proud homeowners us

over the long national day weekend last month, we followed the rite of passage for 80% of Singaporeans by moving into our own HDB flat. so it’s almost been a month of staying on our own πŸ™‚

there were a lot of adjustments to make but as pointless as it sounds, I can’t recall much now. haha. at first doing something different felt like a change, but soon after it became the norm. top of my head, some of these things are: planning my outfits for the week in advance and ironing them one shot over the weekend (used to decide what to wear + iron matching tudung every morning); planning our meals (maaaan it was hardly an issue when we were staying with our mums); trying to keep up with a weekly cleaning schedule … toilets especially was something that I didn’t have to clean previously hee. oh yah and also discovering each other’s habits and patterns at a bigger scale, and then scuffling over them πŸ˜‡

moving in & settling down

when we first moved in, our house was missing a lot of things: couch, coffee table, tv console, tv, fridge, washing machine, dining table, small appliances, INTERNET… but we had to proceed with moving because my parents had to vacate their house for their buyers, and they had engaged a mover so we thought we could tumpang their services. we ended up having to pay for our own trip ($300) but it was still worth it considering that they did ALL the heavy lifting and helped dismantle our storage bed and set it back up — something I was very worried about. it was quite sad eating our breakfast on top of our boxes on the first few days though. lol.

oh yeah and I cried before leaving my mum’s house for my new one, asking myself why I had to grow up. lolol. ok I just teared from typing that.

so anyway, our biggest lesson from moving into our new house was: sign up with your internet service provider early! we were busy and left it to a few days before the move. then we discovered that the earliest apmt we could get for cabling and set up was only the following week soooo we burned through our data plans in our first week of moving in. some more there were rio olympics videos that I wanted to watch immediately on toggle. I did try calling Starhub to charm the call centre guy into giving us an earlier apmt date, but best he could offer was the day before, which I grabbed anyway because dah desperate.

our block is still fairly empty and we’re the only ones on our floor. I kinda like it actually! heh. it’s quiet, private, and we easily get the best parking lots. perhaps coz our unit is near the lift landing and disposal chute, so it doesn’t scare me that rest of our level is empty.

hosting guests

we hosted my friends over the weekend and boy, it’s like a mini preview of hosting a hari raya open house seh. we went marketing for ingredients, cooked, cleaned the whole house, squeezed in laundry, then fried finger food and reheated the dishes and made drinks just before they arrived. tiring pe! but also satisfying and nice lah. I remember being super thankful that our house is small haha. looking at the bright side of our 90 sq m home!

so what did we cook? roti kirai! amacam, pro tak? actually we got mama kraken to come over last week to teach us how to cook it lulz. we figured that we needed to rehearse first before anyhow cooking for other people. insyaAllah next week we’re hosting NG’s colleagues, and the menu is … tulang! but MIL is helping us cook it lah hee. though we will probably try to learn from her too.

so yep, ending this entry with our first selfie in our new house. trying to enjoy our matrimonial home as it is now as much as poss, coz insyaAllah come next Jan, it’s gonna be population: 3!


29 thoughts on “proud homeowners us

  1. Hello, I’ve been a silent reader since your wedding planning days. Just thought I’d show myself now because I need to wish you CONGRATULATIONS!! :’) :’) It’s like I’ve watched you grow up lol sorry if I sound stalkerish.
    Godspeed!! πŸ™‚

  2. Lovely insight into moving in. I wasn’t even thinking about internet, what it would be like to live in a barely furnished home, nor being one of the first to move in. InsyaAllah my time will come next year.

    Congratulations on this big step and on your pregnancy :))

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