our kursus experience: round 2!

alhamdulilah, our previous marriage preparation course provider honoured their word to give us a refund 🙂 it was done amicably and professionally, so I’m happy with how it turned out. I can sense the owners’ sincerity in doing good for the community, so I really do wish them success in their endeavours.

and then! we signed up for kasih sejati by suchi success in search for a better fit. haha. to be honest, there were moments before and during the course where we doubted ourselves and wondered whyyy we had to be so semangat about attending a second course. alhamdulilah in retrospect, it was worth it (ok lah, maybe we are justifying our own investment into the course also) cos not only did we benefit from the materials provided, we also got a little bit of insights on a successful training/consultancy business model heh.

lots has already been shared about kasih sejati so I think there’s not much value-add for me to spell out the syllabus here. on the whole, the course syllabus is comparable with cinta abadi. each has its strengths over the other. one of the things that kasih sejati did cover was the role of the wali, and certain situations in which a nikah can be considered tidak sah — scary! definitely not to be messed with.

we attended the course at the training centre. the facilities were not too bad — the room gets a little cold so do bring a jacket. our trainers were mr mohd khair (the big boss), ustaz zulkifli and mdm suriati (the big boss’s wife). mr khair was really good. he has his own style of presenting which is laden with both substance and humour. so in a way after spending two half-days with him and being spoiled by his level of engagement, it felt like the other two speakers couldn’t match up.

oh yes forgot to mention that the course, including the notes, are in Malay. unfortunately, my Malay is terrible. but anyways ninja groom thought he would troll me by threatening to write his answers in Malay, but I totally owned him by writing my answers in Malay. HA! not without tapping the girl beside me to ask “what is respect in Malay?” and “how do I say ‘willing’?” and making grammatical errors, but y’know, I did it! I thought and wrote *real stuff* in Malay!

the highs & low…s

what I enjoyed: all the relationship advice, the Get to Know Your Partner exercises, and the fact that the discussion on roles of husband and wives went higher level by quoting from the Quran (instead of asking participants to suggest — we don’t know what we don’t know!) also there were not too many group activities/games, which I liked 😀 I mean nothing against group activities but after the last round where some of the activities were poorly designed, I’m like, let’s not try to do any fancy things here. let’s just KISS ok!

what I didn’t really enjoy: the fruit personality test (I recently did an MBTI course at work, which I find more established. how many people will understand me if I say I’m a grape compared to ENFP?). and… that’s about it lah. the parts that were a little snoozefest-ish for me was either due to the instructors (sorry!) or cos it’s a repeat from cinta abadi. there was one exercise which we felt could have been facilitated better (ader aje yang nak critique eh!) but yeah not a biggie.

on the whole, the course mentally prepared me to think that marriage is going to be harrrd work; that the first 1-3 years is going to be most important in setting a strong foundation for our marriage for life; and to embrace the fact that ninja groom is from mars and I’m from venus, and that it’s the differences in the way we are wired that makes life (whimsically) wonderful. insyaAllah 🙂

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