oct/nov baby gear haul

wellll so much for waiting for my Nov pay check to continue my purchases after the baby fair. I continued buying stuff in late Oct heh. here’s the haul! first five from good ole Carousell 😀


1. Cosatto diaper changing station
I know changing diapers on beds/tables/floors work just fine, but I wanted a diaper changing station because my sis had one and I thought it was pretty neat having a diaper changing corner in the house. I was considering Mothercare’s but found it too round/oval and less space efficient. I later read that the problem with these stations is that it’s the right setup for babies to kick you in the stomach so erm hope it doesn’t happen to us *nervous laughter*

2. Jujube Be Right Back in Countess
Out of all the current Jujube designs, I liked Countess the most. You know, geometric and all. The problem is that it’s sold out all over so I camped out on Carousell, searching daily over a few days. I initially wanted the BFF model but had a change of heart and decided on BRB, and lo and behold someone listed one in v good condition. The seller was also one of the sweetest!

Heart pain moment was when I realised that someone finally listed a BFF on the same day I closed the BRB deal, and at a relatively better price too. Oh well!

3. Combi parenting station (Roanju)
Again, another thing I wanted just cause my sis had one. NG said I was turning into an overzealous mother. Whaaaat. It was useful for my niece and nephew kay. I hunted high and low for somethibg like the bassinet that my sister had (7-10 years ago!) and was unsuccessfully looking at Moses baskets, cribs with frills, or minimalist/chio but expensive cribs. Finally I teringat this old post by an Instagram acquaintance which featured just what I wanted, went back to it, and msged her to ask her about the brand and model. Then I found an EUC (excellent used condition) one on Carousell so tadah. This thing rocks (literally) and can be wheeled around the house. Apparently can be used as a high chair too. Hope Watermelon likes it or NG is gonna give me a hard time about this!!

4. Philips 3-in-1 bottle steriliser
Another thing which NG wasn’t keen on — he said we could boil our bottles. It wasn’t until my friend half-jokingly snickered and commented that a bottle steriliser and warmer are more useful than a Tula (which I already have lulzzz) that I kuatkan my semangat to get one. Again from Carousell coz I was sure families grow out of it. Managed to find one with a clean metal plate! (There are many used ones with brown metal plates from calcium deposits, which you can clean with vinegar cuma leceh lah.)

5. Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano Activity Gym
Ok I know, was a little too enthusiastic with this one. I was already strategising/thinking of ways of how to distract her lulz though i probably can’t use it until she’s at least 2 months insyaAllah (approx March/April).

6. Mamypoko Extra Dry Newborn diapers
Hmm I read that you should wait till your baby is born before buying a lot of diapers, so that you can see which brand suits him/her best. But then a pregnant friend on FB shared her diaper stash and I was like hmm I guess it also makes sense to “take the risk” and prepare some packs? So I went on a diaper research and started calculating prices per diaper like a true blue auntie. Snagged a good deal from Lazada on Singles Day ($50.87 vs $71.70), made even sweeter by Shopback’s 9% rebate (-$4.58) woot!

7. Nursing cover from Milc
I went to the Baby Land expo and found it mostly underwhelming! The BabySafe mattress I had in mind is cheaper online..?! To be fair, it was sold by Jarrons (cot brand) and not BabySafe itself. So anyway, the only saving grace from the fair was this super cute cupcake-printed nursing cover. The brand’s IG is @mmmmilcc, though why business pages don’t make themselves public, I’ll never know…

8. Spectra S9+ Breast Pump
Finally ordered from Qoo10. The research process was a bit overwhelming but after talking to colleagues and friends, I gathered that I should get a double pump (as opposed to single pump) and that Spectra is a trustworthy brand from Korea. And that if you buy from Qoo10, you can get it at a steal ($119.90!) albeit with no warranty (or lesser? maybe can send back to Korea but omo so leceh). Anyhoos I picked a portable model (as opposed to hospital grade) so that it’ll be easier to carry around. To be honest, I’m still 50-50 about pumping at work, but we’ll see how it goes…

9. BBB x Solly Baby wrap
I’d been planning to buy a Solly Baby stretchy wrap for some time, after reading a review on the Babywearing Singapore Facebook Group, and decided to wait for the Black Friday sale. Was getting a lil nervous as the USD exchange rate crept up over the weeks (even with the Presidential elections results!) but I’m so happy I waited coz they gave a 20% discount! Yay. Picked a grey with white triangle prints. Watched the tutorial video after adding the item into the cart (lol wrong order of events eh) and it looked manageable enough.

Sooo … with the Black Friday sale this weekend, I ended up grabbing some unplanned things. Like more baby toiletries! Dresses! Bath and Body Works handsoaps! Hai, so bad I tell you. I just hope that in the many months to come, I’ll look back and thank my old self for grabbing the deals while they were there. It’s so funny (and scary) how I hardly batted an eyelid as I added baby dresses into my cart and checked them out. The equivalent for me would be to walk through Zara and happily put things into my basket without reconsidering 2x, 3x, 4x — which I have never done because I would feel so bad about spending three figures on a few pieces of clothes for myself. Haa motherhood and shopping. Watermelon’s not even here yet and I’ve already started. Hoboy!


5 thoughts on “oct/nov baby gear haul

  1. i sold my BFF after few times of wearing cos it’s berat and my shoulder sakit.
    The BRB was a godsend! Love it. We now use it more for travelling instead cos i no longer pack as much now that Nadya is bigger now

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