BTBs Unite

perhaps only we understand our obsession with weddings!

note: i’m slowly building up this list of links. will be happy to connect to more btb blogs — feel free to leave a comment and say hello! πŸ™‚

2013 BTBs

26.10.13 Feeling Feeling Kawin
02.11.13 Kahwin KhroniclesΒ / Hello Khronicles

2014 BTBs

03.05.14 Another Accidental Bride
23.08.14 Project Biryani
07.06.14 LaBelle Bride
14.08.14 FalFad Nak KahwinΒ 
06.09.14 Eliblr
11.10.14 Eleventh October
25.10.14 My Wed Dreams
08.11.14 Kiss the Bridezilla
14.12.14 The Butterfly Bride

2015 BTBs

28.03.15Β Schmellyxcats
28.03.15 DoubleFs Project
01.05.15 An Undercover Wedding
10.05.15 #Tenfivefifteen
06.06.15 Sugarfreevani11a
06.06.15 CheezilyCheesy
01.08.14 Asyida + Reen
15.08.15 A&M Little Secrets
08.08.15 The Future With You
xx.08.15 Fizalicious
xx.09.15 Scoot Away
01.10.15 After Twelve Years
xx.10.15Β Fsquare4ever
05.12.15 #NFMAWeddingBells
xx.xx.15Β Frugalistar

2016 BTBs

16.01.16 The Azan x Aifa Story
13.02.16 Our Very Own Fairytale
28.05.16 Here For A Reason
20.11.16 Our Time Capsules
26.11.16 Faith in Love and You
26.11.16 Infinity20sixteen
25.12.16Β ThirtyOh8th
26.12.16 The LF Wedding



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