a snapshot of life right now 6/2/16

we finally collected our albums after like 8 months of being married lolol. talk about pemalas much! there was so much inertia to head to our photographer’s house to collect hee. the funny thing is that the 3 heavily pregnant ladies in the photos have all given birth, and their kids are like 4-6 months already seh.

I drafted a post some time back about #marriedwomeninsidejokes. the gist was that a friend’s friend got married so I kirim-rd my well wishes to my friend: 

in my draft entry, I went on to talk about how marriage sometimes makes me feel bitter, and how I observed a transformation in my married friends too. after the blissful honeymoon period is over, they look more tired, more highly strung, more short tempered. it’s like we are all fighting our own struggles and have less mental and emotional resources for everything else.

so yeah, it was a really dark entry coming from a less happy time in my life. alhamdulillah things are much, much better now. we even laughed about my mean exchange.

which was why I thought I would do a snapshot of my life right now. alhamdulillah, life is simple and good. work is a tad more bearable these days, and I remember feeling glad to be part of the team on one of our more light-hearted days. business is good too, alhamdulillah, at the expense of NG who must put up with my frequent whining though. hehe. ran into some issues so was obsessed with researching on solutions for a while. the New Zealand trip with his friends is happening, and we have (OK, NG has) been planning the details. I’m facing a little dilemma as to whether to go skydiving or not. on one hand it’s a once in a lifetime thing for me, I don’t want to regret pushing myself kind of thing. on the other hand it’s like am I forcing myself to be like so and so who have all skydived before? coz I don’t like roller coasters and for a long time I din even dare to jump into the pool… speaking of which, canyoning and cliff jumping are on the cards too. *face turns blue*

Reno is once again, stagnant. I think after Chinese New Year I’ll start approaching companies. there was a time when I felt emotional about moving out, but these days I feel more objective about it. the other day I caught myself feeling excited over a box of 8 different coloured cleaning cloths for the kitchen from Japan Home haha.

sooo that is life these days. alhamdulillah for everything. despite the tough moments, marriage is truly a blessing. so fun to be doing more things together heheh 😀


2 thoughts on “a snapshot of life right now 6/2/16

  1. I have the exact same struggles with skydiving too omg! Macam kalau tak skydive macam wasted cause go all the way there and never skydive! TAPI WHAT IF I PENGSAN AND DIE THEN HOW. Hahhahahhah tu lah dia….badan aje besar!!

    • hahaha insyaAllah tak pengsan ah! the other thing I scared of is what if I dun have the guts to jump. then it’s #byebyemoney. haiz. those who have jumped encouraged me to goje. meh. you planning to go next year kan!!

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