in 100 days: more things to do!


I’ve been led to think, by ex-BTBs, that 100 days is one of those key milestones when counting down to a wedding, and I guess this post will only perpetuate it kan? haha. but ok, I suppose the countdown goes down to 2 digits tomorrow…

so, almost 3 months ish to the wedding, and the task list sure is growing! sometimes it’s the big-ish stuff like finalising my wedding invites design, sourcing for printer quotes, printing my berkat stickers; and other times it’s the small-ish stuff like checking with person X on matter Y etc.

I realise it’s also kinda hard to blog about updates because so many things are still pending. if I try to update, it may seem very piecemeal.

generally though, wedding planning these days has been both fun and stressful…

I decided to revive my old practice of Wedding Wednesdays where I set goals periodically. only this time, I focus on short-term goals to complete every week. and slowly, it’s becoming more like Wedding Weekends cos I’m spending more of my free time during the weekends on kraken-related errands.

alright, so here are some of the recent accomplishments (…or not.)


ahh, berkat stickers is my first unbudgeted expense. there’s gonna be many more to come, right?

first of all, let me say that my sticker printing vendor is awesome. I printed mine with OneDayPrint. what I like about Lam, the guy who runs it, is that he responds fast but more importantly, communicates well. printing is one of those detail-oriented jobs so I always knew that I would want to liaise with someone who speaks English well (as opposed to being more fluent in Mandarin). collection of stickers is from his shop in Tampines St 42, but you can also opt for delivery.

howeverrr, due to my own oversight, my stickers came out too small. I’d earlier posted a pic of the berkat box. the intention is for a round sticker to cover the supplier’s logo, but because I (a) measured based on width and height and not diagonal length of rectangle and (b) did not test out the size when I printed out colour mock ups trying to choose the right colour. as a result, you can see bits of the rectangle peeking out from under the circle.

sigh! more than anything, I’m upset by my own boo-boo. I didn’t realise I was not being thorough until it was too late πŸ˜₯ I should have been more KS spider!

so I spent the next 36 hours moping over them undersized stickers. mama kraken and I swung from not reprinting, to reprinting square stickers which are cheaper, to exploring rounded corner stickers instead, only to find out they’re same priced as circle stickers, and finally… settling on not reprinting after all. guess I finally figured that even if guests notice and think to themselves “aper ni tuan rumah tak tahu paste sticker betul2”, nobody’s gonna keep thinking about it cos nobody cares as much as I do. hurr.

this episode made me wonder what else I’m going to screw up for the rest of the preps though. as morbid and negative as it sounds. knowing myself, this is only the beginning of my selenge-ness unless I think and work reaaally hard for the other tasks to come. insyaAllah.

wedding invites

went through one round of vetting with my family already, so now left to make amendments and also refine the front cover design. i also emailed a few printers last week. insyaAllah will share more when the cards are printed.

btw, the reban is gone, at the request of mama kraken XD

invite list

over the weekend I listed out the people whom I plan to invite. phew! another big thing off my list. hope I didn’t accidentally forget too many…

bunga manggar

mama kraken planned to DIY bunga manggar at first, using ribbons that she had bought specially for this. and then she changed her mind. I then asked if I could get those crepe paper bunga manggar and she pointed out that those are not waterproof. we plan to put a bunch at carpark entrances and bus stops, hence they’ll need to be a bit weather-proof.

so I resigned to the fact that we’ll be buying the shiny shiny bunga manggar. i mean nothing wrong with them, it’s just that i thought I would be getting something handmade and special…  πŸ˜€ but! the latest is that mama kraken came up with a new idea of waterproof bunga manggar (lol) using cupcakes punya cups. so this is the current DIY project she’s working on, with a little help from me.

the prototype


ninja groom has (finally) chosen to book kumpulan asy-syakur. because ours is one-way, the price tag isn’t too bad. we were initially thinking of getting kompang for his evening reception too, but after discussing with friends, we concluded that it doesn’t feel as right to be playing kompang at the void deck at 8pm haha. his friends suggested getting a performance instead, so it’s up to ninja groom to decide.

I feel kinda sad that there won’t be kompang at his side because I had this ~amazing~ idea. you see, ninja groom was once president of a silat club. the recruitment numbers during his reign, I mean term, was pretty good. so good that a few couples met and fell in love. I was quite impressed/amused about it and even joked to ninja groom that he should have applied for funding by SDU. lulz. one couple even got married and had a kid ok! sooo I was telling him, you should make all those guys who met their girlfriends through the club during your time to do silat pengantin for you! kirakan macam tribute ah. I guess I thought it would be more of an inside joke for the club when they see the line-up of silat pengantin-s. alas, this idea won’t see the light of day so boo hoo.

for his apmt with kompang guy, I reminded ninja groom to request them NOT to play that “cepat sikit tangan dah sakit” song (which he initially objected due to conflict of interests with me — member dah plan nak U-turn all…), and to NOT do any of that fake salam should any of them do silat pengantin. cos that kind of thing is rude ya. you wouldn’t even do it to a friend/relative, much less to a pengantin in front of a crowd. nanti raja pancung kepala. HA!

so that’s it for now! Feb should be an even more exciting month for wedding preps, insyaAllah πŸ™‚

p.s. at a recent wedding I attended, photo booth pics were going at $2 per pop?! what the hell.


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