highlights from my last week as a single

here are some highlights from the week leading up to my wedding…

last day of work (before going on leave)

on the morning of my last day of work (Tue), my colleagues sabo-ed me to wear a crown and a hot pink ‘Bachelorette’ sash around the office! so wear them i did. i just minimised my toilet trips and thankfully did not bump into any senior management that day hahah.

then in the afternoon, they surprised me with cake! with my name piped on it (awww)! and also a bouquet of flowers! they also got my favourite sparkling juice lulz. we had a nice time eating the delicious cake and chatting in my director’s office. but apart from the celebrations, the last few days of work were also crazy trying to handover properly and tying up loose ends. so dreading going back to work now 😦

outfit fitting

quick back story: my friend offered to lend me her body shaper. i was very happy about saving $100-$150 from buying my own.

back to the highlights. after my last day of work, ninja groom fetched me and we went off to our bridal studio for our outfit fitting. yes, we had to break our hard work of going on pantang for the 3 weeks before that. it was weird sitting in the car with him … ahh kinda miss that feeling now that i’m typing out this entry lulz. mentel! (NG is asleep on the couch beside me as i secretly type this on his laptop)

anyway, my songket and nikah outfits fitted me fine. Cik A, the tailor, only had to make minor adjustments to make the outfits fall better on me. but i ran into problems with the evening dress. when i tried to put it on, i couldn’t get it past my hips..! panic seh. Cik A came to my rescue and realised there were small sewings which she had made for the previous bride who wore it. after unpicking them, i could wriggle myself into the dress, but it still felt a little too tight and uncomfy to be in, especially in sitting position.

that was when i realised that my friend’s bodyshaper wasn’t the best cut for me. it’s panty cut when something with thigh coverage would have suited me better.

so then i started having second thoughts about the dress. NG said there was no point getting a dress that i wouldn’t be comfortable in. at this point, i thought i saw a silver lining: i get to choose another dress! but actually not really, the bridal studio guy brought out another white and super beaded dress for me to try on. at first i obliged and tried to put it on … but then i realised that it was so not my style or the silhouette i was looking for. plus, it was super heavy to handle and was even tighter! the previous bride must have been some UK 4 or 6 … super petite lah.

so there i was, trying to squeeze into the dress with my arms hanging awkwardly while Cik A struggled to unpick the previous sewing adjustments. it was so very uncomfortable. when i emerged from the dressing room, NG’s friends (they joined us at the studio so that they could learn the ikat bunga for his samping) commented that it was obvious i didn’t like the dress and that i seemed to be dragging my feet (and the heavy dress) across the floor. well, i was. for some dramatic effect to make my point y’know.

so anyway, i decided to stick to the original white dress. by hook or by crook, i had to squeeze myself in!

shopping for a new body shaper

the next day i.e. first day of leave, i told mama kraken that i **HAD** to go to Tangs to buy me a bodyshaper. she wasn’t too keen because i would be spending money for something i’d only wear once, and suggested for me to borrow from a recently married cousin instead. i had already borrowed once and i didn’t want to borrow again, but i did my due diligence to ask said cousin anyway. luckily for me (heh heh) she said that hers was from a cart from Tampines Mall and that it may not help me much. so mama kraken relented and let me go to Tangs.

i made a beeline for the Spanx counter and tried out some. didn’t find them suitable, so i came out to try out others. but the fitting rooms were full, so i decided to check out Triumph while waiting. on the way to their counter, the Wacoal sales girl eagerly passed some of their bodyshapers to try. since i was already there, i thought, why not?

i now know why Tangs puts a small couch/setee in their fitting rooms, at least for the lingerie section. because you will absolutely sweat and pant from trying to squeeze into these itty bitty things!!! no joke k. i also brought a measuring tape from home so i could check whether the shapers were helping to reduce my inches or not. oh yeah and the cute part was that at one point of time, the sales reps from Spanx, Wacoal and Triumph crowded outside my door to ask if the shapers were ok hahahha. tak pernah seh.

anyway the winner was Spanx. it was $150 but at that juncture i was like do or die i must fit into the white evening dress!!! (spoiler: after some desperate HIIT-ing + staying away from my favourite nasi lemak breakfast in the last 3 days + wearing the body shaper, the dress fit me comfortably for the evening reception! woohoo.)

