what’s going on

feels like I haven’t had much to blog about, short of updating about the mundane stuff like what I feed Watermelon for dinner (not much), how many teeth she has (zero) and if she can walk (no, not yet).

the most exciting update is probably our plans to perform umrah soon-ish, InsyaAllah. the plan is for three of us plus my MIL and FIL to go in mid-January. we chose an off-peak period since none of us are tied to school holidays. omigosh please help to pray that Allah swt will ease our affairs! my biggest worry is how Watermelon will behave when I’m joining the congregational prayers. as cute and pouty as she is, she can be clingy/insecure when she doesn’t have her hand on any part of my body so … good luck to us girrrl. other things I’m worried about are whether we can keep her sufficiently warm in the cool temperature, and how she is going to behave on the plane and on the long bus rides 😔

if anybody has tips on performing umrah with a 1 yo baby, please share! 😘

we went to KL late last month, for a super short 2d 2n trip with friends. 9mo Watermelon on a plane ride is much different from her 4mo self when we went to Krabi. this time she didn’t want to sleep and instead was very interested in the various flyers in the seat pocket, including the bak kut teh ad at the back of the magazine. astaghfirullah sis, mengucap! anyway, luckily it was just a 45 min flight but I already dread our next flight…

because we had limited time in KL, we planned a super packed programme on our full day there. it was so long that Watermelon got maaaad cranky at the end of it. even all that babywearing couldn’t save her. I learnt that babies will always need a safe and quiet place to retreat to. there’s a limit to how long you can bring them out for, even if you keep them close to you in a carrier.

what else… ooh, Aunt Flo appeared in my life again! at about 10 months post partum, not bad huh. what this means is baby number two, here we come!!! ok, ok, I kid. hold on, let me scoop NG’s heart from the floor and put it back inside him. I mean, I would really love a number two (and three! and four! cue major 7.0 on the Richter scale eye roll from my husband) but I don’t think we’re ready, if we can help it. of course if Allah swt should decide that it is our rezeki soon, then I would say Alhamdulillah, now let me shop for a newborn woven wrap… #buyallthewraps

lastly, I figured some time back that since I don’t have enough themes to group my thoughts into blog posts, I could turn to … microblogging. hee. I’ve been tweeting at @krakentweets. so that’s where all the mundane stuff have been hiding, actually. hope to see you there?


almost 38 weeks!

one day to 38 weeks and our sweet Watermelon still be harvesting! was so excited to turn full term at 37 weeks. i realised i hadn’t thought about coming this far back when i was taking things one day at a time during the first tri. haha masih eh, the trauma of first tri. seared deep in my mind for now…

i’ve been doing fairly okay, minus feeling extra irritable and occasionally depressed. can i blame it on the hormones? or is it just me being ngada2.

physically, my pelvis has been creaky(?) espesh when i try to get out of bed. water retention has also caught up on me. at first i was upset by my swollen feet … so tak cute pls. i would wriggle my toes and wonder ALL THE TOES ON THIS PUDGY FOOT ARE BELONG TO ME?? then i read on baby centre that water retention — or nama glamour edema — is a sign of our bodies preparing itself for labour, so then i pasrah redha kepada kuasa Tuhan.

baby centre also said that it’s normal for vivid dreams to reappear late into the term, stemming from labour anxieties etc. and they’re right! this time, my vivid dreams are not so much super detailed as in first tri. instead, the plot twists are like fuyoo, exciting ke pe. hahaha.

one time i dreamt i gave birth at 35+ weeks and woke up feeling for my bump to confirm it’s still there. (still was.) another time i dreamt about violence — it involved batman, robin, my house, a particular gun i saw in the movie The Accountant, and betrayal … yeah, toldja. so anyway, i became semi-awake and felt Watermelon moving extra actively. not sure whether she was feeling stressed from the bad dream (i was about to die after realising that it’s not physically possible for me to be hiding under a couch with a 36 week bump), or she wanted to wake me out of the dream (it worked!) or it was just her playing as usual in the wee hours of the night (our girl runs on nightclub hours, you see).

popped by the baby fair at expo this weekend and quickly zipped around the booths to get the cot mattress, mattress protector, cot bedsheet (just one first out of desperation, because the selection wasn’t “hygge” enough for me lulz, seriously kraken your priorities…), bamboo towels and a pillow. think we were done in 20 mins or less? heh. i wanted to get wet bags too but the nice designs had already sold out by friday evening. seriously man, if prints matter a lot to you as they do to me, you need to be first at the door on opening day 🙄

