no shopping goal 2018: Q3 update

uh oh, end September means it’s time to do another round of confessions. my wrap buying ban is not going well AT ALL, so i think i will remove it for the last quarter 😳

i did quite well for like 3-4 weeks in Aug-Sep and then faltered again and bought 3 wraps within a weekend.

wraps and carriers i bought

• oscha matrix malibu 6 (returned!)

they released a pretty pink-orange grad and i was like, ooh how nice if you made it in the matrix pattern! and make in the matrix pattern they did, so i got it (felt a bit obliged.) but then i returned it about 2 weeks later coz i felt the blend wouldn’t be suitable for us despite it being so pretty.

• oscha roses candyfloss toddler cairis

they were running a sale for their carriers and i got one coz i’m curious and feel the need to try them all. and oh, the most famous babywearing youtube influencer (@wrapyouinlove) has one of these so i was like, i want to copy her too! but to be honest i’ve not used it much coz i still prefer wraps, but i don’t want to give up just yet.

• handwoven melodies bliss 5

this one came up in the local deal or no deal swap. i went to make an offer (ikr…WHY) and … it got accepted. omg, i panicked. apparently my price was just right. dang! should have gone lower 😝 but anyway i holidayed this piece sometime early this year and really liked it, and was also aiming for a piece from this weaver. speaking of which, THE right piece that i was lusting for became available for sale recently but i had to stop myself, aurgh. oh wells!

• woven wings droplets summer sorbet 5

i’d been resisting some of WW’s releases, telling myself to save it for their famous quad blend. but when this cotton/linen piece came up — in pocket weave which is the rage these days — i was like omo i WANT it. so i entered the draw, had a strangely good feeling about it, and true enough found out that i won an invoice.

• oscha roses michael 6

i bought this to replace my okinami nydie 4 which was same grad, same blend, just different pattern and size. used my 20% discount code that i’d been hoarding, so i feel less bad about it. it’s a wetspun linen piece and is serving us very well. currently one of my favourites!

• oscha matrix bifrost 3

i’m not really a rainbow wrap kinda person but when a preorder opened up i was like … maybe i can get this in a 3 🙈 so that’s what i did. it becomes ready in end October, so i’m really excited!

this quarter i sold 3 wraps. NG also suggested that i sell everything and keep only 2, to which i replied no waaaay. but i did list a bunch of wraps as a result of his comments lah, seeing which would sell. i still have some for sale and hope someone will buy them soon, so that i can return the money to my bank account.

have i ever mentioned how conflicted i am about wraps? on one hand i’m annoyed how i can’t keep to a buying ban. after each wrap purchase i’d tell myself “ok no more..!” and then. i have talked myself out of buying 2 wraps that i would otherwise love to own, but i should be talking myself out of more.

on the other hand i’m justifying to myself how this will only last a while, if i enjoy it i shouldn’t have to feel so bad about it… etc. i recently told myself to take a break from participating in the ootd version of woven wraps. a week’s break did wonders to change my mindset — it helped me feel more okay with wearing the same 2 wraps, and it made me appreciate my stash more.

then i also started feeling a little tired of holidaying wraps, so i told myself to take a break too. it was very liberating, though i eventually faltered when two people texted me to offer me their wraps. how to say no when people were thinking of you, right 😌

i also got an exciting opportunity to test a prototype wrap from Oscha. this was after whining that nobody in Singapore seemed to be selected during the couple of prototype casting calls, so i was really happy and excited and grateful for the opportunity! my friends teased me about being so excited but it really was a biiiig thing for me ☺️


hmmm, i think i was pretty good! i don’t recall buying any new pieces 🤔


i impulsively bought one of those trendy textured shawls from @nusheenurra tho now i wish i’d picked a different colour.

also a curved satin silk tudung (Inaya) and a chiffon piece (Muna) from @tudungpeoplesg.

and omg ya i caved in and bought a snood from @theduckgroup. it’s my first snood ever and i struggled with it coz it seems much bigger than the ones in youtube tutorials. but the drapes are really quite 🤤 and i get to feeling feeling vivy for the day.

i didn’t get rid of any shawl this quarter, tho i should, because my shawl basket is getting full 😬

baby clothes

picked up a unicorn dress from the market near my place. i also had a small carter’s/skiphop order because we needed a bigger school bag for Watermelon to keep up with her bigger packing list since transferring to the playgroup, so i added some clothes. still within acceptable limits, if i may say so myself :p


i caved and bought the WW Be Light after deciding that i needed a good tote bag. i’ve been loving it so far! nice pattern, nice pocket, quite light … i’m happy. other than this i don’t think i bought any other bags… 🤔

knick knacks

i did a lot better this quarter, yay. glad my “home improvement” shopping spree phase ended. i did buy a couple of seemingly random things but these were mostly from Daiso and therefore inexpensive? hee.

i went a little crazy splurging on baby’s toys recently, though. there are more that i wanna buy but i think Watermelon is still underaged, so i’m forcing myself to wait wait wait. it’s so hard! 😩

i must say tho, that i’m liking how our toy collection is shaping up. my intention is to keep it to a small number of mostly open ended toys. bonus if they’re wooden, coz i’m crunchy/hippie like that 😬


i feel most guilty about the wrap purchases, especially after thinking about how much higher my bank account balance would be if i hadn’t bought so many 🙊 being less active in the community, sending out less travellers and reducing the number of wraps i was hosting seemed to help curb my desires. i’m starting to become more immune to seeing sales posts and photos of other people’s wraps, which is good!

Watermelon had a short clingy phase where she was more receptive to wraps, but at time of writing, she is avoiding them with a 5 ft pole. life…

september wasn’t a great month for my cash flow. i ended up feeling very broke, and a little scared for myself on how my spending habits were panning out. it’s only been a week since my october pay day, so far i feel a little more secure. i hope it’s not a short-lived phase, espesh as my future remains uncertain. i’m still undecided whether to take a break from work next year or to chiong in a new job.

i’ve started my SAHM fund as discussed earlier 🙂 have been consistently putting in funds every month. it’s only been 3 months so the fund is small, but i hope to slowly build it up.

i want to blog more but a) i don’t know what content to put out, short of talking about Watermelon 95% of the time and b) it seems so quiet around my WordPress app these days.

one more quarterly report for the year, insyaAllah! time flies by so quickly.

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