the lazy bug

friends! I have been feeling so lazy. it’s different from first tri fatigue. fatigue is like “I cannot open my eyes.” third tri laziness is like “oh god I just want to close my eyes.”

alas! baby laundry needs to be done. so I have to snap myself out of my own laziness 😭

I’ve done three small rounds of hand washing so far, and all that squatting and wringing action is giving my body a much needed but dreaded work out. and still lots more to go! for pre-washing clothes, I’m going to *tryyy* be ambitious and hand wash them so they don’t get stretched/ruined in the washing machine before she gets to wear them. once Watermelon is here, I’ll prob zip them up in laundry bags and throw them into the washing machine — never mind if it’s not a full load (and therefore a waste of water and electricity), I don’t think I can sustain lovingly hand washing and rinsing her clothes forever. hee.

for now I’m still able to get out of bed relatively easily, but getting up after sitting down on the floor is another story: a half-sad, half-comical kind of story. haha.

I also sometimes feel tired after walking for a few steps. the advice to “walk a lot” in your third tri sounds easier than it is, espesh now that I have to overcome my low energy.

I booked a prenatal massage sesh for tomorrow. hope it’ll be good!

I start my maternity leave on week 39 onwards, because I wanted to save the bulk of it for after Watermelon’s arrival. but now I’m half-wishing I chose to start at week 38 instead coz going to work is beginning to feel more berat. and it’s not like I have to stand up lots or do anything more strenuous than sitting in my office chair..! luckily the Dec lull period has started, and hopefully will continue to stay.

speaking of which, I’m hoping for Watermelon to be a 39 weeker. hopefully she can wait till I start my ML — though I also think going into labour when at work will spice up my department’s life — and it’s late enough without sending me into the agony of waiting and wondering if I’ll end up having to be induced if we go past 41 weeks 😣 NG said he dreamt she’s a 37 weeker though, so we shall see! Only Allah swt knows. (I’m praying for a January baby though. she might be a February baby if she goes past EDD…)

meanwhile, I’ve been trying to shorten my work weeks since October, by taking half day or full day leave/time off here and there, or making sure I have ad hoc stuff like department retreat or courses to sorta relieve me from the stresses of work. the breaks have been really good! in January I have to work for two full weeks though, so jiayou to me. my own fault for spoiling myself. heh.

second lastly, I was doula-less for a short period two weeks ago. decided to cancel with the initial one after our appointments kept getting postponed because of other things that kept cropping up for her. I was really miserable at the thought of my hopes and plans falling apart (sampai cry in office toilet all, lol so drama) but alhamdulillah, the situation resolved itself with a little more time. she referred me to another doula, whom we successfully met despite a short notice to discuss my birth plan before the doc appointment and to place our deposit. hopefully we are still on track to getting the positive birth experience that I’m envisioning for myself. amiin, amiin.

and lastly! we had the growth scan last week. it was our longest appointment ever because we waited over an hour for the sonographer. by the time we did the scan, my excitement pun dah fade and the novelty of seeing Watermelon on screen had worn off, at least for me 😕

thankfully the doctor was really kind and much gentler than the previous one who seemed to be pressing the Doppler haaard into my tummy. not sure whether it’s a person thing or the fact that a bigger baby (32 weeks vs 21 weeks) means they don’t have to prod us so hard. so anyways! when it came to Watermelon’s face, she used some 4D tech to let us have a look. Watermelon’s hands kept blocking her face so below is the best shot we got. not super flattering, but still pretty cool for a pregnant mum to see 🤗


p.s. gentle reminder to mums who share ultrasound photos online – do remember to crop/block your personal details such as your full name and NRIC! 


2 thoughts on “the lazy bug

  1. Its really true when people say walk alot during your last trimester. A friend walked so much around bazaar ramadham and she popped literally the next day. A premature baby tho. But alhamdulillah all healthy. Hehehe. #funnystory #nolink

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