different december

When November ended, my energy levels were so low that even scrolling through Instagram tired me out. Lol. Not so much the physical act of scrolling of course, but the reading of emotionally charged posts that sapped out whatever little energy I had.

Thankfully I got better in December. At least I can still savour the last precious weeks of this pregnancy! Read More

watermelon’s capsule wardrobe

Yikes, I realised I forgot to mention Watermelon’s capsule wardrobe in my last journal update! Which is ironic because I made sure to complete it before July ended, for accountability’s sake after mentioning it in my June entry. So here goes! (For the record, she’s 2.5 years old as I’m doing this.)

In a nutshell: For this particular clothes purge, I came up with some ideal numbers for Watermelon’s capsule wardrobe. Then I took out alllll her clothes (minus the ones in the laundry), sorted them into categories, and then decided which ones to keep, sell, donate, or recycle. My idea was to have a really small wardrobe for Watermelon so that laundering and organising her wardrobe becomes easier.

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