an update on embracing the tudung

I previously blogged about me embracing the tudung, and heyyy what do you know, it’s been one year since I started ๐Ÿ™‚ a very good one year, alhamdulilah.

I still remember how tough the first 2-3 weeks were. it was like nothing I’ve ever been through before. but then I also remember this one moment when I was walking down Arab St and I suddenly caught myself feeling … happy. for no external reason I knew of. I guess that was the turning point, when the struggling stopped, and I knew I had made the right decision.

I think it was a little hard for ninja groom in the beginning, too. I guess it must have been shocking when your girlfriend suddenly wears the tudung (i gave him very short notice, whoops) and your relationship dynamics have to change. not long after, he got used to it and would start helpfully alerting me “hair.” “hair.” “hair.” and I be like furiously tucking them in while whining “but there’s nothing I can dooo” “these are my anak rambuuut” or whenever I feel can’t be bothered I confirm his sightings with “yes, hair”. alhamdulilah now that he’s my husband (cheyyy), he’s even more supportive of my tudung. maybe too supportive, sometimes. I kid, I kid. you know how like there are situations where you have to draw your line e.g. when you meet the delivery man — we differed a little in the super beginning but so far he’s deferred to me on this hee :p

so. since the difficult beginning of my “hijrah” left an impression on me, I thought it would be good to share the two biggest areas I struggled with: exercise and travel. these are just the practical aspects of tudung life. hopefully it comes useful for girls whose hearts have decided but heads are still thinking “macam mana eh…”

tudung x exercise

I worried a lot about how I was going to exercise in tudung because back then I used to join exercise classes on Sat mornings. (I haven’t been in a while — eeps!) my favourite outfit combo consisted 3/4 nike tights and a yoga tunic, which obviously needed to be discontinued. I also didn’t have any long sleeve exercise tops, only dri-fit tshirts. thankfully I had a pair of baggy track pants, so that was one less thing to stress over.

so I went to Qoo10 to buy compression tops — it was the closest to LS tops which are otherwise sooo hard to find in Singapore (k at least the decent dri fit material kind lah). I kinda overdid it, buying four tops and two sleeves. I’ve still not worn the sleeves since buying them — eeps again. one of the compression tops is a liiittle more loose than others, and it’s patterned too, so I wear that alone (but surreptitiously pinned to my track pants cos they tend to ride up when I move). the rest I layer under tshirts. so far it’s worked for me, at least I can still wear my favourite nike top or this macaron-printed tshirt whenever I feel a little playful lulz.

then I explored sports tudungs. there’s a shop in Arab St that stocks two international brands: Capsters from Botswana and can’t remember what from Malaysia. verdict: don’t bother. (no offence to the stockist!) I think it’s sufficient to wear an instant tudung, or square tudung, or even the regular shawl if you can bear with the layers. I know I can’t. my favourite instant tudungs for exercising are from Shawl by VSnow. I also wear a tight lace headband (which my mum bought from Geylang) to prevent my hair from creeping out. love it cos I don’t have to wear an inner … rimas oi!

the capster

the capster – made for sports cos of the materials they use

shawlbyvsnow instant tudung

Shawl by VSnow’s instant tudung. not made for sports but it works!

oh ya I must say though that I’ve not gone swimming since. sigh. need to buy a new swim suit … and figure out how to cover my head :/

tudung x travel

for me the other challenge was travelling with tudung. I don’t mean the safety in the streets aspect, but just, what do you wear what do you pack etc. let’s face it: I’m not the fashion forward sort, and comfort and convenience are on the top of my mind when deciding what to wear for trips.

I recently figured out that a semi-instant tudung is a must have for plane rides, especially on long haul ones. cos your hair will get super messed up. and it’s going to be soooo leceh if you want to unpin everything, remove tudung, remove inner, retie hair and do everything again … a few times over. also the trick is to tie a low side bun/ponytail so you can lean back and sleep. with a semi-instant tudung, you just have to go to the toilet once in a while to redo your hair and tudung. I think naelofar hijab’s babes and basic or similar styled tudungs are best for this.

naelofar hijab babes and basic

naelofar hijab’s babes and basic. a semi instant shawl that’s easy to wear and match with. i also have one from their prints collection, but i find the material not as great as the plain ones

Naelofar Hijab Forever Young

naelofar hijab’s forever young. a little more stylish!

on packing for trips, the way I do it is to plan/draw my outfits on paper first. it helps me visualise the mixing and matching, which is tricky now that we must level up and add a tudung to match the top/bottom. then just remember to pack inners. for my honeymoon, the colours i ended up bringing were black, navy blue, light blue, moss green and bubblegum pink. i loved the black andย blues cos they went well with jeans — i’m so safe and boring like that. two of them were satin, for the slightly more atas look. the moss green is the life saving semi-instant shawl which i wore on our inter-city journeys.

oh yeah, and I keep a palm-sized Tupperware container of brooches and pins for easy grabbing each time I travel or have to pack a change of clothes to go wherever. i have found my favourite combi of brooches that work for my tudung style, and i use them regardless the colours of my shawl. don’t care!

