our baby fair haul

another long mummy/baby post! I’m on a roll. though I suspect my 2nd trimester energy may wear off in the next 4-8 weeks and I’ll be all lembik and whiny again.

glad I came across, pretty early on, the advice to do most of your baby shopping in 2nd tri when you’re most energetic. I won’t lie, part of me in anxious about the “what ifs…” but I’m trying to think positive and have more faith in myself.

anyways, we dropped by the Baby Fair last two weekends at Expo to do some shopping. unfortch I don’t have a nice/kecoh haul picture coz we went home relatively empty handed after arranging for 3 of our big purchases to be delivered, but here’s what we bought.

oh ya, quick side note: I’ve decided to refer to the baby as Watermelon henceforth because (a) they were my first cravings amidst first tri misery and (b) I think their colour combi is so gorgeous.

so anyway, back to the haul:

moo-moo kow portable changing pad (pre-order)

the organisers published some pre-order deals about a month before the fair. I browsed through the listings — feeling overwhelmed by all the bundles (some were suspiciously frilly) — and chanced upon this deal which I thought would be an OK buy. think it was mostly my emotional need of wanting to buy at least one thing from the website.

when I reached the fair on day 2 afternoon, I thought “nvm lah I’ll collect the pads later so that I don’t have to browse other stalls with an annoying plastic bag.” turns out almost everybody collected theirs before me!!! and I was left with 6 plain colours to choose from, though they also have the pads in prints. they got say lah it’s first come first served, but I didn’t know everybody else was going to be so kancheong about it 😦

so now I’m feeling a little tawar hati towards the pads. heh. vain me. hope I eventually find a good use for them… am counting on my diaper bag to give me a cuter one. *sniff*

maclaren quest stroller

I started my research on strollers about 3-4 days before the fair. kecoh babe!! all the brands! other than combi and maclaren, all the other names sounded foreign to me. took a shortcut and chatted with my colleague and mummy friends on what to look out for, and alhamdulillah they gave me some tips such as:

– bigger wheels will ensure a less bumpy ride for baby
– however, strollers with bigger wheels may be bulkier to store
– get those one-hand mechanisms so I can open/close it obamaself while carrying baby
– ensure wheels can swivel; will help with avoiding people in shopping malls (haha)
– seat should be able to recline for baby to lie down or sit up

one of them recommended for us to buy maclaren, so I went straight for the booth. got us a black Quest. it’s higher than my initial budget for strollers, so I hope it’ll serve us long and well. anyway insyaAllah I also plan to baby wear (uh, already got a Tula. and a woven wrap … I should stop. after I buy just ooone more stretchy wrap.) so we may not be too, too reliant on this stroller.

k-mom wipes, nail clipper set, and detergent/softener

never heard of k-mom before. apparently it’s a Korean brand focusing on organic baby products. bought their bundle with 10 packs of wet wipes, 4 packs of baby laundry detergent, 2 packs of baby laundry softener (I think lah, based on the photos) for $100. also bought a baby nail clipper set since they had it and I’ll need it. hopefully the wipes won’t give Watermelon skin problems or I won’t know what to do with all of them. lol.

parklon bubble playmat

it was love at first sight when I saw this on pupsik! and I’m glad NG agreed to get this design hehehe. it was retailing for $265 online but we got it for $200 at the fair, so hurrah! [edited to add: ok but wait, my happiness is shortlived because we ended up missing the delivery and having to pay $15 to reschedule. ouch.]

mama kraken used to have one at her house, even after her cucu-s started attending kindergarten and primary school. because let’s face it, the adults love it too. so squishy and nice to lie on!

pigeon breast pads

got pigeon’s coz I’ve read a few good reviews on them … if I recall correctly. got a box for $12.10; saw fairprice finest selling them for $13++ so uh yay, savings!

avent milk bottles + bottle brush + milk storage bags

got us a newborn starter kit for $40 (saw it retailing for $69 at kiddy palace day after; it became an addiction to check out the prices of our purchases), a bottle brush cleaner which I later realised was unnecessary because there’s already one inside the starter kit … *slaps forehead* and 6 packs of milk storage bags which I also had some insecurities about after. like what if I don’t need them, what am I going to do with 150 of these bags?!?! but yeah I bought 6 because there was a bundle promo and makcik me couldn’t resist. haha.

what we didn’t end up buying from the fair

cot – was eyeing a cot that was being advertised for $169. however when we saw the real thing, it looked too low! I’m all for ergonomics these days, so I decided to give it a pass coz all that bending low to pick up Watermelon ain’t going to be fun.

we eventually bought a used cot off carousell. same brand (jarrons & co) but different model but … I think the one we bought is quite low too. oh crap! so now to find a high mattress to compensate.

also a side note that NG’s friend recommended us to get a playpen because it’s more practical. can use for sleep, play, and nowadays they come with diaper changing stations too. but I really couldn’t warm up to the idea of a playpen. mostly because I’d never seen my niece and nephew playing in one, which made me realise that watching my sister and mama kraken bring them up shapes a lot of my baby gear preferences today.

car seat – coz we were too overwhelmed by the brands and models, and also coz we thought we could save money buying second hand. we eventually bought one from the same seller who sold us the cot. heh. I later read that it’s not good to buy second hand car seats coz you don’t know if the previous owners have been in an accident, which may affect the usefulness of the car seat. whoops! but wow it sure is an expensive thing to discard once your kid outgrows it.

breast pump – I already know that I want the Spectra S9+. the bundle deal that was offered during the fair was not cheap, I guess because it had a lot of things inside. planning to order from a Korean supplier on Qoo10. it won’t come with a warranty, but I think the $200+ savings (compared to buying a set with local warranty) may justify it. hee.

so yes these days I’m very kemaruk baby gear. told myself not to buy any more baby clothes because I already bought a bunch, so am focusing on the bulkier and/or more expensive stuff. i’ll have to wait for nov’s pay check to continue my purchases, since i blew my entire oct baby fund over one weekend hee. then hopefully by late dec/early jan we can start washing her clothes and setting up her cot, playmat, etc. can’t wait for the time to meet you, Watermelon! πŸ€— insyaAllah.


11 thoughts on “our baby fair haul

  1. There’s another baby fair (Baby Baby Exhibition) coming soon in 2-4 December at Singapore Expo. Futhermore, I reckon there is Christmas sale for baby stuff as well.

  2. You can use the moomoo kow changing pad as a mattress protector from diaper leakage,m… Or as a home changing pad. I find it more convenient to have one changing pad for home and one permanently in the diaper bag cos one less thing to pack & unpack haha

  3. The cots usually can adjust the height babe. Mine is Jarrons & Co one. When Nadya was smaller, cot was on the highest point but eventually u’ll have to lower it down cos they’ll start to pull themselves up and climb over it. True story cos Nadya pernah jayuh from climbing over the cot. Hahahaha

    • yeahhh, I saw that the one we bought has 9 levels. but even the highest looks too low? or maybe I’m overly worried for the newborn phase la.

      and wahh babies are not to be underestimated eh! speaking of which, how long did she sleep in her cot until? 😬

  4. ahhh i remember shopping for first baby!! and now… apa benda eh nak beli? HAHAHAHAHA.

    but i damn sure now want a cot – i cannot give up my bed now that S is no longer sleeping with us!!

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