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our baby fair haul

another long mummy/baby post! I’m on a roll. though I suspect my 2nd trimester energy may wear off in the next 4-8 weeks and I’ll be all lembik and whiny again.

glad I came across, pretty early on, the advice to do most of your baby shopping in 2nd tri when you’re most energetic. I won’t lie, part of me in anxious about the “what ifs…” but I’m trying to think positive and have more faith in myself.

anyways, we dropped by the Baby Fair last two weekends at Expo to do some shopping. unfortch I don’t have a nice/kecoh haul picture coz we went home relatively empty handed after arranging for 3 of our big purchases to be delivered, but here’s what we bought.

oh ya, quick side note: I’ve decided to refer to the baby as Watermelon henceforth because (a) they were my first cravings amidst first tri misery and (b) I think their colour combi is so gorgeous.

so anyway, back to the haul:

moo-moo kow portable changing pad (pre-order)

the organisers published some pre-order deals about a month before the fair. I browsed through the listings — feeling overwhelmed by all the bundles (some were suspiciously frilly) — and chanced upon this deal which I thought would be an OK buy. think it was mostly my emotional need of wanting to buy at least one thing from the website.

when I reached the fair on day 2 afternoon, I thought “nvm lah I’ll collect the pads later so that I don’t have to browse other stalls with an annoying plastic bag.” turns out almost everybody collected theirs before me!!! and I was left with 6 plain colours to choose from, though they also have the pads in prints. they got say lah it’s first come first served, but I didn’t know everybody else was going to be so kancheong about it 😦

so now I’m feeling a little tawar hati towards the pads. heh. vain me. hope I eventually find a good use for them… am counting on my diaper bag to give me a cuter one. *sniff*

maclaren quest stroller

I started my research on strollers about 3-4 days before the fair. kecoh babe!! all the brands! other than combi and maclaren, all the other names sounded foreign to me. took a shortcut and chatted with my colleague and mummy friends on what to look out for, and alhamdulillah they gave me some tips such as:

– bigger wheels will ensure a less bumpy ride for baby
– however, strollers with bigger wheels may be bulkier to store
– get those one-hand mechanisms so I can open/close it obamaself while carrying baby
– ensure wheels can swivel; will help with avoiding people in shopping malls (haha)
– seat should be able to recline for baby to lie down or sit up

one of them recommended for us to buy maclaren, so I went straight for the booth. got us a black Quest. it’s higher than my initial budget for strollers, so I hope it’ll serve us long and well. anyway insyaAllah I also plan to baby wear (uh, already got a Tula. and a woven wrap … I should stop. after I buy just ooone more stretchy wrap.) so we may not be too, too reliant on this stroller.

k-mom wipes, nail clipper set, and detergent/softener

never heard of k-mom before. apparently it’s a Korean brand focusing on organic baby products. bought their bundle with 10 packs of wet wipes, 4 packs of baby laundry detergent, 2 packs of baby laundry softener (I think lah, based on the photos) for $100. also bought a baby nail clipper set since they had it and I’ll need it. hopefully the wipes won’t give Watermelon skin problems or I won’t know what to do with all of them. lol.

parklon bubble playmat

it was love at first sight when I saw this on pupsik! and I’m glad NG agreed to get this design hehehe. it was retailing for $265 online but we got it for $200 at the fair, so hurrah! [edited to add: ok but wait, my happiness is shortlived because we ended up missing the delivery and having to pay $15 to reschedule. ouch.]

mama kraken used to have one at her house, even after her cucu-s started attending kindergarten and primary school. because let’s face it, the adults love it too. so squishy and nice to lie on!

pigeon breast pads

got pigeon’s coz I’ve read a few good reviews on them … if I recall correctly. got a box for $12.10; saw fairprice finest selling them for $13++ so uh yay, savings!

avent milk bottles + bottle brush + milk storage bags

got us a newborn starter kit for $40 (saw it retailing for $69 at kiddy palace day after; it became an addiction to check out the prices of our purchases), a bottle brush cleaner which I later realised was unnecessary because there’s already one inside the starter kit … *slaps forehead* and 6 packs of milk storage bags which I also had some insecurities about after. like what if I don’t need them, what am I going to do with 150 of these bags?!?! but yeah I bought 6 because there was a bundle promo and makcik me couldn’t resist. haha.

what we didn’t end up buying from the fair

cot – was eyeing a cot that was being advertised for $169. however when we saw the real thing, it looked too low! I’m all for ergonomics these days, so I decided to give it a pass coz all that bending low to pick up Watermelon ain’t going to be fun.

we eventually bought a used cot off carousell. same brand (jarrons & co) but different model but … I think the one we bought is quite low too. oh crap! so now to find a high mattress to compensate.

