the quest for perfect skin: 2016 update

I’ve been all over the place lately, with too many new interests. at first it was doing 8-min Tabata HIIT exercises in the morning. then it was drinking Herbalife shakes. and then the worst came: Korean dramas. omggg. it started when I was equipping myself with entertainment for our flight to NZ. my friend had recommended me Descendants of the Sun. now that the series has ended, I’m catching up on an old series which my friend gushed about like 2 years ago – Fated to Love You. squeaaaal! I am so invested in the couple can. my life now revolves around the next pocket of free time where I can stream the show.

so anyway, a natural derivative of k dramas is the Korean skin care regime. I mean seriously. come on man. WHY do Koreans have such good skin?!?! all over the world!

if you search the regime online, you can find articles about the 10-step regime. haha. beauty comes with a price eh. or what’s that saying – there are no ugly women, just lazy ones. reading up about them was good though, cos it helped me make better sense of the products in Korean skin care shop. otherwise the only thing I know to buy is the cleansing foam, particularly the rice water one from The Face Shop.

double cleansing

I first posted about my quest for perfect skin here. the quest is still onz, so todayyy I’m going to gush about the concept of double cleansing.

the Korean skin care regime prescribes that you wash your face twice: once with an oil-based cleanser to remove make up, dirt, excess oil; and then again with a water-based cleanser. I bought Innisfree’s Green Tea balancing cleansing oil. I apply two pumps onto a dry face, then add water to “emulsify” the make up, then wash off. then I use my usual cleanser.

(šŸ“·: Innisfree)

and ohhh maybe it’s just psychological, but my face does feel cleaner after each wash. and my skin seems to absorb my treatment (still using The Regimen’s Benzoyl Peroxide 1.5 years on!) faster and better. love ittt.

for those who are already familiar with double cleansing: aisehman, you should have shared with me earlier.

for those who are not: come come, there is a new world waiting. happy double cleansing! šŸ˜€


9 thoughts on “the quest for perfect skin: 2016 update

    • beli beli beli! now I can’t imagine not double cleansing hehe. and yes, their rice water foam is a good start to Korean skin care! btw my Hong Kong friend said her mum taught her to use real rice water to wash her face lol. betul punya organic ni

  1. Innisfree saved me from sanding with skin full of acne ! Loved it!

    But the double cleansing is only for those wearing makeup ?

    • wahhh so you saw noticeable difference eh? hmm yeah it’s recommended mostly for make up wearers. nonetheless I like using it in the morning to help me remove the prev’s night treatment plus oil šŸ˜¬ coz my face quite oily, espesh when it’s been so hot lately!

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