the elephant in the room

my bump’s at that stage where friends are like guessing it’s 65% baby, 35% rendang. not wanting to take the 35% risk that they’ll offend me, they resort to whispering with each other discussing whether I’m pregnant or not. haha! and for me, I still find it awkward to announce my pregnancy smoothly in conversations, especially in group settings. and so the elephant in the room is born: is kraken pregnant, or not? do I need to tell them that I’m pregnant, or not? *awkward*

anyway, I’ve been recording my journey in entries that are now published πŸ˜„ if it’s the sort of thing you like to read (warning: I talk about throwing up a wee bit too much), you can check out part 1, part 2, and part 3.

like BTB blogging, I hesitated at first. but then I realised that I was digging up again all the pregnancy posts that I have ever come across — in other words, stalking people’s old entries — to reaffirm my own strange experiences. so here’s hoping my entries will one day do the same for someone. heh.

I mean I was very blur lor. the small things can be so surprising. for example, it took me a few days to realise that I was experiencing morning sickness. in TV shows, it’s always shown as a sudden bout of vomitting, with no warning. nobody told me that morning sickness can also be prolonged nausea that makes you want to curl up in bed all day errday (even when you’re on holiday in another city!) or hang a flag above your office desk that says “Please don’t talk to me, I’m not interested in conversations.”

I haven’t recorded pregnancy updates in a while, for a reason I explained in part 3. insyaAllah I’ll share about our next appointment, where we find out the gender! it’s taking me all the willpower in the world not to presumptively add things to my cart on carter’s. haha.

for now, labour is still a little far in my mind. i think of it as skydiving: something i’m super scared about, but committed to. and i take comfort in the fact that so many people before me have experienced it and have come out okay, so insyaAllah, i will be okay too.


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