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feels like I haven’t had much to blog about, short of updating about the mundane stuff like what I feed Watermelon for dinner (not much), how many teeth she has (zero) and if she can walk (no, not yet).

the most exciting update is probably our plans to perform umrah soon-ish, InsyaAllah. the plan is for three of us plus my MIL and FIL to go in mid-January. we chose an off-peak period since none of us are tied to school holidays. omigosh please help to pray that Allah swt will ease our affairs! my biggest worry is how Watermelon will behave when I’m joining the congregational prayers. as cute and pouty as she is, she can be clingy/insecure when she doesn’t have her hand on any part of my body so … good luck to us girrrl. other things I’m worried about are whether we can keep her sufficiently warm in the cool temperature, and how she is going to behave on the plane and on the long bus rides 😔

if anybody has tips on performing umrah with a 1 yo baby, please share! 😘

we went to KL late last month, for a super short 2d 2n trip with friends. 9mo Watermelon on a plane ride is much different from her 4mo self when we went to Krabi. this time she didn’t want to sleep and instead was very interested in the various flyers in the seat pocket, including the bak kut teh ad at the back of the magazine. astaghfirullah sis, mengucap! anyway, luckily it was just a 45 min flight but I already dread our next flight…

because we had limited time in KL, we planned a super packed programme on our full day there. it was so long that Watermelon got maaaad cranky at the end of it. even all that babywearing couldn’t save her. I learnt that babies will always need a safe and quiet place to retreat to. there’s a limit to how long you can bring them out for, even if you keep them close to you in a carrier.

what else… ooh, Aunt Flo appeared in my life again! at about 10 months post partum, not bad huh. what this means is baby number two, here we come!!! ok, ok, I kid. hold on, let me scoop NG’s heart from the floor and put it back inside him. I mean, I would really love a number two (and three! and four! cue major 7.0 on the Richter scale eye roll from my husband) but I don’t think we’re ready, if we can help it. of course if Allah swt should decide that it is our rezeki soon, then I would say Alhamdulillah, now let me shop for a newborn woven wrap… #buyallthewraps

lastly, I figured some time back that since I don’t have enough themes to group my thoughts into blog posts, I could turn to … microblogging. hee. I’ve been tweeting at @krakentweets. so that’s where all the mundane stuff have been hiding, actually. hope to see you there?


15 thoughts on “what’s going on

  1. I have experience dgn 3 month old baby in umrah, hmm remember to bring facial moisturiser for her sebab my baby face terkopek n gatal2, now alhamdullilah dah baik..n bring desitin nappy cream for rapid relief.. because we brought two packets of mamypoko diapers one made in thai the other one made in japan, then we use up our thai diapers we use the japan ones she cried alot tak henti..sekali when we open her diapers she the skin all red down there.. n the desitin cream works alhamdullilah..

  2. Flights are so much easier when babies aren’t mobile. But the anxiety level of being newbie parents in an enclosed space can’t seem to believe that haha.

  3. I am planning to go umrah this early Jan too inshaAllah! Avoiding the school holidays period also… Am pretty anxious cos it’s just going to be me and the husband (!!!!!)

  4. Hello! I went to Umrah when my son was 2 and I would say lots of snacks and stickers help! He was super into stickers at that point of time. Hehe! Our flight was at night so it helps that he slept mostly on the plane and in the bus rides. I also distracted him with the view outside the bus during the bus ride from Mecca to Medinah and I always make it a point to bring him outside each time we stop for toilet breaks, if he is awake. As for the congregational prayers, you can carry her if she cries during the prayers! Inshaallah lots of doa and Allah will make it easier for you! 🙂

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