearly defined objective. “make me look pretty” is as general as it gets. even though vendors are supposed to be the experts, some scope could help them focus on giving us their best.

the kraken’s brief

so I stalked my bridal’s FB in an attempt to put together my brief. but then I realised that they generally have a standard tried-and-tested formula which works, so macam waste effort aje nak buat brief! but since dah buat pun, I’ll just share them here.

nikah – natural and dewy


(pics from IshQ by Nora Zee FB)

ah, the classic natural, glowy, dewy nikah look from ishQ. super tried and tested but perfectly fine with me… can’t wait!



(pics from IshQ by Nora Zee FB)

ok this moodboard is a bit of a fail because…everyone looks different! lulz. obviously I can’t make up my mind. I love the strong eyes of top left, the sweet natural look that is not commonly seen with songkets for bottom left, and the sweetness and freshness of bottom right. so I conclude that maybe I’ll show her top right cos it’s almost sorta like a combi of all the traits that I like.

generally I find that songket outfits tend to be a highlight on their own which is maybe why I’ve never really noticed make up styles and / or thought about what look I want to go with mine.

evening look


(pics from IshQ by Nora Zee FB and PopSugar)

most exciting of all three looks. just to clarify that I didn’t put Taylor Swift’s pic to troll ok! but cos I super love the red lipstick look. I googled for “Taylor Swift red lipstick” and there were so many nice images so I just picked this one. but you get the gist. as someone who’s always mistaken for looking younger (maybe at some point it will be a blessing, but most parts it’s been…annoying?) I hope that ishQ can make me look like a…WOMAN. kan, kena caps semua.

embracing the truth…of repeated outfits

I was whining to a fellow BTB for the umpteenth time about the repeated outfits…especially the pink kurung…when I decided that you know what. I should just be zen about it and accept it. cos there’s nothing much I can do about it unless I customise another outfit. but at a time when the kraken is waking up again, I can think of 374,859 competing uses for the moolah, so nahhh. be a good repeated outfit wearer I shall be. insyaAllah.

if I could replan my bridal, I would definitely do it differently. I would do it in such a way that I still have some budget to customise an outfit with a Malaysian designer. alas, it’s too late for that now, so swim on we shall. looking forward to my outfit selection appointment, whenever that will be!

search for a henna artist

lately, i’ve been looking for a henna artist. henna and i go a long way back. i remember being super intrigued by it in K2, and then excited when i got to try it in P2. but when it came to wedding planning, i was kinda half-hearted about it. i considered just going old skool and getting finger caps done, with a circle on each of my palm. lulz. then ingat want to improvise and do a heart shape instead.

buuut all the exposure to BTB blogs and some of the henna artists on IG got me influenced :p my first choice would be @ekasya. i read her interview on The Shawl Label and thought she seemed so lovely. the only problem is that she’s not open for 2015 bookings yet. although henna isn’t make or break and can probably wait, i don’t reaaally want to put this off for later when i can settle it now and get it out of the way.

which turns out to be a good idea, cos when I enquired with @isabella_heaven_henna, whose work I also love, she didn’t have any good slots left! the last was Fri 5pm, which mama kraken thinks isn’t a good idea cos “our house might be crowded”. even if that isn’t true, I’m thinking I probably want to kpo at my venue to see that the decor and set up are ok, in true bridezilla fashion.

so I went on to enquire with other artists. back in Jan when a gf got married, I took down the number of the freelance henna artist she got. the girl is her sister’s ex-student. she was pretty good… she made me realise that as long as your henna artist is good at copying down a design (which I’m sure most are, since they have to replicate designs for the left hand and right hand anyway), you just need to show her a good design (ahem, from IG) and it’ll turn out fine :p but I guess the real key differentiators are what kind of henna stains the artist uses, and the original designs that she has in her repertoire.

anyways I dropped her a message which she replied cheerily, but I was kinda disappointed when she didn’t stick to her promises to follow up by XX pm and show me her rates and sample designs 😦 she said she was busy with projects but still, you shouldn’t promise something you can’t deliver yah. I dunno if it’s cos she’s still young (still in poly I think) and thinks that she can say anything she wants and that the world will be forgiving and laugh off what you told them. maybe 10 years ago I might have had the same mindset.

