Watermelon’s transition to N1 next year

This month we sorted out Watermelon’s transition to N1 for next year by confirming our interest to continue with the centre and attending the orientation session. At her centre, N1 onwards come under a different management and group of teachers, so it feels new-ish to us even though her uniform will be the same.

Here’s the thing — I’m having a lot of reservations about her going to N1 at her centre. Partly because I’ve developed a somewhat negative perception of the school from the (admittedly, few) times I walk past the classrooms at the void deck and happen to hear the teachers scolding the children. In those moments I feel so kesian for the kids. I know lah, it’s not easy handling a group of 3,4,5,6 year olds with some kids testing boundaries more than others, but I can’t help myself feeling this way. I also know there are many times where I’ve walked past and the classrooms sound good and peaceful, but my brain keeps replaying the bad scenes. Read More