other ramblings and our detailed scan

1. we got a nice 20-week present from the lil one the other day. NG got to feel her kick! his jakun face was both awww and funny. and then he asked me “that wasn’t you, right?”

I can understand why he could mistake it as one of my six-pack abs doing a quick flex, but no, it wasn’t me 😒

2. just ordered earth mama angel stuff from iherb whoop whoop. also spent some time browsing through the pre-order deals for the Oct baby fair, but frankly, still feeling lost among all the baby paraphernalia. meh.

3. nothing makes NG move faster than the magic words, “can you bring me my pail?”

4. bought maternity jeans and uh, leggings from h&m last week. was soooo happy with them. the jeans with its maternity band made my bump look smoother (and cuter? lulz puji sendiri) because heyyy no more muffin top! my next mini project is to stow away “pre-pregnancy clothes” under my bed coz no point for them to occupy my super limited (thanks to BTO housing) wardrobe space.

5. my latest strange happenings? dry skin. which gives me mild rashes on my wrists and legs. what a dirty word, rashes. especially in the current climate of the zika scare. insyaAllah the itches are from the dry skin and not anything more alarming. Google says that the trick is to avoid moisturiser without fragrance, which rules out 90% of my moisturiser collection. thanks. I found a travel sized bottle of no nonsense Nivea cream, so hopefully it rescues me from myself.

6. been occasionally working up a storm of a sinus these days. read that pregnancy hormones can also cause sinus, hai. this morning I asked NG to make me a tissue box handbag, you know like tie a raffia string to our Kleenex box so I can go around the house with easy access to tissues…

then I realised this is the sort of “letting go” that pre-marriage courses warn you about, so I cancelled my request.

7. my pregnancy hormones are on fire 🔥🔥 started with a work event last weekend — a public talk — where I felt extra intolerant of silly people. why are they everywhere?previously I felt ~depressed~ coz of the blues, but this is a different feeling. I want to bite people’s heads off so bad if they annoy me the slightest bit.

8. we went for our detailed scan and it’s a … girl! toldja 😉

I’m glad I’m right so that I don’t have to get taunted by NG for being soooo confident that it was a girl. I’m also glad I’m right coz what if all that thinking it was a girl makes my boy a little … lembut? heh.

to be honest, I’ve always fantasised that my firstborn would be a boy. even when I was a young un at 17 years old. haha mentelll. when I first found out I was pregnant, I harboured some hope that it was gonna be a boy. until that fateful morning where I was namastay-ing in bed and then I caught a whiff of NG’s manly smells (cologne and facial wash la) and felt disturbed — that was when I first suspected that hmmm maybe this one is a girl after all.

oh well, flower preens rompers from carter’s: ORDERED!


6 thoughts on “other ramblings and our detailed scan

  1. I LOVE the Earth Mama Angel Baby bottom balm for Danyal! I use it on him everywhere, not just his bottom, and any redness or rash or anything… just goes away.
    Pregnancy gave me dry skin too.. only on my face around my mouth and nose. Sometimes that area even looks/feels raw *cry*. But it went away pretty much right after birth!

    • ok yay! I picked up one of that, together with the teas and bottom spray for mummies heh.

      oh man, I get the dry skin around nose and mouth when I travel and it’s unpleasanttt. glad the rashes are just a temporary thing … insyaAllah!

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