Watermelon is one!

Watermelon turned one without much fanfare. I was excited in the days leading up to it, but the day came and went, and she was still the Watermelon that we knew.

Chey. With all the hype I’d allowed myself to build, I thought she would transform overnight but no leh, never.

A birthday party was never on the cards because I think they look more stressful than enjoyable for the parents, and my plan is to throw one on her 5th birthday instead. InsyaAllah. I had a 5th birthday party myself and to this day I still remember some details of that day and still think of it as one of my happier childhood memories, alhamdulillah.

Anyways, Watermelon’s birthday was on the day after we’d returned from our trip. I wanted to send her to school so that she could slowly ease back into her “old life” after almost 2 weeks of being with us 24/7. When my niece was about 8 months, she went on a two-week trip with her parents, and when she returned she seemed to be more clingy/difficult. I thought it could be from the shock of adjusting back to daily life after being with her parents all day err day — though on hindsight it could have happened to be her developmental leap — but I remember that episode clearly enough to want to avoid it with Watermelon.

Well, all that worry for nothing. Watermelon seemed to adjust back to school fairly easily. Her teachers were so cute though. Two of them waited outside the doors to receive her because “they missed her so much”. Awww.

Anyway we bought the teachers an ice cream cake and gave her classmates a bottle of bubble solution; shopped and packed that same morning. I really haaate the birthday tradition the school has for kids, which is to let parents serve cake. To be really frank I don’t know why anyone would think that it’s a good idea to give cake to a bunch of BABIES? Sigh. But at the same time I don’t want to be that wet blanket parent who tells the teachers not to feed Watermelon any cake, coz I also don’t want her to feel left out/jealous when she sees her classmates getting fed.

So what do I do? Geram at my phone every time they upload photos of Watermelon eating cake lor.


reflections on motherhood

I don’t have anything deep to share about my first year of being a mum … some days are filled with trials and stress, most days with blessings and smiles. I’m just winging it, trying to keep up with change while remaining calm as much as poss.

My three goals/wishes for now are:

1. To feed Watermelon with more nutritious food

2. To move her bedtime earlier

3. For her to please … sleep … in … her … cot.

For 1), I wish I was more consistent and enthusiastic about food preps but really … I’m not. I see my friend’s BLW posts — she’s been consistent with it since 6-7 months ago and boy it’s paying off. Her daughter who is about Watermelon’s age can work a chicken drumstick and use utensils to feed herself. Omg so well trained! Me on the other hand, I’ve been really slack about feeding her solids so this is something I hope to put more effort in…

On moving up bedtime and sleeping in her cot, these have long been on my wish list. Hopefully we get there before we have another addition to our family, lulz 😂

Cutting down on pumping

Along with her turning one, I’ve decided to cut down from 3 to 2 pumping sessions. As with motherhood’s many ironies, it was both sad and liberating at the same time. Sad, because each pumping session was a labour of love, and a way for me to feel connected to Watermelon from my office. Liberating, because frankly the breaks can get disruptive to my work. And anyway I’ve finally come to terms that my supply has indeed dropped, so to yield only so little milk each time was starting to get depressing.

Oh well. Will be finishing our frozen bm stash this week and then transiting to supplementing with fresh milk. Hopefully all goes well, insyaAllah…


Lastly, when Watermelon turned one, I told myself it’s time to stop making excuses for not exercising. It’s only been two weeks and I’m trying…! To wake up at 5.00am to do a workout video before going to work. To do the same videos I did pre-pregnancy though my stamina sucks. And to still be mindful to avoid crunches and sit ups so that I don’t make my diastasis recti worse.

Here’s to a fitter me in 2018, hopefully. It’s going to be tough gathering the energy and motivation to wake up early on my designated exercise days, especially if Watermelon refuses to sleep even though it’s midnight the night before (mmhmm…) but I guess that’s one of the shapes that motherhood is, for me.


2 thoughts on “Watermelon is one!

  1. Happy birthday baby girl!!!
    Yeah the best part of Danyal turning 1 for me was dropping pumps from 3 to 2.. but I went to ZERO pumping very quickly.. haha so liberating.

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