my photobooth contest

from pretty early in the wedding planning process, i wanted to build a body of crazy funky images of guests from my photobooth, kinda like the ones below from Image is Found (US-based) — you can view more of their Crazybooth photos here.


(photo source: Image is Found)


(photo source: Image is Found) CRAZYBOOTH_SYKES_008

(photo source: Image is Found) CRAZYBOOTH_SYKES_012

(photo source: Image is Found) CRAZYBOOTH_SYKES_014

(photo source: Image is Found)

what i love about the Crazybooth spirit is that they don’t rely on moustache props or speech bubbles to make the photos funny. their funny personalities shine so bright!

to encourage my guests to take such crazy and creative photos, i decided to hold a contest..! in the months leading up to the wedding, i discussed with my bridesmaids on how to design the contest. we asked questions like how would we collect entries? what are the categories? how would i follow up with the prizes, especially if the winners are not my friends but my parents’?

so we came up with a workflow involving voluntary participation (as opposed to us scanning all the images and picking out the winner), use of hardcopy (not via Instagram or hashtagging) and asking for contact numbers for easy follow up. i also asked for their help to firstly think of how we gonna do the photo wall (ended up using 3M hooks, twine, and small pegs) and secondly to help me keep the entries so they don’t get lost during the mad pack up.

photobooth workflow

i was so semangat that i even created a workflow k! inspired by the official workflow documents my team has hahah. 

contest publicity + Facebook event page

then i designed a contest poster which i printed on an A3 foam board (cost me $25 seh but okay lah, i wanted it to be sturdy and look pro) and also uploaded the soft copy onto Facebook. i mentioned in an earlier post about creating a Facebook event for my reception. the main reason why I did so was to have a platform to announce the results and let people view the entries.

since the event page was up, i also took the opportunity to publicise my hashtag and give directions to the CC (cos Tampines runs a potentially confusing Townlink system for its feeder buses, which not all estates have)

From Tampines Bus Interchange
– Take bus 293 (WEST Loop; green colour) and alight at block 819 which is also opposite St Hilda’s Primary School. If you accidentally take the other colour, you could remain on the bus for a tour of Tampines, I guess. However if your bus has a red “T” sign, you’ll be asked to alight when it returns to the interchange. Therefore, best to double check you’re in the right queue – don’t anyhow run for the 293 bus hor.
– Easy way to remember: you’re headed to Tampines WEST CC so take the WEST loop (not East loop) k!

what I posted on the event page. i was sooo worried about guests getting lost seh.

shortlisted entries

the theme of my photobooth is “PARTY…!” there were 3 categories: kids, couple or pair, and group. the prizes offered were $50, $80 and $100 vouchers respectively. i initially wanted to offer a little more but decided that i was too ambitious. i had planned to redeem the vouchers using my credit card points so i didn’t have to use cash. however, rezeki pengantin agaknya, it so happened that my insurance policies gave me $300 CapitaMall vouchers so that helped a lot alhamdulillah! my financial planner (ahem, also my husband) didn’t tell me about the vouchers when i signed up for the policies, because he wanted to surprise me (and his other clients lah).

i’m going to share some of the shortlisted entries, followed by my After Action Review (AAR). for both the categories below, we shortlisted the top 4 for easier decision making and also uploading :p 



can you guess the winners? it’s the second and fourth shots respectively 🙂 I announced the results over the weekend and will be giving out the vouchers soon hee.

afterthoughts on my photobooth + the contest

ok lah, the photos were not as crazy as Crazybooth’s BUT i can see and appreciate the effort. generally my guests used the props heavily, though maybe this happens for all Hello Forever booths cos they sure have some funky selections! 

on the whole, we didn’t receive too many entries (i sorta expected more?) although on the bright side, i suppose this made judging easier. i also felt like my entire photobooth was under-used 😦 when i was on the pelamin, i noticed that the photobooth queue was non-existent so that made me feel a bit sad. especially since Hello Forever ain’t cheap…

i think one reason is cos the photobooth was in the back corner of the hall. when we drew out the floor plan, i thought it would be prominent enough but somehow with all the tables in the MPH, the photobooth ended up being slightly obscure. mama kraken was saying yesterday that on hindsight we should have placed the booth outside the MPH. haiz. i also got the DJ’s help to publicise the contest and encourage guests to take photos, but i think his messages got lost. partly cos he mostly spoke Malay (we had a quite a bit of non-Malay guests too) and maybe cos the mic/audio system wasn’t fantastic.

another reason could be that my kecoh aunts and uncles were hard at work helping to manage our berkats and helping guests find seats. i was counting on them to spam my photobooth too cos i thought they might like taking photos together + getting instant (high quality!) print outs but i guess they didn’t have the time/chance/mood. ahhh so sayang.

recently i wondered to myself if i should have skipped the photobooth and gotten videography instead. i had budget for only either, and at that time i was very excited to get Hello Forever on board. i also thought about how i hate watching myself on video. like hate, hate. but even after knowing the outcome of my photobooth … i guess i’m too much of a photography-loving person to have gone with videography.

are photobooths losing favour among guests? hmmm, maybe. i think you might give better satisfaction with Choo Choo Churros hahaha. since churros are the rage now. and CCC is so sedap compared to some other churro brands.

I guess I should take comfort in the fact that I gave my photobooth and the contest my best shot (no pun intended!). hopefully those who did use it had a good time and liked the print outs. no regrets, just learning points.

alsooo, here’s wishing everyone a blessed Ramadhan ahead. may we gain His pleasure and blessings through our ibadah. assalamualaikum 🙂 


  1. hereforareason · June 17, 2015

    i am in the midst of deciding if i should get a photobooth, i was more inclined to not having it but then i see pictures like yours, and it looks fun. now i am just as confused hahahaha. anyway, salam ramadhan babe! first ramadhan as a wife kan? 🙂

    • the wedding kraken · June 17, 2015

      haha hrmmm maybe you could wait it out till early next year before booking. maybe other things will catch your fancy instead. and yes… we’re staying with my parents so I get one last year of my mum leading sahur preps before I’m left on my own next year insyaAllah 😭 have a great ramadhan babe!

  2. msmagiclikethis · June 17, 2015

    i’ve always love looking at hello forever photobooth pics!! always so crispy looking and people’s wackiness just come through. i’m sure the younger generation will be more than happy to utilise photobooth but seeing how my majlis will be more makcik and pakcik oriented, i went without it.
    anyway, ramadhan kareem to you and family babe!

    • the wedding kraken · June 17, 2015

      haha yeah hello forever’s props are pretty funky! thank you love, salam ramadan to you and your family too 🙂 🙂

  3. myflairaffair · June 19, 2015

    Wooooo how fun! I suka gambar makanan besar2!!! lol. Salam Ramadhan babe!

    • the wedding kraken · June 19, 2015

      cute kan!!! I also like. when we were there, everything was such a rushed blur that I din get the chance to properly explore the props. would have loved to wear the hulk hands too.

      Salam Ramadhan to you too babe!

  4. thelastrosepetal · June 20, 2015

    I am reconsidering my option to have a photobooth. Coz recently, I attended a couple of weddings where the photobooth is well-located, but didnt see much people taking pics. I think I might DIY instead.

    • the wedding kraken · June 20, 2015

      haha yeah it’s not uncommon to see empty photobooths 😦 yeah DIY-ing could save some money if you have bridesmaids/cousins to help run the booth.

      • thelastrosepetal · June 20, 2015

        Yup yupp most prolly gonna get them to help 🙂

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