almost 38 weeks!

one day to 38 weeks and our sweet Watermelon still be harvesting! was so excited to turn full term at 37 weeks. i realised i hadn’t thought about coming this far back when i was taking things one day at a time during the first tri. haha masih eh, the trauma of first tri. seared deep in my mind for now…

i’ve been doing fairly okay, minus feeling extra irritable and occasionally depressed. can i blame it on the hormones? or is it just me being ngada2.

physically, my pelvis has been creaky(?) espesh when i try to get out of bed. water retention has also caught up on me. at first i was upset by my swollen feet … so tak cute pls. i would wriggle my toes and wonder ALL THE TOES ON THIS PUDGY FOOT ARE BELONG TO ME?? then i read on baby centre that water retention — or nama glamour edema — is a sign of our bodies preparing itself for labour, so then i pasrah redha kepada kuasa Tuhan.

baby centre also said that it’s normal for vivid dreams to reappear late into the term, stemming from labour anxieties etc. and they’re right! this time, my vivid dreams are not so much super detailed as in first tri. instead, the plot twists are like fuyoo, exciting ke pe. hahaha.

one time i dreamt i gave birth at 35+ weeks and woke up feeling for my bump to confirm it’s still there. (still was.) another time i dreamt about violence — it involved batman, robin, my house, a particular gun i saw in the movie The Accountant, and betrayal … yeah, toldja. so anyway, i became semi-awake and felt Watermelon moving extra actively. not sure whether she was feeling stressed from the bad dream (i was about to die after realising that it’s not physically possible for me to be hiding under a couch with a 36 week bump), or she wanted to wake me out of the dream (it worked!) or it was just her playing as usual in the wee hours of the night (our girl runs on nightclub hours, you see).

popped by the baby fair at expo this weekend and quickly zipped around the booths to get the cot mattress, mattress protector, cot bedsheet (just one first out of desperation, because the selection wasn’t “hygge” enough for me lulz, seriously kraken your priorities…), bamboo towels and a pillow. think we were done in 20 mins or less? heh. i wanted to get wet bags too but the nice designs had already sold out by friday evening. seriously man, if prints matter a lot to you as they do to me, you need to be first at the door on opening day πŸ™„

also, it turns out that i had a yeast infection πŸ˜” actually it’s been happening since early second trimester — i googled it back then and misread it to be a normal symptom of pregnancy. well, it’s fairly common but not normal. the sad thing is that i even took it as a good sign of my pregnancy progressing, supposedly because the explanation i read said that during pregnancy, your hormones change blahblah which results in more discharge than usual. the key thing i missed is that the discharge should be white-ish or clear, and not yellow. it wasn’t until i was thinking of going waxing that i wondered, don’t other pregnant women worry about the discharge and the awful smell? sooo i googled again and finally raised this to my gynae at my recent appointment. she confirmed it was an infection and prescribed me pills for four nights and a rash cream. the improvement is super fast and i really wished i had raised this way earlier instead of suffering in silence and even misleading myself into thinking this was a good thing! oh wells, one of those noob experiences that come with your first time.

on a separate note, don’t be that person who sees a pregnant woman standing in a bus and not do anything about it k? do help approach the people sitting on the reserved seats. coz it’s very paiseh to ask for a seat ourselves — we also don’t want to come across as entitled — so it’s best when a kind stranger intervenes πŸ™‚

a 37 week bump shot for memory’s sake!

one night’s conversation
NG: what are we doing this weekend?
me: saturday we have class, then we go to baby fair, then we have the aquamarine dinner. sun-
NG: (immediately to bump) ok watermelon, you come out on sunday ok? let us go aquamarine first.
me: (thinks to self … sunday got two wedding invites. he trying to siam my friends’ weddings izzit)


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