umrah with baby

alhamdulillah, we fulfilled our intention to perform umrah with NG’s parents and Watermelon earlier this month.

i was anxious about what the experience with Watermelon was going to be like, but now that it’s over, i realise i need not have worried so much. alhamdulillah with God’s grace she was easy on us. save for a handful of cranky episodes, she was generally cheerful and slept well. bringing her to the mosque for congregational prayers was not too difficult — though Baby Bites (biscuits) quickly became the standard bribe 🤣

she had plenty of fans (“mashallah mashallah!”) and received a lot of kisses and sweets from strangers. the kisses, i mentally prepared myself that they might happen. so i made plenty of doa that Allah swt protects her from illnesses 😬 the sweet treats, i sacrificed myself and ate them on her behalf. you’re very welcome, Watermelon! mmyum.

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New Zealand highlights

hello! alhamdulillah we came back from NZ safe and sound last week. 🙂 it was a good, good trip with NG’s school friends, so here are some highlights and photos of our 12-day adventure.

Skydiving in Queenstown

ok hands down the wildest thing I’ve done. considering that I’m not an adrenaline junkie, I generally avoid rollercoasters or jumping into water, and I get scared of my own shadow sometimes. whoops. in the weeks leading up to the trip, I tried to convince myself that the few seconds of free fall is only a fraction of a painful plank exercise. I had so much fear going into it.

in hindsight, it wasn’t too too scary. apparently bungee jumping is scarier. we went with Skydive Paradise, whose base is in Glenorchy. they use a small plane which fits in 2-3 pairs at a time. this is good coz we basically sat at the edge of the plane when we reached 12,000 ft and our instructors were the ones who did the dirty job of letting go. some people I know took bigger planes, and one friend said he had to be the one jumping. eeek! I would probably be standing there forever.

anyhoos it went by super quickly, and I walked away feeling more pening than high from the adrenaline rush. hur.

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wedding kraken x ninja groom: a photo story (part 3 of 3)

woo, so here we are, at part 3 on NG’s reception. this is a continuation from part 1 on the nikah and part 2 on the sanding.

all photos by Fadly Salleh from An Analog Affair. 

Saturday, 9 May 2015 (cont’d)

R+H656 copy

let’s start with some yummy details. for those of you who gila-kan typewriters for wedding decor, you may look for Kassim Baba Weddings to fulfill your desire.

R+H649 copy

his gorgeous pelamin


Choo Choo Churros. sadly we didn’t get to visit their stall, though they served for us a special plate. NG says one of his regrets is not taking time to soak in the atmosphere of his reception, and not checking out the buffet line. i regret it too. 


ah but here’s a nice pic of the ambience. super love the pastel drapes and liiights. kinda reminds me of this earlier photo i posted. Read More

wedding kraken x ninja groom: a photo story (part 2 of 3)

hello! bringing to you part 2 on the sanding; a continuation from part 1 on the nikah.

all photos by Fadly Salleh from An Analog Affair.

Saturday, 9 May 2015 (cont’d)


we start off this “chapter” with a nice photo of NG’s bunga manggar bearers. his mum made them, similar to what she made for NG’s sister. very nice right! 


meanwhile, i got changed in a classroom which we rented in addition to the MPH. we later turned it into a surau for guests. love love the thick beading on the songket. even if i managed to tailor my own songkets (i didn’t – you can read the story here) i wouldn’t have the budget to afford beading! Read More

wedding kraken x ninja groom: a photo story (part 1 of 3)

ahhhh laptop time!!! i used to sit in front of my laptop a lot, just surfing the net and wasting time away. then earlier this year my laptop’s wireless card died. a few months later i got married, which meant that there are even more competing uses for my time. so it’s been a while since i get to sit here and update my blog proper.

i’ve been meaning to share some wedding pics, but i thought i would get my priorities right. i made sure to reply my photographer on the proposed coffee table album layout before choosing which pics get to make it here… so here goes!

all photographs by Fadly Salleh from An Analog Affair.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

we start off with a shot my Ikea Kallax shelf and wedding shoes that I got off Carousell. on it are my two bouquets: left by nora zee and right is the DIY peony bouquet that my neighbour did.

around 4 plus that morning, a bridesmaid messaged the group to say that she was sick. i remember lying awake on my bed, sighing to myself. and then another whammy: another bridesmaid said that she worked late the night before and didn’t think she could reach my place by 7+ am, as earlier planned. “i will reach ur place at 9am tmr” “is it possible for you to aim for 8.30am instead? think it’ll be safer…” (me being a bridezilla)

i don’t remember exactly what i prayed for that morning. could have been for everything to go smoothly, or for strength to take everything in my stride, or both.

luckily for me, that was the only scare that day. sick bridesmaid managed to turn up, too 🙂 alhamdulillah for friends who overcome difficulties for you.

my mak andam arrived at 7+, and we got started on my make up. oh yeah before that i was quickly stuffing my face with breakfast so that i wouldn’t starve to death that morning. the make up process was faster than expected, and i really didn’t enjoy the part where she had to draw underneath my eyelids. ow! Read More