okay that’s all the #tudunghacks and #hijabhacks from me. though actually I can go on and on about tudung brands and their new collections and whether it’s worth buying and if yes, which colours/prints. and recently it’s been juicy talking about the Tiffanyย of tudungs, dUCk scarves. haha. but anyhoos please share if you have other tips cos I’m still new to this journey! ๐Ÿ™‚


17 thoughts on “an update on embracing the tudung

    • kan!!! at first I used Chanel then I realised the vibe is more Tiffany cos technically the quality isn’t much higher than other shawl brands, just like how Tiffany diamonds aren’t necessarily better than other brands. it’s all in the branding and the feeling!

      and ee yes I have been ducked :p the silk satin one is not bad. the threads in my gorgette shawls tertarik a bit when I use long pins. boo. I’ve also lost one of the duck charms somewhere in the laundry, so need to be extra careful when washing ๐Ÿ˜ฆ apart from that, I guess it feels good to be wearing a duck scarf…

  1. Not sure if this works for everyone whilst traveling but my choice of fuss free tudong when i was in Mecca/Madinah was wearing a ninja and then just finish the look with a shawl, push to the right, push to the left hahaha, no pins needed. Kalau nak solat, use another shawl to cover your bahu. Settle the kettle. I think the ninja really helps especially so when you’re in a cold country?

    • haha oh like a loose drape eh? until recently, ninjas were my default inners even though my tudung style doesn’t need me to. now then starting to wear my mum’s inner magic :p I love ninjas cuma they get loose after a while?? then very irritating ๐Ÿ˜’

  2. i have recently turned into a instant hijab convert especially when i go to work. so fuss free and i’ve been collecting the imitation and non imitation of naelofar hahaha. love it! just sarung and pusing satu round and that’s it. have never exercise outside of my own house because i sweat too much hahaha but that Vsnow shawl looks very comfortable.

    been waiting to get a dUck just because of its luscious packing… does it really come in the purple box?

    • haha ooh mana you dapat the imitation naelofar? my friend got me one and I like it cos it’s thinner and less hot! and haha ok pe, sweating a lot is good when exercising kan? I think I probably look gross with sweat patches when I wear a light coloured instant, but oh well. ignorance is bliss~

      haha yes all dUCk scarves really comes in the purple box! I have no idea what to do with them tho. seems like their only other purpose is for props when posting travel photos on IG for a chance to be featured on their account…

  3. Instant tudungs r a must for all holiday trips. When i first started, i realised bringing those lilit2 shawl were a burden. The pins and booches will get lost and terselit everwhere. Esp to beach trips, mana ade masa mau lilit2 sei.. haha. For exercise, i like to wear Uniqlo’s Airism long sleeve wif a ninja. Cooling and best if in e gym..sejukkk je. Hehe..
    Wud love to try a dUck but the price, *gulp*! Tunggu da out of fashion baru capai la. Hehehehe.

    • haha yes and rimas also! if I go to a beach (I haven’t since I started) I prob wear my exercise gear. and ooh i didn’t think of airism. I bought one to layer under sheer tops/short sleeved tops but then I totally died cos it’s so panas when outdoors!!!

  4. ooooh i love instant hijabs! got some imitation ones (lol) from masjid india recently and they are my go-to tudungs for work now! ๐Ÿ˜€ i got some naelofar ones too but they’re a bit pricey for everyday wear!

  5. oh, and mustafa sells muslimah swimsuits with attached swimming caps! if u want pretty swimsuits, can search for madammebk on IG! quite pricey though, but so pretty!

    • ah thanks for the link! stylo seh the gambars. k k next time I go masjid india I might just keep a look out for them imitation naelofars. tudungpeople released an instant collection recently in flowery prints, didja get any? supposedly takyah gosok also!

      • yes i saw!! but soo pricey (for me)! i got printed ones at masjid india for RM20/pc lolz! i always buy dont need to gosok shawls because im so malas! hahahaha!!

  6. Ever since I started wearing the hijab, I have yet to step out of the house to exercise. Pasal i havent bought anything that is suitable for external exercise. Thanks for sharing the tips! Now I know where to buy exercise wear ๐Ÿ˜€

    • haha yeah it is pretty daunting at first. not just clothes, but also getting used to sweating under the tudung. after a while it will become a breeze, insyaAllah ๐Ÿ™‚ glad to be of some help!

  7. Hi.. I came across your blog when I was googling “songket pastel”, hahaha #b2bALert… but i found so much more here… this entry in particular.

    Here’s a wish from a stranger, who has been touched and inspired by your writings (already saved those beautiful pictures of kebaya pengantin from your posts, for future reference hehehe).. may you have a blessed and wonderful marriage, and may your effort in becoming a better muslimah will be rewarded by Him. Amiin.

    • hello dear! awww thanks for your sweet sweet comment and dua ๐Ÿ™‚ glad the kebaya photos came in useful. and since you say future reference and #b2balert, wishing you a smooth wedding planning journey and a marriage that is abundant with Allah swt’s Barakah! aamiin ๐Ÿ˜˜

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