a public service reminder to BTBs on borrowing items

a recent ordeal motivated me to write a friendly public service reminder, so here goes!

to all brides to be, do remember to assign a bridesmaid or family member to help you return borrowed items for your wedding in a timely manner, which basically means asap.

this person could either
(a) help return the items on your behalf or
(b) help drive you around so that you can return these items to the relevant people

these outstanding/borrowed items can be accessories from your mak andam, cake stand from your cake vendor, the decorations and items from your dulang hantaran vendor, etc.

please try to return within same day of or max 1-2 days after your wedding. also good to do so before your honeymoon, because once you return, you’ll be so obsessed and overwhelmed at the same time with your new role and lifestyle as a wife and daughter in law etc that resuming wedding-related errands will feel so yesterday and will take a lot of inertia to overcome. I know coz I took 6-7 months to collect my photo album from my photographer! haha.

it would also be courteous to not make the person have to chase you repeatedly for the items. do reply messages promptly like how you wish your vendors to do so. don’t make it seem like they are the ones who owe you something when you are the one holding on to their belongings 😉

and if, nauzubillah, should you accidentally damage the item you borrowed, do inform them as soon as it happens. if you wait for them to ask you, it makes the annoying situation even more annoying. if it is easily replaceable, lucky you for having a way out. if it is not, it would be best to have an open discussion on how to best make good. understand that some items are sentimental, people’s favourites and may not be easy to find. espesh those that were bought overseas from far away and painstakingly lugged home…

we may be raja sehari (kings and queens for a day) but it certainly does not free us from our obligations to other people. if all this sounds like common sense, you are right. which is why it is super disappointing to come across people who don’t take this seriously. I’m sure everyone wants to transit from wedding day into marriage life on a good note and with a lot of barakah, right? so make tying the loose ends from your wedding reception a priority / couple activity in the first few days of being married. 

lastly… I hate to be a wet blanket in this online BTB community… be wary before you help or stick your neck out to strangers. some people may sound sensible in their entries but it takes only one experience to reveal their character…or lack thereof. 😌

ok back to regular programming, girls!


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