after i paid for the body shapers, i went off to buy nice towels as a welcome gift for NG and also Krispy Kreme doughnuts cos y’know, they’re just downstairs.

henna appointment

ok lah, actually i bought the doughnuts for my henna session that night (Wed). i got home from Tangs and rushed to eat and get dressed for bed, since i wouldn’t be able to wash up once the henna is on my fingers.

the background story of me and henna is that i’m that mentel girl who likes getting henna art done cos it’s very ala ala kahwin. unfortch, i’ve not had good experiences with ‘random’ henna artists at bazaars etc. i would give them my hand and then they freestyle, and then i end up disappointed yet stuck with the designs.

soooo, when it came to my wedding henna, i did not want to take any risks. i wanted to KNOW how my henna gets drawn. so i searched Instagram for some nice designs and got my henna artist to replicate.

i regret this because she later explained that when it’s not her own design, she’s not as sure about the placement. i think my outer hand designs turned out really nicely, but the mandalas on my palms were not super symmetrical and round. they’re passable, just not her best work. when i looked again at her IG feed, i saw some nice original mandala designs so on hindsight i should just have left her alone to do her thang. luckily for the feet design, i chose something similar that she had done for a previous bride.

so this turned out to be an important lesson for me to trust my vendors. on the actual day when my mak andam suggested this look or that look, i went along with her suggestions cos i figured she knows better, even though i had for the longest time wanted the red lipstick look for my evening reception.

the inspiration design i wanted. my henna artist explained that she can’t recreate the flowery moroccan look because she may end up making mistakes.

so we went for lace instead — not bad right? this photo was from Thu afternoon, before the stain got even darker. we also did away with the mid-wrist designs. it’s an extra ~$80 to extend to mid-wrist so i thought … kirim salam sudah!

inspiration design for the mandala. i really loved @maplemehndi’s work!

final design. i still like it, though i would have been okay if i had let her freestyled it. also, i smudged the henna on my left hand … clumsy me heh heh 😛

i didn’t sleep comfortably that night. i slept at the lower quadrant of my queen bed such that my feet and hands would dangle off, so that the dried henna crumbs would fall onto the floor instead of on the bed. i also felt bored when i couldn’t sleep and eventually figured out how to reply whatsapp messages and play Candy Crush with the dried finger cappings.

the next morning, i was shocked to see the henna pretty much in tact. my henna artist had sprayed a sealant and wau it totally worked. her recommended after care regime was to avoid getting my hands wet for 6-8h after removal. i removed my henna about 8h after the application — luckily i couldn’t pray that week, so i could keep them on for long. but i went ahead to shower without wearing gloves about 4h after. my stain still turned out okay, so alhamdulilah! by sunday, my henna began to fade. so from my experience, i would say that if you have a sunday reception, the earliest to apply the henna is thursday.

hand bouquet

i’d always imagined that DIY-ing my own bouquet, with mama kraken teaching me. but she came up with a better idea.

we decided to ask our next door neighbour, who is a florist, to help us buy peonies from her supplier. so in the end i managed to get a pretty fat bouquet of pink peonies for less than $100. alhamdulilah. we wanted white and pink, but my neighbour said the white peonies had already bloomed and thus weren’t worth buying. my peony bouquet was one of the details i was most happy about — didn’t know they were in season, and that i could get them for a good price. always thought that i would at best be able to pick poofy flower substitutes instead.

my peony bouquet on Fri. most of them still shy to bloom!

not packing for honeymoon

ok this is more of a lowlight. looking back, i wish i had pushed myself harder in those last few days to pack for my honeymoon. or at least come up with a packing list, since our house was already crowded with wedding supplies and i was trying to keep my bedroom as pristine as possible. i gave myself the excuse that i had wedding stuff to worry about like my admin programme, speech, and song list and that packing for honeymoon was just not as urgent.

we ended up packing on the day we flew off. given more time, i think i could have made smarter decisions. for example, i forgot to bring my powerbank and camera strap. we were also a lil unprepared for the cold weather and i ended up buying a new jacket (two, actually) when i already have jackets at home. aurgh.

so that’s all for the highlights. we’re still on our honeymoon though it will be ending soon, boo. nervous but excited at the same time about experiencing daily routines, this time with a husband and in-laws in tow!


