of lessons learnt and eternal sunshine

alhamdulillah, we hit 7 months πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ always nice when our weekly count hits a multiple of 4, so I can update my lines from “I’m 6 months along” to “7 months”! haha cheap thrill. don’t know whether it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, but I’ve been feeling more tired than usual lately. and also a little uneasy after some meals.

i got into a home accident the other day. it involved my big, fat, high-tech iron — the kind that has an in-built water tank. i had been grumpy all day, and in the evening i needed to iron my tudung just before going out. so i switched on the iron, and waited for 2 mins for the iron to heat up per SOP. after 2 mins, the iron still wasn’t ready. hmmm? i checked. oh, turns out it needed to be de-calc. de-calc is this thing where you’re supposed to drain out the water that collects inside the iron from all the steaming after some time of use. it helps prevent the iron’s metal plate from turning brown. a very, very important thing to note is that you’re supposed to do it after the iron has cooled down…

but anyway, back to my situation.

oh great, i think to myself. i need to iron NOW and you want me to de-calc first? OK FINE. so i switched off the iron, got down on my knees, and started unscrewing the plug.

urgh!!! it’s so tight!!! i got even more annoyed.

finally, the plug came a little loose except … hot steam started oozing out of it. some hot water dripped onto my fingers and thigh. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! i let out what NG called a blood curling shriek as i rolled away. he came running from our room to where i was. i sulkily told him to help me wipe the water on the floor, while i walked to the bathroom to rinse my fingers under the water. luckily my thigh was okay because it was covered by my leggings.

the skin on my right index finger didn’t seem to be visibly damaged, although it throbbed the whole night. it was bearable though, and i felt so, SO stupid and silly for letting it happen to me. and to NG too — poor guy, he was only trying to help his suuuper grumpy wife.

(the next day, i friend-ed my iron again as i accepted that despite its potential hazards, it does make ironing easier and more tolerable.)

but … for the next 1.5 days, i could have sworn i felt lesser movements from Watermelon 😦 i felt anxious and started reflecting. the split-second incident must have sent an *intense* dose of stress hormones towards her. even though i recovered quickly from the incident (well ok, the skin on my finger is still a little shrivelled ha ha), she needed a longer time. it made me realise that she is so closely wired to me, and whatever i do/eat/think will affect her too. poor baby. i was relieved when i felt her kicking more actively again the next next afternoon, and swore to myself that i would feel grateful for her kicks instead of feeling mildly annoyed or distracted by the ticklish sensations. sigh. alhamdulillah ala kulli haal.

speaking of which, I’ve always had this idea that when I’m pregnant, I should be as zen as possible so that I’ll positively influence my baby’s personality and temperament. well … it hasn’t been easy. heh. I find myself getting easily annoyed, especially at strangers, for things like littering or not getting my order right or not holding the lift doors for others. so I’m tryinggg to be extra patient and extra conscious of my thoughts. after all, it’s just three more months of being the best version of myself while she’s inside me, hor?

Watermelon, don’t learn the bad stuff for me ok? I hope you will be born with eternal sunshine in your heart.


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