AND THEN! I suddenly felt tergerak to double check with isabella_heaven_henna if she’s got Wed night slots…and the answer is yes! woohoo. cos anyway the plan is do a majlis khatam Quran on the Thu night so I can’t do my malam berinai then. (although I’m very behind my reading progress, whoops) the catch is that Wed is too early for a Sat morning nikah, so I have to leave the inai on overnight. by then I would probably have already gotten my new mattress so it’s going to be sliiightly tricky, but I told her I can live with it. anyway, no other choice pun, unless I want to render myself immobile during daytime. so yay, settled then! tak sempat pun nak compare with quotations by the other artists I approached.

below are two of my favourite recent designs from her. I’ve always like mandala designs but never had one henna-ed, and the leaf designs are pretty refreshing! 🙂



(photos from @isabella_heaven_henna)


list of henna artist IG-ers

below is a list of some henna artists to get a BTB started, courtesy of the NZSZ 🙂 you can also read her entry on her henna hunt.

  1. isabella_heaven_henna
  2. zahrabridalhenna
  3. hennabytazkaurb
  4. mysecretcharm
  5. nittrahennadefinition
  6. hennabella
  7. dshaidahcreations
  8. ekasya
  9. zubhahenna
  10. ellyartwork
  11. rosannecreation
  12. adornedsg (aka hennabyameerahs)
  13. qfcreation

bridal packages: the one thing I wish I had known…

hola! after our wedding got changed to a one day plan, I contacted ishQ to update them and try to sort out the new packages. unfortch kak nora thought my questions on packaging and pricing were complicated so I decided to slash my hopes of tailoring two baju + wearing one of hers, and instead just tailor one baju + wear two of hers. also cos when I booked her back in Feb 2014, I had signed up for a two outfit package. so I guess I’ll just stick to it 😦

I’m also thinking of getting my makeup reapplied from scratch before ninja groom’s evening reception, but I didn’t manage to confirm how much that would cost. will just sort this out nearer to May 2015 then. for now, my bridal budget includes money for these extras so I won’t feel any pinches later. I just hope that ishQ will be flexible and understanding when it comes to amending details of my package. shrug.

songkets shmongkets

so the next problem is that my tailor is holding on to my blue kain songket, which I realised I liked less than my red kain songket. when we were buying the kain, mama kraken and ninja groom both commented the shade of red is kinda different. plus it’s a songket tabuh which the sales kakak said isn’t common in singapore. (is this true? idk)

unfortch my tailor has even completed ninja groom’s baju, heh. I would prefer to wear the red songket but now that he’s halfway done with the blue one, I don’t know whether to just try to salvage the situation by passing him the red songket at the next opportunity (he’s in Bandung, but I have a cousin who travels there somewhat often) or just… settle on wearing the blue songket. haiz. I’ve discussed this with mama kraken but maybe I should just take over the comms with the tailor rather than expect my mum to help me do it. this is probably the least of her priorities.

and then also there’s the question of what’s going to happen to the extra kain… urgh. I’m reminded again about how I should NOT have been greedy / indecisive to have bought two colours and just stuck to one 😦 kan senang. although if I had done that, I probably would have signed up for a 3 package outfit with ishQ back in Feb… so ok lah, seems like I would have lost out one way or the other.

perhaps a lesson to newer BTBs is to sign up for the lowest bridal package when you first book, cos it’s always easier to upgrade than downgrade. the most important thing is to secure the MUA’s commitment on your wedding date. all these nitty gritty like how many outfits, designer outfits, accessories, extra hours, re-application of makeup can be settled later. howells, if only I had had the foresight! 😦 don’t repeat my mistake k.

