wedding kraken x ninja groom: a photo story (part 3 of 3)

woo, so here we are, at part 3 on NG’s reception. this is a continuation from part 1 on the nikah and part 2 on the sanding.

all photos by Fadly Salleh from An Analog Affair. 

Saturday, 9 May 2015 (cont’d)

R+H656 copy

let’s start with some yummy details. for those of you who gila-kan typewriters for wedding decor, you may look for Kassim Baba Weddings to fulfill your desire.

R+H649 copy

his gorgeous pelamin


Choo Choo Churros. sadly we didn’t get to visit their stall, though they served for us a special plate. NG says one of his regrets is not taking time to soak in the atmosphere of his reception, and not checking out the buffet line. i regret it too. 


ah but here’s a nice pic of the ambience. super love the pastel drapes and liiights. kinda reminds me of this earlier photo i posted.

R+H661 copy

our wedding cake table. ok 1,2,3 … EVERYBODY SWOOOOOOOON. omg pretty or what sia??!! the bakes and table were prepared and set up by NG’s own friends. they were so dedicated that they had 1-2 trial bakes before the wedding. the cake was bandung flavoured, while the cupcakes were teh tarik flavoured! *drools*


alright, let’s start the programme. the bridal car pulls up.


i struggle to get out.


and we were pleasantly surprised to see so many of his guests lined up to watch us enter :p this wave is after NG’s aunt yelled at us to at least wave at people. lol.

R+H698you know, i’m so glad i recorded in my first post-married entry that walking together was my favourite moment of the day. i would have forgotten, otherwise. but yes, it was super nice to get to walk in together as husband and wife. we also enjoyed a warm reception, probably cos our entrance was around the peak timing of 8.00pm. (his reception was from 5.00pm to 10.00pm)

one of the challenges of a non-simultaneous separate reception which i did not anticipate was the bertandang. specifically, gathering my relatives to accompany me when i enter NG’s reception. i mentioned before that mama kraken, my sister and i stressed over this in the days leading to the wedding cos we were soooo worried that my bridal party would be very small.

alhamdulillah, the turnout from my relatives exceeded our expectations. some of my relatives stayed on and washed up at my house (after a long day!) and those who live nearby-ish went back home before coming again (i think). was super super touched cos i know that relatives’ weddings can be mind numbing – in the past, there was lots of rewang to do, but nowadays so many things are streamlined or outsourced that a typical programme is to just hang around the majlis the whole day and finding ways to entertain yourself or keep yourself busy. so for them to stay on just to show their support … masyaAllah. i told myself that i will try my best to be there if any of my cousins need people for their tandang, cos now i know how it feels to be on the pengantin’s end. stress!


anyways, we went up the pelamin, salam-ed NG’s parents, then went back down for cake cutting.

R+H741 copy

and then NG gave his speech. ok girls, when your man gives his speech, you need to put on this perpetual smile to everybody and nobody in the crowd. can be a little awkward so … practise!


see what i mean. smiling at the floor pun jadilah. anyway, in his speech, NG promoted the wedding cake and invited guests to help themselves to it. i’ve always thought wedding cakes are better shared with guests, rather than left as an ornament which is then forced-distributed to family and relatives at the end of the day. 


my father in law. probably during the part where NG thanked his parents and went all uncharacteristically mushy. awww!


salam-ing sweet nyayi


and then some group shots on the pelamin


one of the TudungPeopleSG bosses was at my wedding and … she gifted me a shawl y’all! happyyy


then we went to the meja pengantin to eat. this is us posing with our special serving of churros! ok but truth is, it was too much for us to finish. plus we didn’t have much appetite by then.


and then we went around to salam NG’s relatives


and then we went to Kadir for a photo shoot with NG’s orang kuat. they’re such great people cos it was 10pm++ by then; everyone was so tired but they posed and smiled for us as though they weren’t.

and as if the late night photo shoot wasn’t challenging enough … there was a minor hiccup when we found that the tables and chairs were left behind under the void deck, after everything else was pulled down. the decor co advised us to check with the caterer, but the caterer was nowhere to be found. so it was the orang kuat who helped stacked the chairs and dismantle the tables neatly while NG and I headed back 😕 it was that night that i discovered what having true friends really, really means.

the wedding kraken, signing out

so … that’s the end of my wedding planning chapter. i have so much to be thankful for — all praise is due to Allah alone. thanks for keeping me company on my journey 🐻

you know, in the beginning i was very apprehensive about starting a BTB blog. but i’m glad i did it anyway. it’s been fun writing and documenting my journey, and it’s been even more fun reading back. i kinda laughed to myself when i read the entries as the wedding day got nearer … the hate, the stress, the tears. it was truly a challenging period for me. one thing i learnt though, is that syaitan doesn’t stop trying to drive you apart even after you’re married. more arguments will come. so it’s a constant battle to be aware of syaitan’s doings and to be as generous a lover as possible.

ending this post with one of my favourite shots from the night. wishing BTBs all the best in wedding planning and for a smooth and fun wedding day. everything is worth it, insyaAllah!


Tell the world that we finally got it all right
I choose you
I will become yours and you will become mine
I choose you
I choose you

There was a time when I would have believed them
If they told me you could not come true
Just love’s illusion
But then you found me and everything changed
And I believe in something again

My whole heart
Will be yours forever
This is a beautiful start
To a lifelong love letter


  1. Hanapurp · August 24, 2015

    Noting else to say but… Wonderful!

  2. ourstoryimmortalised · August 24, 2015

    You look so gorgeous!! I love the pastel decor. & choo choo churros?! Lucky guests!

    • the wedding kraken · August 25, 2015

      hehe thank you! yah I love his decor colours too… can’t believe my husband had better taste than me hoho. are you gonna get CCC? please do! I think they’re better than some of the churro shops lor.

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