salam ramadhan + house updates

salam ramadhan! hope everyone’s having a fulfilling ramadhan this year.

since a few years ago, I find each ramadhan a little more challenging than the last. perhaps it comes with growing older, cos with each year, balancing work with the early waking hours feels more tiring.

I was just reminiscing about how my first day of full time work happened to be on 1 Ramadhan some years back. for the entire month, I would go out for lunch with my Chinese colleagues and watch them eat. those were the good ole days where our team was just 5-6 of us and we were close knit enough to be lunching together every day.

nowadays I prefer to stone at my desk or steal a nap at the sofa area in the staff lounge. and I consider myself strong if I manage to walk to another building to run an errand lolol. oh how my energy level has changed…

this year I’m still very lucky to be bunking with my parents, alhamdulillah πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ mama kraken does almost everything wrt sahur and buka for us. haiz. felt a bit emotional thinking about this a few days ago. our last buka and sahur with her in this house will be this Fri night and Sat morning insyaAllah, because they leave for umrah on Sat afternoon and sell the house in August. and anyway, NG and I are due to move out around early August too so yeah. bittersweet … more so because I’ve lived in the house all my life so I’ve had countless sleepy sahurs and happy bukas in the dining room. I can only pray that Allah swt rewards my mum generously for her hard work and sacrifice despite her age πŸ˜”πŸ˜­

officially home owners

anyhoos! we collected our keys last week. didn’t read the letter properly, so we didn’t settle our fire insurance before meeting the HDB officer. oops! she buat pokerface je but in her heart she must have rolled her eyes at us. I know I would, just like how I sigh at my phone at people who neh read my Carousell descriptions closely. hoho.

we checked out our house immediately after coz we are so semangat like that. rolled a pineapple and all. ok kidding, we didn’t. I just like to joke that we did. then we returned in early afternoon with our ID who helped point out defects e.g. slight dent in door, uneven grouting (which she says will hurt when walking barefoot), some cracks. honestly, I’m not super bothered by them. maybe coz it was a hot afternoon and I was tired from all the standing (yelah, rumah baru mana ada kerusi).

we also did a bit of space planning by visualising the length of our wardrobe and measuring the ideal lengths of our sofa, dining table, etc. the next day, NG filed the list of defects with the building service centre (BSC) who said it’ll take 14 working days. so for now we’re still waiting for that to complete so that reno can start.

appliance + furniture shopping

meanwhile! we went appliances shopping and furniture browsing over the weekend. we checked out Gain City Sungei Kadut, which I totes recommend! it was a one-stop for us and the service was pretty good. salespeople are approachable and not pushy, willing to point out flaws of certain products, and helped pass us to another colleague such that we had a pretty seamless experience throughout even though we had 4 different people serve us.

we bought a washing machine, fridge, hob, hood, oven, and TV. omg! so adult. we wanted to buy the smaller appliances like rice cooker and airpot too, but mama kraken suggested waiting for contributions to roll in. lolol. which is a good point, coz NG then remembered that his sister offered to buy us something, so then we told her rice cooker please.

side story: NG and I couldn’t agree whether we should get a fridge with the freezer on top or bottom. in the end he gave in to me, heh heh. partly because the salesperson said the model I shortlisted has a slightly better cooling system than the one he shortlisted. hurrah. so bottom freezer it is!

also I’m really glad we brought along our parents coz my mum knew all the right questions to ask with regard to the hob and hood. we had no idea what to consider πŸ€” plus she worked her makchick charm to help ask for discounts and free gifts hahaha. love it.

there’s gonna more house errands this weekend… I gotta feeling we won’t be celebrating raya too much this year coz we’ll need the precious weekends to shop, pack, and move. nonetheless am sure the house will be worth it, insyaAllah 😊


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