on a happier note

pleased to report that ninja groom has gone ahead of me to draw up his invitation list — all 217 of them. plus ones included. assuming I got the number right lah. from the start, my interest in our wedding is like 100x of his, so when he shows some sliver of enthusiasm on wedding stuff, this kraken feels a burst of fireworks inside her heart. makes me feel like I’m not the only one between the two of us to get married, y’know?

big change!

so, God answered ninja groom’s prayers cos recently, his mum relented to having a smaller scale wedding. they are most likely downsizing from say, 1000 pax to 400-500 pax. needless to say, member happy giler ah.

the boy who previously wasn’t particularly keen on wedding planning is now a tad more semangat. applause.

another change is that his reception will be moved from Sun, 10 May to Sat, 9 May evening. that’s a big deal uolls. cos it means that the 2-day wedding affair i will now be 1-day. which means that my friend’s wedding itinerary which I was so going to happily copy is now irrelevant. *insert dramatic tears* on a more serious note, it also means that both my photographer and mak andam will have to work longer hours at one shot BUT can book another couple on 10 May. (rejoice!)

i’ll have to plan my own 1-day itinerary (i can roughly guess how it goes) and as much as possible I’ll try give them a break in the middle cos it’s gonna be a hella tiring day! not that 2-day weddings are any less tiring, but maybe the night sleep helps?

anyways if anyone has any suggestions on such 3-in-1, 10am to 10pm wedding programmes, do share! thank you in advance 🙂

both ninja room and I are machiam back to the early stage of wedding planning: waiting for vendors to (ever so slowly — by our standards) confirm the change in schedules. WARGH! my least fevret part, really.

the songket plan has to change

no relationship is perfect, and that includes the one with our KL tailor. sigh. mama kraken hasn’t been too impressed with the way our tailor has been handling our hari raya orders (which we sent way back in feb!) so she’s like “dah lah, tak nak hantar baju kat dier lagi.” and this includes my second songket which i was planning to make a kebaya pahang…!

here’s what i think my options are:

1) send both baju to upik

pros: more mileage out of my air ticket to bandung, so to speak. also he tailors men’s baju too, whereas our KL tailor doesn’t. so we would have had to send ninja groom’s songket to a different tailor, which would be more coordination.

cons: upik sometimes mixes up measurements too, eeps. also once mama kraken mentioned that if i want kebaya pahang, i should approach a malaysian tailor cos they would know the pattern best.

2) sell one kain songket i.e. tailor only one baju, then take another outfit with bridal co

pros: will be easier and cheaper, plus ishQ does have some nice songkets.

cons: mana nak jual, and siapa nak beli? and i guess with renting songkets, there’s no being creative in customising the cut i want.

so how now brown cow?

mama kraken is leaning towards option 1), but let’s see how. am thinking of maybe cutting my losses and going with 2), and then learning my lesson on not being greedy and just picking one colour. and also because i recently looked at the blue songket i bought, put it against my face and thought… what the hell was i thinking??

but anyways, here’s some songket outfits that i found + love. the first 3 pics were cut out from the May issues of either inspirasi perkahwinan or pesona pengantin — unfortch i don’t remember! and the rest are from ishQ by nora zee’s FB. i would stalk other bridal co’s songkets too but i think i should save myself from potential heartache and dissonance 🙂

royal blue songket kebaya pahang wow i super love the cutting and the beadwork, espesh along the hems. not a fan of the collar though!

blue songket with nice beadwork thought the beadwork one this one was pretty damn luxurious… looks like they were painstakingly handsewn on! 😮 sometimes i think the advantage bridal cos have is that they can invest in the workmanship, whereas it’s less justifiable for me to spend so much on the embellishments without the guarantee i can get returns on my investment 😦

songket terengganu dress

wahhh… this is a first. haven’t seen any local bridal companies using songket terengganu (though it’s also not like i have been observing songket pengantin trends for long) well it’s too late for me since i already bought my songkets, but still thought it’s worth clipping 🙂

ishQ gold green songket ishQ gold green songket outfit  oh WOW what can i say… my love for this colour combi reaches into the deep parts of my heart. haha ok i exaggerate but really. WOW. WAU. WOW. the person who put this outfit together was so full of smart and flair. i like.

