my reviews on baby products

Watermelon is 9mo and homg does time fly by or what. 9mo is a delightful phase coz her cheeks are fluffing up, she smiles lots and giggle lots, she can sit up but can’t crawl yet (i.e. Hurricane Watermelon has not landed yet) … in general super cute. sorry to gush about my own daughter, hope i’m not making you puke! i realise that when i say other people’s babies are cute pre-kids, i meant other people’s 7mo-9mo babies are cute. and not the newborn stage or younger, ya know what i mean? 😉

anyway, today’s post shall update about how my baby fair purchases are doing. i had two posts from last year (here and here), and i thought i’d do a quick review one year later.

1. moo moo kow kow changing pad — it’s a thin changing pad without any cushion. we use it to alas (protect) our bed whenever we’re dressing her up after a shower. when she was younger, i would also lay this under her whenever she slept on our bed coz i was worried about stains. glad i found some use for them, since i much prefer my JJB one when i’m outside.

2. maclaren quest stroller — we started using this when she was about 2-3 months. alhamdulillah she takes to it pretty well. nowadays we don’t use our stroller as frequently because a) she can sit in high chairs in restaurants and b) i fell into the rabbit hole of babywearing. nonetheless it’s a great stroller for our needs; no regrets!

3. k-mom wipes, detergent, nail clipper set — i’ve stopped buying their wipes coz they’re more pricey. using pigeon wipes now. we still have the clothes detergent, softener and bottle/food cleaner from our first baby fair. with refills in the store. so yay! nail clipper set is decent though i’m that horrible mum who leaves it to her teachers to help us trim her nails 😬

4. parklon bubble playmat — oh yaaas, one of our best baby purchases. has become a main feature of our living room. we often plonk her on the playmat to layan diri (self-entertain) while we run off to do our errands around the home.

5. pigeon breast pads — i hardly used these! and i find them coarse and uncomfortable to use. these days i use moo moo kow kow’s bamboo washable breast pads if i have to. will recommend these because they’re more comfortable and you can save the environment 😀

6. avent milk bottles + bottle brush + milk bags — alhamdulillah she took to the avent bottle since we introduced it to her at 7 weeks. the set i bought came with 4 bottles, 2 short and 2 tall. she has only needed the short bottles so far, though i suppose i could not have known that last year. the bottle brush i want to complain. it’s quite rigid and not suitable for narrow-neck bottles, such as the medela storage bottles that i use with my breast pump. i recently bought dr brown’s bottle brush and find it more suitable for us. i still use their milk bags though lansinoh has a smarter design that minimises wastage. guess i am illogically brand loyal lulz.

7. jarrons & co cot (preloved) — serves us fine. she doesn’t want to sleep in it at night (sigh!) but we still transfer her there for naps or place her inside while we get dressed, so that she doesn’t risk falling off our bed. the wheels are a bit wonky though :/

8. maxi cosi car seat (preloved) — ok please do not buy a second hand car seat. supposedly it’s not safe because you don’t know whether the previous owners have been in an accident. also we had no manual which made me suspicious and tawar hati with it. waiting for her to outgrow it before we buy a bigger one. sometimes we find the angle too steep such that she has to sit up straight instead of reclining, which makes her cranky and unwilling to sit inside. we have 60% success rate of getting her to sit in the car seat without wailing.

9. breast pump — the Spectra S9+ is a decent pump, but i later upgraded to S2 and it is amaaazing. well i exaggerate, a bit. i recommend S2 (or S1 which is the same but with a rechargeable/portable battery) if you don’t have to pump on the go. the suction is more comfortable and i get better yield.

10. diaper changing station — i love ours! turns out it came with a tub, which we used from birth until recently when we upgraded to bathing her on the floor. the station also acts as storage for diapers and towels.

11. jujube be right back bag — i love this too! it is admittedly a little heavy even when empty. i’m happy with the black and white print i chose that makes it unisex enough for NG to carry. JJB is a thoughtful brand and i’d say the hype is REAL. sure, the grey market for tokidoki prints can be daunting, but if you’re not looking for those then prices are loads better 🙂

12. Combi rocker, Roanju — served us well for about 4 months. we placed Watermelon in for naps. we gave it away recently though, because i didn’t want to continue using it as a high chair. firstly it’s covered with fabric which is kirim salam tks for me, and secondly it’s quite complicated with levers. nonetheless i loved that Combi’s rocking mechanism is smooth, unlike those from other brands that i’d seen 😬

13. Philips 3-in-1 steriliser — Serves us well, I suppose. nothing to rave about because personally i’m not too fanatic about sterilising bottles, hee. #malas If I had another baby, I might consider the UV ones which can sterilise and dry bottles. only problem with that is that it takes up more precious kitchen counter space 🙅🏻🙅🏻

14. Fisher Price Kick and Play piano gym — Omg highly recommended pls. It was fab at entertaining Watermelon somewhere between 4mo to 8mo. every time we put her down on it, she would play and reach out for the toys like she’s never seen them haha. nowadays she’s into plastic bags and pegs so I’ll think about selling this set off or giving it away soon 🙂

15. Mamypoko diapers — The newborn set did its job well. i especially liked the winnie the pooh prints lolol #masih. but since the initial batch ran out, we’ve switched to Goon. Love it, hasn’t given us problems. i still prefer to order her diapers in cartons online via Lazada. home delivery ftw!

16. nursing cover from Milc — it served us really well! and then it got lost 😢💔😭 i don’t even remember how or when. waiting for her to release a print that catches my eye before buying another. meanwhile, i’ve tried the poncho/cape type of nursing covers but personally i prefer apron style.

17. solly baby stretchy wrap — sold mine off because Watermelon seemed to hate it and i got frustrated that it wasn’t good enough for her. since then i must have bought more than 10 woven wraps to replace, so let’s not go there 😆😆

i think this should cover most of the baby purchases i mentioned last year! on the whole, i’m happy with my choices. though i spent a lot, and sometimes unnecessarily so 🙊

but with some hindsight, the two things i think all pregnant mothers should also buy are the Haakaa silicone breast pump and the Nose Frida nasal aspirator aka mucus sucker. the former helps you collect milk from a leaky boob or can be used while you latch baby on the other side, and the latter helps to remove mucus from a stuffy nosed baby. it’s not as gross as i expected, and certainly provides relief to both parents and baby. thank you Mrs F for the recommendation!

if there was one thing i would warn people from buying, it’s those clothes gift sets that come in boxes. i bought some for myself because i wanted Winnie the Pooh prints but i found them to be generally poor quality! the items don’t hold well in the laundry. so yes if you really have to shop clothes for a friend’s or a relative’s newborn, it would be better to buy them from Mothercare, H&M, Cotton On Kids, Fox Baby, etc.

that’s all folks! here’s one of my favourite photos of Watermelon for memories 💕


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