family meeting on wedding programme

yesterday we had a Family Meeting to discuss my wedding programme. I was a bit anxious going into it cos I was afraid I would have to overhaul my prog or something. you know, like when you think you have it all nicely planned out and then a sibling or a parent asks “but what about…”

thankfully, nothing (much) like that. we also settled my biggest worry — thanks to my sister stressing me out over her stressing out over this — which is my rombongan / bridal party accompanying me to ninja groom’s reception at night. mama kraken has already secured a core group of close relatives who are willing to stay for the evening, and we’ll also get the help of close neighbours and my bridesmaids to make my send off party more merry insyaAllah. this also means having to watch the time very closely because it wouldn’t be fair to NG and his reception if we’re late so… wish us luck please!

my new worry is the seating plan for my nikah. I’ve always wanted to follow the Malaysian-style where the bride sits on the floor in the same space as the kadi, wali and groom. as opposed to the Singaporean style where the bride sits either in her bedroom, on the chair on the dais, or on a chair in a corner of the room. I was hoping to draw up this seating plan in advance, which means knowing which other uncles will also be sitting on the stage, but mama kraken said we don’t know yet; we have to see who’s there; we have to invite whoever who is there up on the stage (cos we don’t want to offend anybody) and I’m like whaaaaat. there’s limited space on the CC stage kay. and also I want NG to be in my line of sight lulz. otherwise the back of someone’s head is going to be the target of my glares. ok kidding! tak manis kan. it was agreed that we’ll settle this on Fri night when we’ve seen the actual set up. hopefully we find a win-win solution.

Islamic talk by Yasmin Mogahed

anyway, alhamdulilah yesterday I also attended my first Yasmin Mogahed talk at Downtown East. her main message was to love Allah swt most. she also talked about how everything that happens to us is also His Creation, and how there are typically 3 responses when faced with a challenge.

(1) asking “why me?” ie rejecting His Will
(2) with patience/sabr ie accepting His Will
(3) with contentment/redha ie being grateful for His Will, for difficulties are an opportunity for Allah swt to elevate us

do note that above summary is really just scratching the surface. she also shared that it’s normal to be human and feel sad during difficult times and still redha. wallahu a’lam.

so yep thought it was an insightful session. reflected on my responses to certain developments in wedding planning and realised that I could have responded better towards some of the incidents. insyaAllah I hope to carry these lessons with me too for the next chapters in my life. 

hoping for this week to be better than the last two…


  1. msmagiclikethis · April 27, 2015

    all the best you! i saw your update for the bridal room and wanted to comment but end up forgetting. so exciting to see all the plannings for months have finally come down to this.

    • the wedding kraken · April 27, 2015

      haha thanks love! yeah, pretty exciting… my room espesh after allll that trouble. when’s your wedding btw? 🙂

      • msmagiclikethis · April 27, 2015

        my mum have been nagging about my room these few days too haha! inshaa Allah my majlis is on 2nd august. around 90+ days awake yikes

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