ishQ emerald green songket

once in KL we saw this gorgeous emerald green songket kebaya pahang on display. it’s been on my mind ever since. so this outfit reminds me of that. love the train though i don’t trust myself to walk with them (i often miss a step while walking normally. in flats.)

oh ya this pic is by azfian anuar photography. met him before at a neighbour’s wedding, nice guy 🙂

ishQ dark blue songket kebayadark blue songkets seem to be popular but i can see why. maybe they suit asian skintones well, i dunno.  love this too, but also cos it doesn’t have the traditional belt, which i think i can’t pull off. just my gut feeling.

tailoring my own songkets: part 2

heads up to fellow BTBs who plan to tailor your own outfits — figuring out bridal packages could be one messy affair.

veteran bridal houses like fatimah mohsin makes the calculations less complicated… they simply charge a premium on top of their packages for each of your own outfits you wear. easy to understand, but feels expensive.

with versari ade and ishQ, it’s less straightforward, but still workable. you pick your basic package based on the outfits you need to rent, and then you top up roughly $150 to borrow their accessories (unless you intend to buy your own costume jewellery to match your outfits), and then you also top up for extra hours if needed.

the rep for VA was very patient with me as we tried to work out the details. my situation is more complicated because insyaAllah my wedding will be a two day event (sat: nikah and bride’s reception, sun: groom’s reception). if I recall correctly, VA has a policy where you can’t get mak andam services alone. meaning to say that I would need to rent at least one outfit from them for Saturday and Sunday each, in order to get their mak andam. because I want to tailor two songkets, this means that I would need to have 4 outfits: nikah, Sat sanding, Sun sanding 1, Sun sanding 2.

not that’s it’s a bad situation, just that initially I was considering just having 3 outfits.

back to the VA rep, we based our calculations on a 2-outfit package, then added two sets of accessories rental, and extra hours because my 2-day reception is definitely longer than what they provide in their package. with ishQ, it was a similar “formula” / pricing structure. and in both cases, it seemed like I only had to pay extra $100-$200 to rent a fifth outfit, by opting for the 3-outfit package instead and adding the extra accessories (no need to top up as many hours).

but kak nora said 1 sanding outfit after my nikah is just nice so that we don’t have to rush so much. so 4 outfits it is.


all in all, my bridal package combined with expected tailoring costs is higher than I initially budgeted. especially if i’m going to be mentel and top up for a designer outfit with ishQ (helloooo syomir izwa). I suppose one way to make tailoring your own outfits more budget-friendly is to hire a freelance make up artist instead. hopefully one who has accessories, else you’d have to buy your own or do without, if you don’t mind.

the other strategy, which I’m striving for, is to sell the outfits to a mak andam/bridal house after my wedding, to help recover costs. this one is a risk though, I’m not sure how easy or difficult it will be. and already it influences the type of baju I will tailor e.g. I ruled out tailoring a maxi dress cos it’s less versatile once it’s customised to my measurements, and I’m still mulling over lined sleeves as I plan to use lace. lined sleeves would be convenient for me, but could have less resale value because it’s less versatile, i dunno.

