first wedding anniversary

I started this blog 15 months before the wedding, and whaddyaknow. it’s our first wedding anniversary today! alhamdulillah; all praises to Allah swt.

well, one year is still early into this journey. I want to naively wish that our marriage will always be in its sweet newlyweds phase. haha..ha. I read an article some time back about a guy who managed to do it so maybe it’s not impossible k!

it’s been a fun 12 months, even though there were tough and bitter moments. the first few months were the hardest, I think. I’m thankful for having NG as a spouse, for being someone who looks out for and after me, for being super duper patient with me. this part very important eh, espesh when I’m not as logical a thinker as he is. haha.

I … feel like a different person now than I was before I married. even the pre-wedding (ahem, dating) days feel like a distant memory, like an old world I used to live in. nonetheless, I realise that I like mdm kraken more than miss kraken. having someone to live for makes me a little more grown up, grounded, and more considerate. and also having a husband to dress up and look good for gives me a legit excuse to be shopping for make up, skin care products, new clothes etc etc. heh heh. if done right, boleh dapat pahala pe … insyaAllah šŸ˜€ everything in moderation, of course!

our next couple milestone is waiting for our house keys (some more). I log in to HDB everrry day to check. asik “2nd Quarter 2016” aje. bleah. one block within our project has already started getting their keys since late Apr, so ours should be anytime soon, or so I think ….. šŸ˜’ (my tired-of-waiting face)

I previously mentioned that we’re going to do minimal reno and that we wanna engage contractors ourselves instead of an interior designer. clearly I didn’t know what I was talking about coz things are so not headed there now. heh. we have engaged an ID, and gatal me/us are getting some frills in our reno plans. like breaking down walls and overlaying tiles in the toilet for the resort look kinda stuff. very excited for what’s to come, so here’s hoping renovation goes smoothly insyaAllah. my parents plan to sell their house so we neeeed to move out by say Aug or we’ll be homeless like furreals.

if I may leave unsolicited advice for BTBs based on my recent experience:

1. have a house plan ready. if planning to apply for BTO, do it early. parents are important, and living with them helps ensure constant contact, but as a married couple you may eventually crave for your own space. so at least give yourself this option.

2. save hard for reno and furnishing. once you start planning, you will want everything. and once you walk into Robinsons, that’s it. everything also want to buy. haha.

3. if you’re particular about weight, then better watch it. coz extra weight loves them some newly married couples. spoken from experience! anyway this is just if you’re weight conscious lah.

to many more married years ahead, insyaAllah. ā¤


7 thoughts on “first wedding anniversary

  1. MasyaAllah. One year already … Congrats and may you guys be blessed with happily married lives until Jannah !

    Hahaha true true so true about unsolicited advice number 3. Kadang2 termenung sender memikirkan macamane boleh tergemuk sebegini sekali… padahal before wedding mati2 nak maintain slim ahahaha

    • haha termenung sender eh. yea I was just reading old entries about how hard I strove to lose weight to fit into my baju and *poof* all efforts gone.

      anyhoos, thank you thank you for the sweet dua. May Allah swt bless your marriage with barakah too my dear!

      • hahaha something like abang payung eh? see la i typed payung typo insisted on ‘paying’. tau2 je dia abang yang selalu paying haha..

        it’s supposed to be termenung sendiri hahaha

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