some observations post-wedding

you know, it wasn’t until we started living together that i learnt how much of a follower ninja groom is to my blog. kembang jugak aku. haha.

you know, i thought i was busy in the weeks leading up to the wedding. turns out, the busy-ness doesn’t stop! ha. there’s always something to do at home these days, whether it’s ironing NG’s clothes or helping out with the chores. and it’s not like we have our own place yet! i guess now that i’m someone’s wife, i feel compelled to train up my domestic skills. and i also feel extra bad if i hear my mum preparing dinner in the kitchen and i’m chilling out in my room, not helping her. so yeah. we’ve been so busy that i’ve not even had the chance to edit my honeymoon photos!

you know, since getting married, both of us observed that we start feeling more tired easily. all we want to do after work on a weekday is sleep. but maybe it’s a good thing cos for the longest time, i was telling myself to sleep early but never did. i would get distracted by social media and phone games etc and end up sleeping past 12am when i had aimed for 11pm. NG claims his bedtime has been shifted from 10pm to 8pm lulz.

you know, NG is doing a fine job adapting to my parents’ house even though we do many things differently and he’s been feeling homesick. i believe he’s also been scoring brownie points by helping to drive mama kraken to places and cooking my dad’s  breakfast request — veh good, veh good my husband. and on my part i need to be more patient with his settling in. for example, i’ve caught myself getting flustered on two occasions when he let the kitchen sink run for 3 seconds too long (felt like eternity). also need to use remember to use my Nice Voice in such crises … ok, ok fine, i exaggerate.

you know, when i see photos of newly weds, i get a tad jealous because i want to be a pengantin again. cos i’ve never felt so loved. and i don’t mean the romantic love which led us to the wedding in the first place, but love by family and friends. now that i’ve been a bride, i know what it’s like when you give people an invitation card and they show up. i didn’t really take it for granted that people would show up (ah, me and my birthday party fears) so when they did, i really really appreciated it. especially by those who came alone (they didn’t let the paiseh-ness of attending a wedding alone stop them!) and those who live in Jurong/Bukit Batok lol. cos I live in Tampines and i know how … berat … a wedding invite in the West can feel. also, my phone was unusually buzzing with messages, mostly well wishes. ahhh, i miss feeling super loved, miss the sweet anticipation in the last few days, and miss the satisfaction of seeing everything come together. nak kahwin lagi (to the same man) please!

lastly, and on a more sombre note, my deepest condolences to the victims of the recent earthquake in Sabah. especially the ones in the TKPS expedition. it’s a reminder to the rest of us that we are only temporary in this world and ultimately powerless in the face of Allah swt’s Will. here’s a powerful quote that my sister shared…

“A wife who loses a husband is called a widow. A husband who loses a wife is called a widower. A child who loses his parents is called an orphan. There is no word for a parent who loses a child. That’s how awful the loss is.”
Jay Neugeboren, An Orphan’s Tale

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