NG and I thought it would be nice to relieve our honeymoon NYC Smogasburg experience, so we decided to check out the Foodgasmfest in Petaling Jaya over the weekend on Sun, 1 Nov. FGF was held at Dataran Petaling Jaya, a Singapore Padang-like field.

I know, I just complained about gaining weight after marriage, yet here we are, travelling some 360km north juuust for a food fest. Lulz.

But that’s only irony #1.

Irony #2? I was supposed to run 10km in the Great Eastern Women’s Run on Sun but I ditched it for FGF. Hee. #champion

We drove up to KL on Sat, after a late night at Halloween Horror Night on Fri(!). By “we” I mean NG who did all the driving teehee.

On Sun, NG suggested for us to take the train to FGF. I, still traumatised by the incident where my friend and I were stranded without transport at Vendeur Festival at Matrade last year, suggested we drove there instead. It was about a 20-min drive from our hotel which is near-ish KLCC. Though it turned out that there was an LRT station close by FGF so we would have been fine taking public transport.

Luckily we were super onz tourists who set out for the festival in the morning. By the time we reached (10am?), there was already a small bottleneck on the road, and cars parked by the side of the roads. NG spotted a mall so we parked there instead.

We were very excited to see all the tents. As we approached,

NG: Do I have enough money? (looks at his RM300) I think not enough.

“hmmmm which one do i go to first…”

Earlier in the week, I worried about the haze. The organisers had promoted a picnic concept, so we brought along two mats with us, but who wants to picnic in the haze right? It turns out that I didn’t have to worry because it rained cats and dogs on Sat night.

Except you know, it rained cats and dogs on Sat night. Which meant that the field was daaaamn muddy. At first I regretted not wearing my slippers. Then I saw how NG’s slippers would get stuck in the mud. As he tried to dislodge them, little mud balls would fling into the air. So my dear NG ended up having mud on the back of his jeans, some of his shirt, and maybe even some in his hair. I also had a little speck of mud on my tudung k, so the mud REALLY flew high. Eww.

But we travelled 360km all the way there right? So ok la cannot let our mood get dampened so fast. We walked around the stalls, carefully watching our steps. There were over 100 vendors so after a while it got a bit overwhelming on what to buy. So here’s what we got:

first up, a safe hipster drink. think it was RM6 or RM8.

rocky road. i’m a sucker for marshmallows. this was a lil too sweet (and trust me when i say too sweet cos i have a super sweet can-eat-cake-icing kinda tooth) for my first meal in the morning.

we were intrigued by the sotong. korean style, apparently.

i thought we would be getting the whole sotong. i think they did sell those, but probably called a different thing from what we ordered. anyway this was damn pedas and my lips were tots on fiyahhh 🔥🔥🔥

another hipster thai ice milk tea drink to calm my tongue down

Halfway I got a bit restless from all the walking, so we sat down at the grand stand. (Not gonna dirty my picnic mats! *ngada-ngada*)

someone brought their mobile oven y’all!

couple strolling in front of a yellow truck. artistic tak my gambar?

While people watching I noticed that the food trucks seemed popular, so I randomly picked one to queue up at.

sanggup queue so long even though i had no idea what they sold. haha. so singaporean. turns out they sold spaghetti. it was decent but not really wowzers.

I had split up with NG at this point, so he could get us other food, and grew more restless while waiting for him to find me. By then it was starting to get humid, and the crowds were building up.

Sat down again while NG waited for our drinks to be ready. I was starting to get really flustered and hot and bothered by then.

first we had to queue up at this drink stall then we had to wait 15-20 min for them to make our drinks.

while waiting for the drinks, i went to get ice cream. this mexican-ish stall i approached had a flavour called Key Lime Pie. “cool!” i thought, “it’s gonna be just like solero!” but no. the popsicle had actual pie inside. so… i… didnt finish it. 🙈

the long awaited drink. to its credit, it was sedap. thank you to NG who determinedly waited in front of the stall while i whined that i needed a seat.

NG bought these mac and cheese balls (macaroni balls rolled and into a ball and then fried) which frankly were not that great.

last purchase from the fest: strawberry soda. the stall didn’t have a queue and they were priced RM4 and NG liked it (what is up with guys and strawberries) so thumbs up to this one.

Then it was time to leave, yay. From the first time we sat down, I’d noticed that the traffic surrounding the area seemed to get worst. So I was dreading the drive out, thinking we would be stuck for an hour just to get out of the car park to the main road to the expressway.

But we were very lucky. Although there was a queue of cars going out, the line moved. At first it was a little slow on the expressway and then the jam cleared up, so we reached our hotel earlier than expected. Alhamdulillah!

The traffic going to PJ was not pretty, though. We passed by a loooong queue, equal to say 2-3 exits on the PIE. Reason for the jam? A sand truck couldn’t get past the cars that were parked on the sides of a slip road….. so pitiful.

