the temporarily difficult days (part 1 of 2)

hallluuuu. last week was personally a difficult week for me. lots of irritation, frustration, anxiety, and a bit of loneliness and sadness. so drama right? memang.

thankfully, the weekend turned things around. here’s a recap of some of the … memorable … incidents, and also some of the recent achievements/milestones.

incident 1: hair salon

the short story is that I was very, very annoyed when I turned up for my hair apmt on tue night, only to find out that the stylist was on MC … and they didn’t tell me. I left the place fuming, though I recognised at once that this was a test, albeit in the middle of already testy times.

so I made a new appointment for Sat. and was pleasantly surprised to find my hairstylist crush assigned to me. woohoo! the story is that back in 2007, I got a haircut by this particular lady at the same salon. later that year when I was in another salon in china, the stylist flicked through my hair and commented, language barrier and all, that my previous stylist was good. so I was like wau. she must have been really good for another stylist to say that! now this lady is a senior hairstylist, so I always assumed that requesting for her would entail additional charges. hence I was v happy to ‘randomly’ get her cos I thought I was getting a good deal for my money ah.

it turns out though that there are no extra charges to request for her. and that her only off day is on Tue! so even if my original apmt had worked out, I would have been assigned a different stylist and not her. ma shaa Allah. I felt so silly for being upset when the end result turned out to be even better. hehe. thank you universe for your beautiful arrangement! I’m really loving my hair *blows kisses*

also, do request for Yvonne if you happen to be at Reds @ Tampines Mall. she does a pretty mean job with her scissors πŸ™‚

incident 2: mattress supplier

okay this incident doesn’t have such a happy ending. one afternoon I called the mattress shop to ask if I could come at 6.45pm that evening to pay my balance through credit card. the customer service rep, a young-ish girl whom I had been liaising with on delivery (a bit painful also), seemed bochap about it and said yeah yeah just come before 7.00pm.

so that day I cabut-ed from work slightly earlier and rushed down. at paya lebar MRT, I got a little lost because they closed one of the exits. so I wasted time trying to find out the alternative way to get on the other side of the road. (I ended up tapping in just to get to the correct exit … and then the escalator wasn’t working! sian.)

I was running late and panicking a little. so at 6.50pm when I was a few bus stops away, I called the shop to ask if they could wait for me cos I’m going to be there reaaal soon. no answer. called 2 more times — still no answer. when I alighted, I raaaan the 200m from the bus stop to the shop like a fool, with my big handbag and laptop bag. I had a bad feeling about it … and I was right.

the shop was closed.

I was sooooooo mad and upset that I burst into tears for a brief moment. heh. I was also soooooo close to breaking our pantang (more on this later) and calling ninja groom to sob to him and ask him to fetch me from this New Industrial Road. haha. crybaby much. but in the end I sucked it up and decided that you know what, screw this, I’ll just change my working hours from 8.00am – 5.30pm, half an hour earlier than usual, so that I can better make it for my appointments. angry seh.

i ended up doing cash on delivery instead. it was very sayang lah. NG and I are into travel hacking these days. charging $1,000 to my credit card could earn us loads of points so I din want to waste the opportunity. alas, it was not meant to be.

the next day, I called to complain. haha. so typical Singaporean, right? but I genuinely think that giving feedback helps a business be aware of its customers’ pain points. then it’s up to them on how they want to react lah — whether they want to dismissively reply “thank you for your feedback” after you’ve take the trouble to contact them, or to take responsibility over the booboo and attempt some service recovery.

alhamdulilah, the manager I spoke to did the latter. he explained that he had closed shop earlier to do some delivery. and that the girl hadn’t told him about my call. he said he would speak to her about this. he also said he understood where I was coming from in wanting to pay via CC and said that I could come down again, even after my mattress had been delivered. I thanked him but said it’s okay. frankly I was done. when you’re down to less than 30 days to the wedding, every non-office hour feels so precious. I totes wasn’t in the mood to go down again.

this was two days after incident 1. two disappointments in a short span of time … upset!

incident 3: ikea + easyvan

the thing I recently learnt about wedding planning is that you can’t always expect to get things right the first round. mama kraken and I had gone down to ikea one Sat to buy curtain railings for the backdrop of my bridal chamber, only to realise that it was the wrong rod and brackets. so we had to down to ikea another Sat to exchange the items (thank god for Ikea’s 100 day exchange policy!). it’s things like this that made me understand why ex-BTBs would say their task list beranak. it’s because of all these unforeseen tasks of fixing things!

so anyways, this round, I also wanted to buy my Kallax shelf. I was torn between Kallax and Billy initially, but chose the former cos I thought being able to see the wall would make the shelf look less cluttered. what I didn’t realise is that Kallax is deeper than Billy, so it looks much bulkier to the eyes than Billy would have. boo. first time choosing furniture. so noob.

Kallax shelf (Source: Ikea)

Billy bookcase (Source: Ikea)

the flat packed Kallax shelf turned out to be bigger and heavier than expected. it was just me and mama kraken and I didn’t think the long box could go into a cab or that I could carry it on my own. so I asked about Ikea’s delivery service — it’s $55. wah seh. the shelf is only $99 and the delivery cost is like almost half … macam heart pain right? mama kraken was very reluctant but I didn’t see any other choices lah. grumpy grumpy.

after I paid for the items at the cashier, I lost my mum for a brief moment. then I saw her speaking to an ah boy (no other term to describe — not quite an ah beng but also not a man yet) who was promoting Easy Van. woo! perfect timing. their sales pitch was very convincing. immediate delivery to our void deck for $29 AND we get to tumpang the van too. if we need the driver to help us carry the items to our stop, it’s an extra $20. (obviously we were stingy and said no need. haha.) I downloaded the app and the boy helped me to input the deetz. then he said oh forgot! got $10 promo for first timers. wahhhh happy sia.

option 1: ikea delivery $55 + wait one week + pay $6 cab fare home
option 2: easy van delivery $19 (w first timer promo) + immediate + free ride home

ok lah but note that we live nearby so our rates are probably the lowest tier.

then our experience with our driver Jason was very good! we went down to the carpark wait for him, but he was there already. he was very polite and patiently layan-ed mama kraken’s questions about apps and smartphones and the way the company runs. lol. she didn’t even know it was a third party we were dealing with. she asked how come the van not ikea van. smacks forehead. Jason also said that on weekends there are usually drivers stationed at Ikea, so kawan-kawans if you’re going to Ikea and need a way to transport the things back, do consider Easy Van πŸ™‚ alhamdulilah, I felt very thankful for our rezeki that day after enduring the previous two incidents. haha.

alright, on to happier things! some milestones and achievements… [to be continued in part 2]

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