also a side note that NG’s friend recommended us to get a playpen because it’s more practical. can use for sleep, play, and nowadays they come with diaper changing stations too. but I really couldn’t warm up to the idea of a playpen. mostly because I’d never seen my niece and nephew playing in one, which made me realise that watching my sister and mama kraken bring them up shapes a lot of my baby gear preferences today.

car seat – coz we were too overwhelmed by the brands and models, and also coz we thought we could save money buying second hand. we eventually bought one from the same seller who sold us the cot. heh. I later read that it’s not good to buy second hand car seats coz you don’t know if the previous owners have been in an accident, which may affect the usefulness of the car seat. whoops! but wow it sure is an expensive thing to discard once your kid outgrows it.

breast pump – I already know that I want the Spectra S9+. the bundle deal that was offered during the fair was not cheap, I guess because it had a lot of things inside. planning to order from a Korean supplier on Qoo10. it won’t come with a warranty, but I think the $200+ savings (compared to buying a set with local warranty) may justify it. hee.

so yes these days I’m very kemaruk baby gear. told myself not to buy any more baby clothes because I already bought a bunch, so am focusing on the bulkier and/or more expensive stuff. i’ll have to wait for nov’s pay check to continue my purchases, since i blew my entire oct baby fund over one weekend hee. then hopefully by late dec/early jan we can start washing her clothes and setting up her cot, playmat, etc. can’t wait for the time to meet you, Watermelon! 🤗 insyaAllah.

other ramblings and our detailed scan

1. we got a nice 20-week present from the lil one the other day. NG got to feel her kick! his jakun face was both awww and funny. and then he asked me “that wasn’t you, right?”

I can understand why he could mistake it as one of my six-pack abs doing a quick flex, but no, it wasn’t me 😒

2. just ordered earth mama angel stuff from iherb whoop whoop. also spent some time browsing through the pre-order deals for the Oct baby fair, but frankly, still feeling lost among all the baby paraphernalia. meh.

3. nothing makes NG move faster than the magic words, “can you bring me my pail?”

4. bought maternity jeans and uh, leggings from h&m last week. was soooo happy with them. the jeans with its maternity band made my bump look smoother (and cuter? lulz puji sendiri) because heyyy no more muffin top! my next mini project is to stow away “pre-pregnancy clothes” under my bed coz no point for them to occupy my super limited (thanks to BTO housing) wardrobe space.

5. my latest strange happenings? dry skin. which gives me mild rashes on my wrists and legs. what a dirty word, rashes. especially in the current climate of the zika scare. insyaAllah the itches are from the dry skin and not anything more alarming. Google says that the trick is to avoid moisturiser without fragrance, which rules out 90% of my moisturiser collection. thanks. I found a travel sized bottle of no nonsense Nivea cream, so hopefully it rescues me from myself.

6. been occasionally working up a storm of a sinus these days. read that pregnancy hormones can also cause sinus, hai. this morning I asked NG to make me a tissue box handbag, you know like tie a raffia string to our Kleenex box so I can go around the house with easy access to tissues…

then I realised this is the sort of “letting go” that pre-marriage courses warn you about, so I cancelled my request.

7. my pregnancy hormones are on fire 🔥🔥 started with a work event last weekend — a public talk — where I felt extra intolerant of silly people. why are they everywhere?previously I felt ~depressed~ coz of the blues, but this is a different feeling. I want to bite people’s heads off so bad if they annoy me the slightest bit.

8. we went for our detailed scan and it’s a … girl! toldja 😉

I’m glad I’m right so that I don’t have to get taunted by NG for being soooo confident that it was a girl. I’m also glad I’m right coz what if all that thinking it was a girl makes my boy a little … lembut? heh.

to be honest, I’ve always fantasised that my firstborn would be a boy. even when I was a young un at 17 years old. haha mentelll. when I first found out I was pregnant, I harboured some hope that it was gonna be a boy. until that fateful morning where I was namastay-ing in bed and then I caught a whiff of NG’s manly smells (cologne and facial wash la) and felt disturbed — that was when I first suspected that hmmm maybe this one is a girl after all.

oh well, flower preens rompers from carter’s: ORDERED!

