the happy fats

hellloooo! today I am here to talk about a massively depressing topic — post-marriage weight gain. auurrrggghhhhhhhh.

I think hari raya aidilfitri was a major culprit. I did more visiting this year since I now also have NG’s family to jalan raya with. so house after house I would be stuffing myself silly with food. telling myself that it’s part of being a good guest, you know like orang dah masak so it’s only polite to accept right? (personally I hate the situation when there’s so much extra food at the end of an event and you’re desperate for people to pack them.) then coincidentally the food happens to be sedap so must tambah. ha ha. once I was so thick skinned cos I asked NG’s aunt where was the nasi goreng she mentioned she cooked, when I could have kuai kuai scooped white rice from the buffet line. but I didn’t want to because i was “bored of white rice”. how dare I.

It turned out that my raya weight gain was persistent cos it’s been 3-4 months since, and the extra fats are still on me. I’ve been exercising whenever my schedule permits — more than I remember since I started working — but perhaps not hard enough 😦 and admittedly I find dieting and cutting down on food difficult for a variety of reasons. I also want to avoid counting calories cos firstly, it’s depressing, and secondly, it’s kinda hard to accurately gauge the calorie count for Asian food so macam what’s the point right? :p

imagine eh, I was X kilos before my wedding. my target weight was about X-3. miraculously in the final week of the countdown, thanks to last minute HIIT-ing and stress over my dress, I came pretty close to X-3. now I’m not even X, I’m at X+3! …the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life. haiz. 

I know in the grand scheme of things I am still an acceptable weight, and what matters most is that I’m healthy (alhamudillah!). yet I’m worried that if I don’t succeed in losing weight soon, I’m just gonna grow even bigger. 

and here’s the greatest icing on the cake

my stomach must have gotten rounder because colleagues have been asking me if I’m pregnant! the first time it happened some weeks back, I just giggled it away saying that no lahhh, I want to enjoy first.

the second time it happened, another colleague asked my manager instead because she was paiseh to ask me directly. the most damning part was when she commented that “but you know, kraken’s weight gain is very obvious” *chokes on saliva* 

but ok in all fairness, she sits on the other end of the office, so she doesn’t see me very often. and it’s just an objective comment because I have also ever observed a colleague ballooning after going on holiday. your eyes can’t help but notice it. except he’s male, so I didn’t ask if he’s pregnant. 

the latest blow came yesterday. a kakak colleague asked me rather directly if I’m pregnant. I was feeling bubbly so I touched my stomach and said “takde lahhh, why, I look pregnant eh?”

then she said “entah siapa cakap you pregnant”
“huh you mean ada orang cakap I pregnant??”
“tak ingat lah siapa. ingatkan maybe 2 months ke 3 months ke…”

I was like oh, my, God. you mean got speculation in the office grapevine that I (look like I) am pregnant??? urgghhh. 
my manager tried to comfort me by saying that maybe it’s the clothes I wear, and the “glow” I have from being newly married. lulz. that could be true. 

so is my weighing scale. 

so yep, that is story of my life these days. sigh. jiayou to me in my quest to slim down! 


  1. bumsyswirls · October 22, 2015

    totally agree on this. both the husb and i gained the happy fats! 😦

    • the wedding kraken · October 22, 2015

      depressing right??? tho i heard that you can’t help but gain weight as you grow older. haiz. my husband also put on weight except he don’t seem as freaked out and in a hurry to exercise unlike me!

  2. huuruhara · October 22, 2015

    omg dude yes hari raya was the worst. makan non stop. i was at x kg too before puasa. then during puasa it was x -3. now it’s (x-3)+4. what is life? hahaha.

    • the wedding kraken · October 22, 2015

      haha but wah you lost 3kg over puasa! raya was such an evil… but all that good food. yummmsss. (this is why I fail at dieting haha)

  3. myflairaffair · October 22, 2015

    oh my babe. ARENT WE ALL STRESSING OVER WEIGHT. sebelom kawin, stress. selepas kawin, stress. Tak abis abis! hahahah I also have been runnin everyday, PUN tak nampak pun lose weight. mcm nak baling tu weighing scale on the wall! hahah SO UNFAIR. hahaha asal healthy sudah la babe, dont be too worried about the weight!

    • the wedding kraken · October 22, 2015

      haha yesss that is life. nanti lepas dapat anak (insyaAllah and this time furreals!) stress lagi. women!

  4. E. · October 23, 2015

    I gained so much after my wedding! But my fault la, enjoy too much good food without exercise -_- The irony is, pregnancy helped me lose weight even though I didn’t have morning sickness haha.

    • the wedding kraken · October 23, 2015

      wah so good! you must be the first person I know to have lost weight while pregnant 😄 hope you’re enjoying motherhood… dah 1 month?

  5. Norah Khalilah · October 23, 2015

    tell me about it! hehehe….
    After my miscarriage last few months, I had gained weight like nobody’s business and people think i sangkut lagik..
    Lagi2 klau naik MRT and orang offer seat…omg…
    kasi satu senyuman manis and dudok jer lah..hehehehe….

    • the wedding kraken · October 23, 2015

      aw man! I’m so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. so far I haven’t kena being offered on the seat… if I do kena I hope I can see the humour in the situation and accept it instead of feeling kecik hati hee

  6. champagneandtiffany · October 26, 2015

    Hehe..i gained 3kg before I found out that I was pregnant. Now, as I gained weight, my husband pon terikut-ikut sekali. Now got 2 pregnant people. Anyway, all the best in your quest to slim down! Though I would highly recommend you to just be happy and eat XD

    • the wedding kraken · October 26, 2015

      lolol 2 pregnant people! I think guys are definitely not spared either :p yes happy fats seems difficult to defeat 😦 maybe one day I will come to terms with it… and GO SHOPPING!!! muahahah

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