babymoon in KL

some time in October, NG and I got scared into planning a babymoon. parent-friends be all like “you should enjoy your couple time now,” “you should go out on Friday nights while you can,” “you should watch movies now because once your kid(s) come, you may not get the chance,” “you should sleep all you can,” and “we used to enjoy doing housework together but nowadays one of us does the housework while the other person has to jaga the baby” etc etc.

travelling at 34 weeks(!) is probably not the best idea but October wasn’t good for me and November wasn’t good for NG, so December it had to be. we drove up to KL over this past Christmas weekend where we rested well and ate well. heheh. splurged on Doubletree Hilton which had a very nice breakfast spread (but must arrive early to properly enjoy). we were torn between this and Sheraton but I mati2 didn’t want a business hotel … only to be served one. Chet! Doubletree is beside The Intermark, which is a mall + office building. seems like it’s a popular choice among business travellers after all. meh. perhaps I should have listened/gave in to my husband re: Sheraton after all ha ha mintak paiseh.

also, I could get away with travelling this late because it’s a road trip. doubt the airlines would let me board yah. I read that preggo ladies should try to avoid reclining for too long so I brought along a pillow to lean on while in the car. and also budgeted an extra day (4d3n instead of our usual 3d2n) so we would have more time to recover and enjoy. not that I did any of the driving but sitting at the passenger seat for long can be very tiring too, kay.

picking a baby name

one of the things on our agenda was to pick a baby name! truthfully speaking, I already chose a name since last year. it’s a word that I came across a few times while ngaji-ing and I thought it to be a virtuous and beautiful name for a girl. if Watermelon had been a boy, I also already have a name in mind. where’s NG in all this decision making you may ask? I also dunno hahaha #lastchildsyndrome #everythingmyway

ok but for months/weeks, we asked ourselves if that one (short) name is enough, or if we wanted a second name. and if yes, what it would be. NG wanted a flower-related name. he wanted to name Watermelon “Mawar” …

“ummm how about Lily? Dahlia?” I counter proposed, somewhat eagerly.

he changed his mind and decided he wanted a name that means “intelligent”. sounds easy right? well actually there’s not thaaat many choices, surprisingly. one of the names that cropped up a lot is “Aqilah”, but his nephew is already “Aqil”. macam dalam banyak-banyak nama, kene rebut itu satu nama jugak eh.

we finally settled on a second name on the way to KL. exciting and fun! feel sooo empowered as parents to be. this is Watermelon’s whole life we are talking about. if we wanted to, we could make life hard for her future husband waktu akad nikah — but I kid, I kid.

checking out Mood Republik @ PWTC

another thing that I did was to go to Mood Republik‘s Year End Sale! these Malaysian YESes are like an annual affair for me which I can’t recommend enough to fellow tudung wearers. I know starting from this year, we have CelebFest in SG but tbh the atmosphere is different. in Malaysia, the promoters work hard to invite you into their stalls. sometimes to the point of heckling, but personally I prefer it to the relatively mellow experience here. and also the prices at the Malaysian YESes are friendlier, because they attract more mid-range brands as opposed to high-end ones. I got:

4 tops
1 bottom
3 shawls
2 tudung “dua muka”
2 tudung instant
4 inners

free gifts:
2 shawls (both grey, what are the chances!)
1 skirt (from ashh and annas leh)
1 bag (which I left behind hee)

all my tops should have been nursing friendly, but I couldn’t resist with 2 of them. haha. mentel. also all the clothes are in my pre-pregnancy size soooo good luck to me post-partum. I have about 5 months to shrink into them, in time for work. worse come to worse, I rent another lucky plaza flea market stall and re-shop at the mid-year sale instead lah right #justkidding

oh yeah, Mood Republik had this registration requirement which confused me coz I never kena before with Vendeur Festival the last 2 years. they had a “Special Lane” which I tried to use, but the ladies sitting at the counter directed me to another queue. *rolls eyes* I feel like this trip taught me to take what people say with a pinch of salt.

“special lane: queue here”
“here’s your validated parking ticket, it will work at the gantry later”
“you can try going to our other restaurant outlet. no need to make reservation because not many people know about it”


closing thoughts on our babymoon

nonetheless, it was a good trip. alhamdulillah. for the first time, we packed separate dinner outfits, squeezed in two naps/day, and made an effort to dress up. took couple selfies, which I told NG will probably be the last few photos of us looking nice. soon we could be sporting no make up, big eyebags and starving faces. to which he said not to worry, he’ll never let himself go starving 😒

no matter how much “couple time” we have, i bet we are going to miss this phase. it’s been a great 1.5 years of being “just us”, espesh now that we have our own place.  maybe it’s third tri feels, but my heart is extra ready for Watermelon ❤️

date night!

at the Yellow Brick Road cafe at Plaza Batai, a spontaneous visit after the steak restaurant we wanted to go was fully booked. it was pretty good; apparently the pancakes are really popular though we didn’t try. (i wanted to order their chocolate pancakes, but exercised self-restraint)

to compensate for our missed steak dinner, we went to Las Vacas Meat Shop at Mont Kiara for lunch before leaving KL. most expensive meal ever! but I enjoyed it lots. thank you NG for the treat!

oh ya and random photo of the baby laundry that i started on last weekend. so jakun to see tiny clothes hanging pls! months from now i’ll roll my eyes and think “can’t believe you were excited over baby laundry…”


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