  1. kinOkz · May 25, 2015

    Congratulations on your wedding babe! 🙂 Will you be uploading your wedding photos? 😁

    • the wedding kraken · May 25, 2015

      thank you love! memang ada hajat but see the weather…! skali dapat penyakit malas 😁

  2. myflairaffair · May 25, 2015

    OMG i macam hyperventilated tengok your peonies! sooo gorgeous!! they are my favouritest!! Supplier mana did u get yours from! Please share please please pleaseeeee… 😀 😀 😀 : D: D: Im super happy to know that it is peony season now cause my engagement is this sunday! So hopefully I can also have a peony bouquet! ❤

    • the wedding kraken · May 25, 2015

      hehe yes I remember you blogging about peonies! we share the same obsession 🙂 🙂

      unfortch babe I really don’t know which supplier she got it from 😦 but my mum did ask the tamp st 83 flower shop (which you listed in your entry) and they quoted about $10-$13 kalau tak salah. think 7-8 stalks should be big enough! banyak banyak pun later berat want to carry around.

      hope you get yours babe! I saw peonies in NYC and squealed too. they have dark pink, light pink, and white here 😍😍😍

      • myflairaffair · May 26, 2015

        omggg yess this peony obsession is legit! and lagi laa i excited nak pegi bunga shopping this saturday! I called GG flower shop two days ago to make sure they have it and they do!! And the price is around what you said also! 😀 😀 😀 How many stalks did you have? I know they are quite heavy as is already, kalau tambah 7-8 parah jugak! Lol. sighsss…so dreamy kan ni peony. nanti if i dapat or tak dapat the peony, I update ok! Please pray for me!

      • the wedding kraken · May 26, 2015

        yayz! I think 7-8 would be a good number. mine had 10, though my neighbour initially said don’t want too much, later heavy.

        a friend of mine paid $250 for a peony-ish bouquet which in the end was mixed up with other flowers. to get one under $100 is super squealworthy! hehe.

        I really hope you’ll get some nice ones for your engagement babe! and hopefully you can mix colours for extra sweetness. my
        peonies made me sooo happy 😄😄😄

      • myflairaffair · May 26, 2015

        Correct! I have already set my mind that Im gonna DIY my own bouquet because its crazy expensive! Tapi masalah nya for my wedding next yr, its not peony season!! ): sedih!! but it is def squealworthy lor!! I read ur entry and saw ur peonies and mcm stopped breathing for a little!! SO PRETTY FOR WHAT. hahahah we seriously can go on n on eh…..padahal pasal bunga aje seh….

  3. aida · May 25, 2015

    I can so relate to your body shaper-finding experience! I remember panicking once because I couldn’t get out of one super tiny cami, and I would rather have died than call for help with my arms stuck over my head and looking like a contortionist.

    Oh, the things we women do.

  4. doublefs · May 25, 2015

    Enjoy ur last few days of honeymoon first! Worry abt work, daily routines and in laws only when ur back home! Or btr still.. Don’t bother worrying till ur facing it haha

    • the wedding kraken · May 25, 2015

      haha yes we will insyaAllah! we’re starting to feel tired from going out every day though. penat jugak eh jadi tourist. takde weekend #diam

      true true, will worry about it only when I meet this whole new world that awaits!

  5. msmagiclikethis · May 25, 2015

    i had the same problem with body shaper too. didn’t know it was freaking expensive sei. i had the s.a to do a live tutorial for me in the fitting room and i still put it on wrong. last last she said, “it’s ok girl, you still very young. i forgive you” like it’s a really serious business haha. enjoy the last few bits of your honeymoon! and i agree with kinOkz. nak tengok gambar jugak hehe

    • the wedding kraken · May 25, 2015

      wah live tutorial! lolol she forgive you seh. I told wacoal girl that their shapers were hard for me to wear (even after she passed me the bigger size). I was tugging them on sampai the tags came off lol. then she said “oh yeah actually got technique”. geez. I searched online but didn’t find one hahaha. someone should totes make a vid on this.

      thank you and um, insyaAllah! 😀

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