I miss blogging! But there hasn’t been any substantial developments to blog about. I’m almost embarrassed to share that our newly-ish married life with no kids and staying with parents has been pretty idyllic. In the recent weekends, NG and I would look at each other and wonder how we should spend our time. It almost feels like we have too much free time?! Lulz.

So yes alhamdulillah life has been really good, and I’m grateful :’)

Our next milestone will be renovating our “matrimonial home”, insyaAllah kalau panjang umur and murah rezeki. Our BTO is due to be completed in 2Q 2016, which means that we are 6 months away. Right now there are still some scaffoldings on the buildings within our project, and some of the blocks have not been fully painted.

2-3 years ago, people said BTO projects had a tendency to be completed 6 months earlier. Looking at the projects in my neighbourhood, including mine, I’m convinced that trend is fading.

I dream of moving into our own home on our persuading anniversary. [It’s a reference to the Chicken Nut Bread YouTube video – please watch if you haven’t! Love it.] Thought the timing would be chun to launch ourselves properly into alam rumahtangga. Think chores, groceries, cooking, utilities bills… woo! We, especially me, have been so sheltered staying with my parents. Tee hee. I mean ya of course we contribute to household expenses but I’m so removed from full fledged household chores and grocery shopping and having to settle bills and fix problems with electrical appliances and buy new ones etc etc. Sounds like one year from now life is going to be preeetty different, huh.

We have a super modest reno budget, and consequently minimal plans. If I’m rajin, I’ll document my journey here k so that fellow couples with similar budgets have some reference.

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Vendeur Festival (read: huge muslimah fashion flea market) is coming to JB (Persada Convention Centre, really near the checkpoint!) on 26-27 Dec!!! I went to last year’s in KL Matrade. overall I had a gooood shopping experience, minus us being stranded without transport out. haha.

if you love jalan padi emas and jalan plumbum seksyen 7, then girrrl (or rather, sisterrr) you should definitely go! it’s left right centre shawls, jubahs, maxi dresses, long sleeve tops etc. just hope this year got good vendors… but anyways, insyaAllah I’m still going! 😹


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      • Thanks thanks thanks! Even tho kan, I baru tgk tau yg percentage yg the units offered vs people who applied. FUYOHHH. the demand is like almost 4 times more than the supply eh! gigit jariii seh! We can only hope for the best!! and cepat la blog pasal reno! hahahahhaha

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