*insert hoobastank song And The Reason is Youuu…*

despite the higher costs and effort that will go into tailoring my own outfits, I’m still going ahead because I thought it would be a fun thing to do with my mum. we’ve been tailoring our baju raya-s, so this would be taking it to a new level. I just hope Nov-Dec 2014 will be manageable insyaAllah, cos it’s gonna be crunch time. invitation cards designing and printing for me, berkat hunting for her, tailoring baju for us. ganbatte!

now we rilek aje.

tailoring my own songkets: part 1

there are many reasons why a bride would consider tailoring her own outfits — exclusivity, can wear again, “hygienic” — but saving money shouldn’t be one of them. at least not from my budget forecasting (cheh cheem word)!

insyaAllah, my mum and I will be tailoring two songket outfits. if that sounds absurd to you, don’t worry, sometimes it sounds absurd to me too. why two? it was a classic situation of not being able to choose between two colours, so we bought both instead. zzz. and why songkets and not the modern baju kurung for nikah and then hari raya? I also dunno. tapi dah beli kain. so follow through we shall.

the two tailors that we plan to engage are (i) Cik Zai, our regular tailor since 1998 who’s based in KL and (ii) Upik, a tailor my mum discovered in recent years. Cik Zai is pretty good with the classic baju kurung, mini kurung, kebaya kinda stuff. and her beadwork is pretty awesome. Upik’s niche is more of the ambitious + imaginative modern baju kurung. he did my hari raya outfits last year and I gotta say his kain-s are damn awesome. he uses soft soft materials and sews them into panels or pleats such that when I walk, my kain-s dance. they bellow out. super love them. they deserve an instavideo, which I should go and make one day 😉 kalau sanggup.

here’s the plan

feb 2014 – already went to KL to buy two sets of kain songket. we got one songket tabuh (ie flowers far apart from each other) and songket non-tabuh ok I forget the name (ie small flowers which are very close to each other) each set has enough cloth for the bride, groom, tanjak, and selendang. my two sets cost me S$250, from Mina Enterprises at G5 Plaza City One, Jalan Munshi Abdullah, 50100 Kuala Lumpur (Masjid India area).

apr 2014 – Upik was in Singapore for one day over the weekend, so he took both ninja groom’s and my measurements. in my broken bahasa I cautioned him not to sew yet in case one year later our measurements are different. er, hopefully smaller than now but I’m not sure what’s the chances!

dec 2014 part 1 – go to Bandung with my mum to meet Upik again to ukur badan lagi. and maybe shop for the lace that will go with the songket. and maybe also tailor outfits for my first kakak-dah-kahwin hari raya in 2015 hehe.

dec 2014 part 2 – drive up to KL with my mum and ninja groom (actually he would do the driving not me :D) to make his baju at the shop we bought the kain from because it’s cheaper, and meet Cik Zai to finalise my design and order mine.

both tailors should be able to mail out the baju, though for Cik Zai i could easily do a weekend trip to collect my baju.

outfit inspirations

here’s my bridal baju moodboard thus far. pardon the photo quality – they’re photos of photos, plus some mobile phone filter to salvage them. usually i take more pride in my photo quality, promise.

my mum is going to KL during the Vesak Day holiday, so I’ve pesan for some bridal magazines so that I can cut out more pics like the obsessive wedding kraken that I am. no offence to Singapore’s majalah perkahwinan, but the recent issue we bought had nothing pls!

Processed with VSCOcam with m6 preset

what struck me most about her baju was the colour… so simple and sweet!

Processed with VSCOcam with t2 presetahhh so classy, loving this one. cream makes such a nice baju colour. if you study the pic closer, it’s a mini kurung (instead of a one-piece dress) if i’m not wrong

pinklacesongketleft: quite like the lace on songket, though my mum thinks this fesyen is relatively old already

right: well, you can see my own notes, but yep the lilac is super sweet though not liking the sibuk stuff on her shoulder! 
Processed with VSCOcam with t2 preset

love the flowy kain for this one – again, something Upik could totally do 

Processed with VSCOcam with k3 preset

a kebaya pahang. but somehow not liking this one much. maybe it’s the half hearted train, or the step-fancy neckline…


and finally, handstamped dividers for my inspiration file, hee

ok that’s it for now. time-permitting, I’ll write another entry on how tailoring your own outfits could affect your bridal packages (read: price) and share why I’m still going ahead with this despite the kaching! insyaAllah 🙂