lessons from work on wedding planning

I’ve been learning a lot of hard lessons at work, and thinking what I can apply to wedding planning. my biggest lesson from the month of January (and early February) is the merits of being more kiasu (afraid to lose) or “KS”, as my manager refers to it.

I think the term kiasu tends to have a bad nuance, but I’m learning that it’s better to have all my bases covered than be half-hearted and pre-sumptuous — only to be caught unprepared later. And that all this checking and double checking actually takes hard work, so being KS is almost a virtue. And it’s good to over-estimate and plan for contingencies, cos sometimes you will really need them. And when you do, you will feel thankful and relieved that you decided to be KS.

I’m still a bit sore about my stickers, I guess. And thinking which parts of wedding planning I should be KS about, to save myself from future heartaches later.

anyway. mama kraken and I met our decorators at our venue on Mon. we had asked if we could meet earlier (otherwise the apmt would be closer to March) because we’re DIYing our guests’ table top decor and also making the bunga pahar for the pelamin, so my mum wanted to be able to have more time to plan / change plan, etc.

I was quite excited about the appointment in the weeks leading up to it, though I also felt some dread cos I was expecting that after our discussion, we would find that we needed to top up for this and that. however! the price tag remains the same so yay, syukur alhamdulilah. however! the apmt wasn’t that exciting after all. we basically just reconfirmed the details of the concept that we had discussed last year in April (nine months ago!) I whined to ninja groom that they didn’t start off by reconfirming that the decor concept remains the same and he was yalah, they expect you to tell them if you want to change, what. meh. I did have half the mind to change concept to something safer ok! I initially had some concerns about the look and the materials that will be used to make my pelamin backdrop, but during our discussion I managed to tell them what I didn’t want, so hopefully they get it and all will be ok.

everything we discussed was still abstract: we will put flowers here. we will hang cloths there. we will fix scallops here. so it was a bit hard to feel excited cos I don’t know whether my visualisation is the same as theirs! skali bukan eh. they explained that they have stopped providing sketches for the time being while they sort out T&Cs to prevent any misuse. so ya I feel like I’m at their mercy. just have to trust their taste and delivery. the corporate part of me says “noooooooouuu” (with a bit of Australian accent at the end) and “I need assurance!” while the muslimah in me goes “tawakkal je, sis.”

meh. I feel so conflicted.


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