1. azharwaty1604 · February 18, 2015

    That is sooo super cute!!

    • the wedding kraken · February 18, 2015

      haha thanks! but the amount of labour involved is not cute at all 😦

      • azharwaty1604 · February 18, 2015

        Hahaha! Do share how the final product look like ok.. btw from where you get all the materials.?

      • the wedding kraken · February 18, 2015

        haha insyaAllah! hrm the main material is the paper cups for cupcakes and small kuihs. we used both sizes. the rest like the flower “buds”, wires, green tape, thread, pliers, memang my mum dah ada. should be easily available from crafting shops! 🙂

  2. thelastrosepetal · February 18, 2015

    LOVE THIS!! Macam nak DIY bunga manggar also!! *.*

    • the wedding kraken · February 18, 2015

      hehe thanks babe! it’s a super tedious process though 😦 it’s easily a 10-12 step kinda thing… makan banyak masa + energy!

      • thelastrosepetal · February 18, 2015

        Tedious but the end results so lawahhhh.!!! But kan babe, can I get a rough estimate how much needs to be done?

      • the wedding kraken · February 18, 2015

        haha erms this method involves roughly the following:

        1. cut paper cups
        2. glue paper cups into smaller cones (like in last pic)
        3. twist flower buds onto wire
        4. tape
        5. slide paper cone through wire
        6. tie thread to prevent cone from slipping down
        7. tape again

        this is all we’ve done now. later still need to cantum onto one stalk, and then gather the stalks into one bunch… :O I’m not sure how many small pieces are needed… leaving this to my mum and her kind friends who are helping! 😀

      • thelastrosepetal · February 19, 2015

        Ooops! I meant like how many needs to be done to make 1 bunga manggar.. heh sorry my question very ambiguous.

      • the wedding kraken · February 19, 2015

        haha oh! it’s abt 50 branches per tree. 1 branch about 10 bunga, though this also depends on your flower type I think!

      • thelastrosepetal · February 22, 2015

        Ahh okay thanks babe! I’ll KIV first if I wanna DIY! ;D heheee

  3. kinOkz · February 18, 2015

    Alahai.. cute nya!!!

  4. msmagiclikethis · February 18, 2015

    i had an itch to diy bunga manggar also. but looking at the steps you posted above mcm very menyeksa gitu haha! your mum damn power 🙂

    • the wedding kraken · February 18, 2015

      haha well, that’s for this kind of bunga manggar lah. tho my suspicion is that other types are equally tedious. some more need to make a lot a lot. it’s still worth trying! 🙂

      and yesss my mum indeedy is damn power! luckily I have her to help me settle the crafty things hee

  5. jujupsie · February 18, 2015

    Nak orderrr!

    • the wedding kraken · February 18, 2015

      *faints*! if your wedding tak jauh from mine, I would just pass to you seh haha

  6. nzxxsz · February 20, 2015

    👍👍👍Your mom is Power gedemak.💪Bunga manggar jer dah cute!

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