Some of the festival-goers later took their unhappiness to the event page on Facebook. I was reading the posts back in the hotel. Fun! They griped about the mud, the jam, the lack of parking, the long queues, and the overpriced food :/ And apparently some stalls closed for lunch. The people were like “hello? we are here to buy lunch?” Also some stalls sold out by 2pm, when the festival was supposed to end at 10pm. The organisers then addressed the feedback through a FB post.

So yeah overall I think NG and I got super lucky by going early and escaping the jam and the huge huge crowds. As I scrubbed my feet in the bath tub, I told myself to pretend that it was a mud spa. Haha.

Overall the food was ok-ok je to me. I wish I found corn in a cup. The Mexican version we had in Smogasburg was sooooo good. And also lobster roll. That would have been yums.

Alhamdulillah the KL trip was still fruitful and enjoyable. We visited our friend Tony Roma’s at Pavillion – my favourite! love their service – and I got to check out Publika for the first time. Love it! Restocked my supply of contact lens. Also bought kain from the new Jakel Mall and sent it for tailoring. And I, I, got to lay my eyes on Zul Ariffin at Publika. Oh yeaaaah.


  1. aimi · November 4, 2015

    hahaha u ditched 10K for foodgasm fest. Afterall, I guess the mud spa was totally worth it.

    • the wedding kraken · November 4, 2015

      haha whoops :p during the decision making time, the haze got worse so I wasn’t too optimistic abt the run also. Did you run? Heard weather ended up being great!

      • aimi · November 5, 2015

        I didnt either. haha

  2. farnamals · November 4, 2015

    OMG JEALOUS! I wanted to go!!! I love food fests, still quite bummed I couldn’t make it to Smorgasburg in NYC (This calls for a return trip haha)

    A little surprised why people are shocked by the overpriced food, though? Hipster-inspired / artisanal / gourmet (legit or otherwise) food served at hip events such as this have always been overpriced, and will always be. You’re paying a little more for social media-friendly food (packaging & presentation), if the food and/or drink tastes REALLY good then that’s just a bonus haha

    • the wedding kraken · November 4, 2015

      omg just yesterday we were dreaming about a return trip too :p this time during winter!

      the queues at Smogasburg was quite rabak. then I saw FGF so I realise long queues are just part and parcel of food fests. boo. you’re right about the prices though… we probably paid for packaging more than anything. really wish it hadn’t been so lecak..!

  3. nrms_x · November 4, 2015

    you make me hungrraaayyyyy! Nmpak sedap!

    • the wedding kraken · November 4, 2015

      oopsie! haha yeah fun ah seeing all the varieties. this is their 3rd year so not surprised if they do another one next year!

  4. zuraxxn · November 4, 2015

    Cup in a corn?? Must be damn hipster this one. Haha!! Anyway I wished I had known about this earlier! I’d love to go places like this. Hopefully they DO have another next year then I can have a feel – overpriced food and all! Qns tho, was it hard to drive around KL to Publika and this fest? You guys used GPS eh?

    • the wedding kraken · November 4, 2015

      haha crap!!! cup in a corn corn on a cob… thanks for the alert. I corrected me entry already :p

      yea it was NG who found out thru FB. i think high chance will have again leh. supposedly 20,000 people showed up this year so I think they’ve got a strong following despite the backlash.

      yesss GPS is the saviour. we missed a few turns though, especially when it was getting dark. but overall still manageable lah. and driver gotta be berani and super alert for pedestrians…

      • zuraxxn · November 4, 2015

        Wah would be such a fun roadtrip!! Need to propose this to my future hubz mehehehe

      • the wedding kraken · November 4, 2015

        heheh yes you should! I feel like being able to go to KL with hubby is one of the perks of married life :p so many yummy restaurants to go dating at 😍

  5. Dyan · November 4, 2015

    OMG U dapat jumpa JUL ARIPPPPPPPIN jugak? Hahahaha
    Suka tak? Suka tak? Lol

    i think dia suka lepak kat Publika ah! I wanted to go to the food fest but my friends had food poisoning previously. Terus i tak jadi. Lol. Pengecut seh

    • the wedding kraken · November 4, 2015

      a’ah youuuuuuuuu. suka!!! i managed to establish eye contact with him the first time we walked past (we walked past him four times lolol) terus I was like nudge nudge nudge nudge my husband. haha. but sad neh get foto. and yeah he looked like he either owned or are good friends with the owners of the coffee with mine place.

      btw we ate at gyukaku after reading your review! but by the time we were there the popular dishes were gone ah. sad.

      sorry to hear about your friends’ experience! you shd have gone… there are so many vendors so insyaAllah can spread your risks :p

      • Dyan · November 4, 2015

        Why u no take picture with himmmmm

      • the wedding kraken · November 4, 2015

        cannnnot because he was seated with friends. macam tak baik crash his table haha. he looks exactly in the photos huh! oh yah no more arm sling.

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