vendeur + my recent venture!

Hallo! Guess who borong-ed at Vendeur Festival in JB over the weekend das right so clever me me me! So the vital stats: think I spent about RM750 ($250) for 1 pair of pants, 2 shawls, 3 maxi dress/jubah, and about 6 tops. Not bad la hor? And now to convince myself not to shop for the next 6 months or so…

This year’s VF at Persada Convention Centre is a lot smaller than last year’s. Think we covered all the stalls in 2-3h? Boo, boring! Last year I think I spent 5-6h browsing thru the stalls, and the reason we stopped was coz money was running out and my sandals broke and we were worried it would get dark outside ahha. I’ve also not heard of 90% of the brands this year, but that one no biggie lah. As long as they sell decent stuff for good price, I’m good. Plus only a handful of Malaysian brands excluding the celebrity-driven ones have penetrated the Sg market.

Other than that the shopping experience was pleasant. It wasn’t too crowded and the sellers were generally friendly (some TOO friendly/enthusiastic even — sorry! so cerewet I know) so ok ah puas jugak.

Some photos from their official IG, Photos taken by @akugraphy

there were quite a few guy promoters wearing their stalls’ baju haha. there was one who wore a maxi skirt and swooped down like a samurai warrior to invite us to his stall

it was war of the loudhailers and microphones as everyone promoted their deals! so kecoh.

the promoters from Maula Cosmetics, a malaysian brand. they sold serum and cleansers. bought their bb cream to try hee.

My friend and I agreed that next year onwards we’ll stick to KL Muslimah fashion festivals. And actually! Mood Republik organised a Year End Sale (YES) Festival at KL PWTC last two weekends! Wah if we knew earlier we would have changed plans seh. She said it looked good over Instagram. Haiz. So next year no matter who the organiser is, as long as it’s at KL PWTC, kiter goje. InsyaAllah kalau murah rezeki! *insert puppy dog eyes towards NG*

My friend’s husband grudgingly said “dah lah next year you two go yourselves.” 😂 

So actually, we extended our JB trip to a 3d2n staycay. Ikr, so semangattt. In early Dec I managed to snag us rooms at The Puteri Pacific (formerly known as Puteri Pan Pacific — same same but different) which is next door to Persada hee. Phew, considering the hotel (and all other JB hotels) ended up being fully booked over the long Christmas weekend.

Alhamdulillah everything worked out so nicely, coz NG’s friend invited us to his family’s JB home for a BBQ on Fri night (macam tahu aje!). And on Sat night, our friends joined us for dinner at Senibong and board games in our hotel room lulz. So all in all a great staycay. I mean JB’s so near, espesh Puteri PanPac (can’t shake off old name) which is like a stone throw away from the checkpoint, that I think it falls under “staycay” and not “holiday”. We paid about $80/night for the Princess Deluxe BUT I only just realised, while preparing this entry, that the hotel had upgraded us to the Executive Deluxe!!! no wonder our room was high up and quite big! *beams* Perhaps this is the advantage of booking directly with them instead of going thru Agoda… we got bumped up, hurrah!

That’s all i have to share about my shopping weekend. Moving on… a short advertisement:

calling make up addicts and beauty junkies!

remember my last entry where I shared how life has been idyllic? gatal me decided to start a little venture reselling/importing make up from the USA. mostly lip products from now, and some creme gel eye liners. these are on my Carousell and Shopee pages under @rafsiecakes 🙂

a quick comparison between the two:

Carousell – good if you already established a profile and track record. very easy to use.

Shopee – app is a little more complex. you pay upfront but Shopee will hold your payment from the seller until you have received your item. so a little more assurance there. the listings are not as varied as on Carousell BUT the huge perk is that they’re aggressive about attracting new users, so there are discount codes aplenty. discounts can be $3, $4 or $5 but ok lah kan!

I already have some listings published and a few more in my pipeline. there will be lipsticks in the $1x, $2x and $3x range, so hopefully there’s something to fit everyone’s budget and aspirations. hope to chat with some of you thru my Carousell and Shoppee accounts! 😉


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