proud homeowners us

over the long national day weekend last month, we followed the rite of passage for 80% of Singaporeans by moving into our own HDB flat. so it’s almost been a month of staying on our own 🙂

there were a lot of adjustments to make but as pointless as it sounds, I can’t recall much now. haha. at first doing something different felt like a change, but soon after it became the norm. top of my head, some of these things are: planning my outfits for the week in advance and ironing them one shot over the weekend (used to decide what to wear + iron matching tudung every morning); planning our meals (maaaan it was hardly an issue when we were staying with our mums); trying to keep up with a weekly cleaning schedule … toilets especially was something that I didn’t have to clean previously hee. oh yah and also discovering each other’s habits and patterns at a bigger scale, and then scuffling over them 😇

moving in & settling down

when we first moved in, our house was missing a lot of things: couch, coffee table, tv console, tv, fridge, washing machine, dining table, small appliances, INTERNET… but we had to proceed with moving because my parents had to vacate their house for their buyers, and they had engaged a mover so we thought we could tumpang their services. we ended up having to pay for our own trip ($300) but it was still worth it considering that they did ALL the heavy lifting and helped dismantle our storage bed and set it back up — something I was very worried about. it was quite sad eating our breakfast on top of our boxes on the first few days though. lol.

oh yeah and I cried before leaving my mum’s house for my new one, asking myself why I had to grow up. lolol. ok I just teared from typing that.

so anyway, our biggest lesson from moving into our new house was: sign up with your internet service provider early! we were busy and left it to a few days before the move. then we discovered that the earliest apmt we could get for cabling and set up was only the following week soooo we burned through our data plans in our first week of moving in. some more there were rio olympics videos that I wanted to watch immediately on toggle. I did try calling Starhub to charm the call centre guy into giving us an earlier apmt date, but best he could offer was the day before, which I grabbed anyway because dah desperate.

our block is still fairly empty and we’re the only ones on our floor. I kinda like it actually! heh. it’s quiet, private, and we easily get the best parking lots. perhaps coz our unit is near the lift landing and disposal chute, so it doesn’t scare me that rest of our level is empty.

hosting guests

we hosted my friends over the weekend and boy, it’s like a mini preview of hosting a hari raya open house seh. we went marketing for ingredients, cooked, cleaned the whole house, squeezed in laundry, then fried finger food and reheated the dishes and made drinks just before they arrived. tiring pe! but also satisfying and nice lah. I remember being super thankful that our house is small haha. looking at the bright side of our 90 sq m home!

so what did we cook? roti kirai! amacam, pro tak? actually we got mama kraken to come over last week to teach us how to cook it lulz. we figured that we needed to rehearse first before anyhow cooking for other people. insyaAllah next week we’re hosting NG’s colleagues, and the menu is … tulang! but MIL is helping us cook it lah hee. though we will probably try to learn from her too.

so yep, ending this entry with our first selfie in our new house. trying to enjoy our matrimonial home as it is now as much as poss, coz insyaAllah come next Jan, it’s gonna be population: 3!

oh baby baby…fever!

one of the life phases I went through recently is the baby fever. I follow some popular bloggers on instagram who often share cute and heartwarming photos of their kids that often make my ovaries scream. if anyone needs recommendations, see @etst (creative mummy of 3; the middle girl has Down syndrome and is so *adorbs*), @pobke (photographer mum to a Korean-Australian daughter who is too too cute), @xiaxue (hate to admit it but I enjoy reading her blog.. her son dash is growing up so fine!) and @yanakhairuddin (owner of successful Muslimah blogshop CalaQisya, her baby girl is so chubs and cute!)

apart from these celebrity mums so to speak, I also have friends instagramming about their babies… *happy sigh* all these cute baby photos make me wanna have a baby NAO! plus my colleagues tell me to not wait too long before having kids. I used to think people meant this from the medical perspective (cos older women supposedly face higher risks in labour), but I’ve learnt that they also mean it from an energy level perspective. it takes effort to spend quality time with kids and to talk to them patiently, so the older and more lethargic we are, the harder this will be.

but then I want that 1-2 years of couplehood after marriage before having kids. I wanna learn to be a good spouse before trying to be a good mum. I recently came across a quote that said something along the lines of, if you wanna be a good parent, first focus on being a good spouse. I guess a strong marriage is a good foundation for a happy family.

so all this makes me wish I could get married alreadyyy. even tho planning a wedding within a few months means you won’t get choice vendors and may have to skip frills… i’ve seen a relative plan a wedding in 1 mth and it still turned out good. I guess their personal network was power cos they had Kasaisayang do up a mini pelamin and a lovely dessert table by Cake Love Couture. the initial idea was for them to nikah gantung first then sanding later, but it looks like they’re happily married now and are considering skipping the sanding. they must be so over wedding planning already.

i wish the 15 mth countdown to my wedding would end quickly. ex-BTBs say time will pass by quickly but it’s hard to believe when you’re on this side of the marriage fence!